60 Passengers on a 737-700 SJC-LAX


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60 Passengers on a 737-700 SJC-LAX

Had something interesting yesterday flying from SJC-LAX on a 737-700 we only had 60 passengers. I don't recall having such few passengers especially during summer. It was great and personalized service all around. The pilots were cool and after the flight we spoke about the Waypoints we crossed and I asked did we make Avenal and they said we "skipped over it". This was followed by a lunch at Rock and Brews and a tour of the remodeled Terminal 1!
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While not typical, not completely uncommon for intra CA flights...especially the later night flights mid week.

Once had a later night flight SJC LAX that had so few people the GA just announced..."OK, San Jose passengers, just get on board!"...didn't even line up!
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Couple of weeks ago, got on the last flight of the night on a Tuesday from BUR to LAS. The FA said, "Welcome to your private charter to Vegas". There were 21 of us on the plane.
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Had an evening flight from DCA - DAL and don't remember how many were on it but was a small enough amount that they made us be sure to spread out in the aircraft for weight and balance. Plane ended up breaking over West Virginia and we diverted back to BWI and changed planes so the small amount of folks made that easy. We were not on the ground more than 30 minutes from touchdown to takeoff. It was a work of art in my opinion.
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Did WN 1330 on 7/3 departing at 6:50am SAN-OAK. Left with 30 pax.
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I've been on DAL to HOU with 10-15 people on the plane many times.
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Sorry, but y'all are all weak sauce. My wife was the only pax on a late night flight from MSY to DAL a couple of years ago.

The pilot came out to the waiting area and escorted her onto the plane and when he spoke from the cockpit he would mention her name.... and then speak.

The flight attendants had a ball with it, too.

This was on a WN 737! not some regional jet!

I was so very jealous.

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Wow. The night of the Sully LGA miracle, there were 2 MCI-LGA Midwest Express flights delayed and eventually took off about 10 minutes apart.

The first was packed and I was on the second with 2 other passengers and 3 FA's.

Tons of chocolate chip cookies abound, they even gave me some to take home.

Flying up the Hudson for the approach, I could clearly see the Airbus lit up & tied up to the shore in lower Manhattan.
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Wow, the best I've done was about ~70 people on a mid-day weekday OAK-LGB flight, when that route was still fairly new. Most of us got our own row (and IIRC, we were offered a second drink service on the short flight). Though there were a few people who insisted on sitting in the first 2-3 rows anyways, filling them up!
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Have been one of as few as four pax on a WN flight...60 is NBD.
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I was on SMF-PDX back in May and I think there were 33 of us on board the ~6am departure. F/As made sure we spread out for weight/balance. Everyone had their own row.
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My best was 6 people (my family being 4 of them) on an MD90, but reality is that it was a company plane that was going to haul cargo rather we were on board or not!
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60 on a 73G? That's nothing.

I once flew a UA 744 with 83 pax for NRT-SFO.
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Once we had 28 passengers on a SEA-PHX evening flight (no connections possible) in late October on a 73G.
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On Thursday I walked past a gate at BWI and noticed that the Group B boarding sign was still blinking on the monitors - but there was no one left at the gate. So I would imagine that the flight had a lot of empty seats on it (the theoretical max for Groups A and B together is 120, but there are always empties in A1-A15, and the B group may not have been full either). I didn't notice where the flight was heading, but I'm willing to bet it wasn't MCO.
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