N & R coded PE flights

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N & R coded PE flights

N & R are fare codes used to be only for award flights and upgrades, but now for some evil reasons, some airlines are using them for PE. Unfortunately, they still credit 0% for most airlines, and the code is not always translated properly when booking a codeshare flight. I do not mind if discounted PE does not get 100%, but it should certainly get something. This seems to be a point of contention that has come up for several of the airlines on this website, but I think it will only be properly resolved if *A gets involved. Has anyone ever had any luck contacting anyone from *A with a complaint? I have tried contacting individual airlines, but they just redirect you to their fare charts and tell you to shove off. I think the only hope here is if they receive a large volume of feedback on this issue.
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Originally Posted by downinit View Post
Has anyone ever had any luck contacting anyone from *A with a complaint?
What's the point? *A has no authority over its members' business practices.
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The point is that this issue is only relevant for codesharing and partner earning, which is the entire raison d'etre for *A in the first place. They should have the ability to get airlines together on the same page when it comes to recognize each other's fare codes properly, or else why do they even exist? The problem is that airline B sees airline A's flight as an award booking when it was a cash booking. Surely *A can at least get the two partner airlines to agree with each other on what kind of ticket was booked.
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Which Star Alliance FQTV program are you complaining of and which airline is your flight ? If it's a codeshare flight please provide both the marketing and the operating carrier. I have also realized that some *A members are updating their mileage tables a little bit late but this doesn't mean that none of the pax flying in N or R in all *A members doesn't earn any mileage.

With TK Miles&Smiles, I've always received miles for N bookings on LH ( which I often fly ). Also I would fly LOT R in a month and I would receive %100 amount of the flown miles. Both are discounted premium economy classes.
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Star Alliance is like the United Nations, can coordinate the member airlines on certain things, but can't really force member airlines to play nicely with one another.
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Not all *A members follow the BK logic that LH/UA/TG/SK/AC had in common in 1998. Even buddies UA & LH now have different BK for PE...
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