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SQ only RTW

I thought this forum has the most knowledgable RTW'ers, so forgive me
for posting here.

I am trying to take advantage of the very low SQ only RTW fare ( approx
USD 7000 in First).

Starting/finishing in North America, and my needed stops are in:
ICN, TPE,PVG and/or HGH, BKK, and CGK.

So I tried the following SQ flights for the RTW ticket:
open Jaw

with NRT-TPE-PVG on separate ticket

I was told that the SQ RTW does not allow backtracking, and multiple
transits in SIN contitute back-tracking.

SQ rating desk said to buy a separate ticket SIN-CGK-SIN-BKK-SIN,
which together with the other separate ticket noted above makes it
much more expensive than the Star RTW fare, never mind the SQ only.
As far as I can see, there is no
way to make 2,3,or 4 stops in Asia without transiting SIN multiple times.

Under the old ( pre Star Alliance) RTW rules, BKK-SIN-FRA was never
considered back-tracking, and was always permitted as part of a RTW.
Why is it different now?
Any other suggestions?
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The SQ-only RTW has nothing to do with *A rules -- or prices! That may be one reason no backtracking is allowed, and only the one transit in SIN. But, for better or worse, that's the rule: you cannot pass through SIN more than once.

There's a long thread on this subject in the KrisFlyer sub-forum. Last entry was June 13th, so it's pretty easy to find -- about 5 pages back from today's entries. Among other things, there are copies of the SQ-only RTW rules (for fares FEZSQ, CEZSQ, and YEZSQ, which are the ones you're asking about).
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