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FT mobile suggestions

I've been using FT mobile for some time now on my BB and have a few suggestions:

- When on the "Page Jump" page, show how many pages there are in the thread/forum. I know it is on the previous page, but when accessing on a mobile device it is easy to be distracted and forget what page you wanted to jump to.

- When viewing a forum, show the date/time of the last post to a thread.

- Add a link at the top of each page to jump to the bottom.

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Originally Posted by thelark View Post
- When viewing a forum, show the date/time of the last post to a thread.

Originally Posted by thelark View Post
- Add a link at the top of each page to jump to the bottom.
+1 and vice versa (link at bottom to jump to top)

I have a few others (understanding that not all may be technically possible) ...

- The ability to see an FTers 'affiliations' in their wap profile (the page that comes up after clicking the user name)

- The ability to jump to the last unread post (or just the most recent post) from the forum page

- The ability to edit quotes when replying with quote (current workaround is to submit the reply, then edit it after it's posted)

FWIW, I'm on a Treo 700 running Windows Mobile.
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Can I second every one of jbatl's and thelark's suggestions?

The "new" mobile interface is a vast improvement over the one in use six months ago, but these are things that are huge annoyances when trying to keep up with FT.

It's hard to tell which posts are read and umread without the holding, and the lack of the date/time of the last post makes it virtually impossible without opening the thread.

The button next to the thread title (which didn't used to exist) now jumps to the last page, whichnis infinitely better than the old method of opening a thread to the first page and then jumping to the last page, but having it jump directly to the first new post would be even better (are page anchors not supported under the WAP profile?).

And given the lack of that option, a jump-to-page-bottom would be wonderful for those long pages (especially on the iPhone, since scrolling down requires a lot of finger swiping...Apple needs to fix that, too).

The ability to edit quotes would probably lower the annoyance level of others when reading our posts!

One to add: how about a bigger text editing box? Given that there is no scroll bar in the text box, it is somewhat confining...
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