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Elite priority

Hi, just got my Flying Blue Silver card, which means I'm SkyTeam Elite now. I was trying to find some real benefits of the Elite status, but I only found a vague priority boarding, checkin and security without any information which airports offer these services (only SkyPriority is mentioned, but as an Elite, I don't have SP without C/flex ticket). I'm usually flying from PRG through AMS with KL, so these two airports are the most important for me, but experience from other airports would be appreciated, too. Do you have any info/experience how silvers are treated on these airports? I mostly care about the priority boarding because of space in the bins, a security would be nice-to-have, but I've never done checkin at the airport (except one time when I was forced to use a kiosk on JFK).
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For AFKL flights: At most airports that use boarding zones you will be in a lower zone number, thus boarding earlier than other pax without status. Airports not using zones will either invite Silver members to board with the SkyPriority pax, or, not priority silver at all.

This topic may fit better in the Flying Blue subforum by the way, there may be more people with experience at these specific airports you mentioned.
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