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Anyone done a RTW trip solo

Anyone done a RTW trip solo

Old Mar 14, 09, 2:01 am
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Yes, I have done it twice when UA operated RTW on its own metal, then with *A a few times. Most recent one is in the trip report listed below.

I highly recommend RTW.
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Old Mar 14, 09, 2:57 am
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Yeh, twice both in biz. First one was a while back ticketed by BA in Milan, the oneworld global explorer which allows three stops on each continent.

Took about seven weeks and started from Linate to BUE (BA), JFK (AA), YVR (CX), HNL (QF), MEL(QF), AKL (QF), NRT (CX with overnight in HKG), KUL (CX with overnight in HKG), BOM (via own way to SIN and then QF) and back to LIN (BA). Also stayed overnight in HKG twice as transit stops.

I had an AMAZING time and met up with friends enroute, or just got talking to people. At one point I did feel "Oh not more sightseeing again" but you much you enjoy your travels depends on what effort you put into it.

Second wasn't issued on a single ticket but 3 one way award tickets on LH and CX. Started from Dublin to LAX (LH) to HKG (CX) to CMB (CX) to BKK (CX) and finally LHR (CX with overnight in HKG) Again, terrific fun. Award tickets are great in that they allow combinations that paid ones don't allow.

I wouldn't hesitate a second to go again. I'm curious about the Star Alliance offering as it'd give me the chance to try SA/TG's biz class. If you've got the time, money and willigness just go for it!
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Old Mar 14, 09, 8:05 am
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My first RTW was solo and didn't come out as planned. Started in DIY (probably not many start in DIY I would assume) then to ESB-IST-ATH-CAI-SSH-CAI-BKK.

This is where it got funky, I had a great trip planned, 3 months SCUBA diving some of the best places, the Red Sea, Similan Islands, Flores, Philippines. Then to Hong Kong, Japan, Alaska, back home to Indiana for a while and then a couple of weeks in Europe before heading back to work. But noooooooooooooo, I came down with hepatitis while I was in BKK and spent 11 days in the Bangkok Nursing Home hospital, then the doctors didn't want me to travel for a while so just hung out in BKK for six weeks.

Still had fun, except for the destroyed liver thing.....
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Old Mar 14, 09, 2:04 pm
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I did a three month RTW trip solo in 2005. I definitely did not get bored - but I also kept up a stiff traveleling pace, hitting 19 different countries in that time (counting land routings). I also had a lot of people come out of the woodwork saying that they knew someone in one place or another, which resulted in meeting random people in many places I went. In places where I didn't know anyone, I was young enough and poor enough to spend most of the trip staying in youth hostels. A nice thing about the hostel approach is that they are filled with people who are generally in the same situation of either travelling alone, and typically very interested in anything from a short after-dinner conversation to spending a day or two with you as a travelling companion.
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Old Mar 14, 09, 8:18 pm
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Not on *, but I've done the following on my own:
2006: CBR-xSYD-NRT/HND-ITM/KIX-LHR-JFK/LGA-ORD-xDFW-YVR/LAX-xSYD-CBR (+ a number of extra sectors on other tickets)
2008: CBR-xSYD-JFK-BWI-ORD/SEA-xLHR-MAD-FCO-xLHR-SIN-KIX-HND/NRT-xSYD-MEL-CBR (+ extra sectors on other tickets)
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Old Mar 14, 09, 8:59 pm
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I've done all my travel incl one RTW alone till I got married. On one occassion I happened to meet a classmate on the same train.
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Old Mar 15, 09, 10:38 am
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As a family we have done variations. In India we have been able to do it fairly easily for the same as we authorized for a yearly trip home. We have done it all together and have done parts of it together (wife and kids stayed a little longer). This year I think we will all do around the world but on different itineraries. Wife is going to visit friends while son and I do Disney, then she and he will come back different than I do. It works and everyone is happy.
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Old Mar 15, 09, 12:19 pm
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I did a *Lite by myself and had a great time. I went to a couple of places by myself, went to visit people in others. It was awesome.

I definitely have had some people react strangely to my desire to sometimes travel by myself. I cannot fathom why not having someone at a particular moment to be a traveling companion would prevent you from getting out and seeing the world. Life is too short!

Here was my route, just for the record: kiv-vie-evn-vie-muc-bkk-nrt-sfo-san-ord-clt-iad-lhr-vie-kiv
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Old Mar 15, 09, 5:19 pm
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I've done plenty of RTWs by myself. Don't really get bored, especially if it's a "new" city.

Getting ready to head out on another this Wednesday night. This one will be a little different as my wife and daughter will join me at my last city.
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Old Mar 16, 09, 11:57 am
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I have done around 50 RTWs all solo unfortunately. Still, it helps if you used to commute from London (the real one in England) to Canberra (Australia) every weekend, going there or back.
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Old Mar 16, 09, 1:07 pm
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Originally Posted by wideman View Post
I find it enormously easier traveling solo on a RTW than traveling when I was married.

One of the great benefits of most RTW tickets is that you can usually change the dates and times of travel. So, I have frequently shifted the next leg of a trip a day or two earlier or later whenever it suited me, on a moment's notice. Good luck with that approach if your spouse is traveling with you.
yes, i find that some trips i dont even take because of the need to 'explain myself".
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Old Mar 16, 09, 4:58 pm
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Although it wasn't with the Star Alliance nor determined where I would be going the day I left, I had what became a round-the-world voyage at the end of 2008. The routing was EWR-BFS, DUB-PRG, PRG-TBS, TBS-IST, SAW-SHJ, (sidetrip to Kuwait from Dubai), DXB-BAH-BKK, (BKK airport closed so I had to mosey on down to Malaysia) KUL-HKG, HKG-HGH, NGB-SZX, SZX-BKK, BKK-(SYD)-AKL, AKL-NAN, NAN-LAX, LAX-JFK. Highlights included Tbilisi and the Arab area of BKK, and Xinjiang food in China.
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Old Mar 17, 09, 3:20 pm
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The most RTW I do solo, about 4 times a year. I often go to places for diving, so in the meantime I have a lot of friends around the world, so that I'm never bored. I'm also not bored when I'm alone......contrary I like it. I'm retired, 60 years old. In a open relationship.
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Old Mar 17, 09, 3:42 pm
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Only one RTW to date. Longest period away was a week and I did not get bored. Far too many new things/places/ activities to do. Was it fun? Yes. Could it have been better? Yes, if I had a friend for meals but it could have been far worse. You just get used to it.
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Old Mar 17, 09, 11:14 pm
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Originally Posted by HON CIRCLE SR View Post
The most RTW I do solo, about 4 times a year. I often go to places for diving, so in the meantime I have a lot of friends around the world, so that I'm never bored. I'm also not bored when I'm alone......contrary I like it. I'm retired, 60 years old. In a open relationship.
I still go all the way around solo 4 times a year. I'm pushing 70 and have been doing this since the late 80's -- it's now quite a pile of paper tickets, e-receipts, and log entries.

And I've never been bored or gotten tired of it. But you have to like traveling!
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