29000 miles exactly

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29000 miles exactly

I have a back up plan for my RTW and GCM tells me that it's exactly 29000 miles! (see below). I guess I should call and get it calculated exactly. Does this tool have a tendency to over or under estimate, or is it entirely path dependent?

I suppose I could skip BKK. How are fares SIN-BKK-SIN?

11 segment path: 29000 mi
CAI (3004'N 3114'E) FRA (5001'35"N 0832'35"E) 1813 mi
FRA (5001'35"N 0832'35"E) CPH (5537'05"N 1239'21"E) 423 mi
CPH (5537'05"N 1239'21"E) IAD (3856'40"N 7727'21"W) 4074 mi
IAD (3856'40"N 7727'21"W) LAX (3356'33"N 11824'29"W) 2288 mi
LAX (3356'33"N 11824'29"W) NAN (1727'S 17716'E) 5514 mi
NAN (1727'S 17716'E) AKL (3700'29"S 17447'30"E) 1355 mi
AKL (3700'29"S 17447'30"E) BNE (2723'03"S 15307'03"E) 1427 mi
BNE (2723'03"S 15307'03"E) SIN (0121'21"N 10359'15"E) 3816 mi
SIN (0121'21"N 10359'15"E) BKK (1354'45"N 10036'24"E) 893 mi
BKK (1354'45"N 10036'24"E) FRA (5001'35"N 0832'35"E) 5581 mi
FRA (5001'35"N 0832'35"E) CAI (3004'N 3114'E) 1813 mi

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the miles charged will also depend on with which system (Apollo, Amadeus, others?) = with which Star-carrier you will finally ticket.

Example: LH (Amadeus) will calculate miles from town to town (distances to/from any New York City airport: JFK, EWR, LGA) will be the same, with UA the different NYC-airports will show different miles.
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Actually, the total of the above miles is 28,997. The Great Circle Mapper doesn't add well (maybe it is adding in fractional miles it doesn't show).

As Rudi noted, what really counts is how the airline you book with computes the miles.

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Plan is to buy from LH, OS or SQ in CAI. My understanding is that LH and OS use Amadeus. How about SQ?
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