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Worst in Class - Vietnam Airlines

Worst in Class - Vietnam Airlines


Old Apr 21, 11, 8:21 pm
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How was the food?
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Old May 2, 11, 3:02 pm
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I've flown VN two times: The first time was from NRT to SGN. The other time was from SGN to HAN, which I took because I had no other choice.

My experience with VN is similar to yours. The staff is extremely inefficient (clueless) and downright rude sometimes. They rarely smile and look like they would rather be somewhere else. I have no complaints about the plane though. Both times, I thought the planes were clean and the seats looked new.
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Old May 6, 11, 3:31 am
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A bit different for me. On a domestic business tkt from HAN to SGN. Check-in was good and was informed a delay of 40 minutes was in effect. I was 4 hours early and asked about earlier flight. They informed me that they would come to the lounge and let me know if seats on an earlier flight was available. They did come with a new BP and instructed me to a new lounge. Lounge service was good. Inflight service was decent for a 2 hr trip. Only regret was they changed my original flight from a 777 to an AB 320. I'm guess the 777 would have been nicer.
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Old May 22, 11, 10:06 am
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I've had limited, but excellent, experience with Vietnam Airlines on shorthaul international (BKK-SGN) and domestic flights. Both times, in business class.

With respect to IROPS, a lot of smaller airlines (and not so small) based in 3rd world countries tend to come up short.

As an aside, when I first starting reading the OP's post, I guessed (correctly, it turns out) that this was from a sub-five FT poster.
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Old May 23, 11, 1:12 pm
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I flew SGN-DAD and HUI-HAN last month with VN. Both flights were on time, gate changes and information were well relayed to people waiting and the staff was professional and friendly. The miles even posted to my SkyMiles account within 3 days.

It seems they're not the best choice for international flights though from this thread....
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Old May 23, 11, 3:13 pm
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I flew VN in february : SGN-HAN-DIN, Business on the SGN-HAN leg, eco (only eco avaliable HAN-DIN).

Very pleasant lounge at Than Son Nhut ; flight to HAN delayed, was informed. Good flight and attentive service to HAN ; was met by a VN guy at HAN and escorted to my ATR to DIN, uneventful flight.

Return DIN HAN on time, pleasant. Return HAN SGN, Biz, pleasant.
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Old May 23, 11, 8:22 pm
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Originally Posted by soorox View Post
In my experiences while flying with VN, there are actually 2 sides to VN;

1. Short Haul flights to SE Asia & Southern China/Hong Kong
2. Medium Haul to Long Haul flights to Australia, Europe, Japan, Sth Korea

All the flights in let's say 'Zone 1' that I have taken with them had been with nice, polite and friendly crew, who would even talk to you in a polite manner with exceptional service levels, with clean aircrafts, while their 'Zone 2' counterparts are very pretty much the opposite, no smiling, and very rude behavior to all pax even in J, although the aircraft varies.
The international flights to Paris are nice in the new 777, and the flight attendants are usually friendly. I've done SGN-CDG many times with various airlines, and on this route, I'd rather fly VN than AF, with their usually absent and arrogant flight attendants, or LH, with their dated 747 with cramped Economy without PTV. TG is still better than the others on this route. The only problem I had one time with VN was a broken IFE. The system was dead on the whole aircraft. 12h without any entertainement is boring.

Also, on VN, as a Flying Blue member (basic level), there are frequent op-ups to Premium Economy, which is an unexpected perk at such entry-level status. I've had it one time, but some friends who fly VN more frequently have it more than 50% of the time.

Next month I'm flying back a similar route back to Europe with the new TK flight from SGN. New airline for me. I will compare.

I would say the main problem with VN, especially on domestic routes, are the constant delays.... The majority of flights are late, sometimes by a few hours.
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Old May 28, 11, 2:43 am
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I just did CDG-HAN-CDG in business and was thouroughly pleased. In fact this was my 66 round trip with VN and never had any issues other than some weather delays when on their domestic routes.
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VN flyers,

I have a series of VN domestic flights in Business on the A320/1.

Will they do preassignment of Biz seats?

How many rows do they usually have in domestic Biz?


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Originally Posted by JoelA View Post
VN flyers,

I have a series of VN domestic flights in Business on the A320/1.

Will they do preassignment of Biz seats?

How many rows do they usually have in domestic Biz?


VNA use A320 on international routes also: SGN-FUK, HAN-CAN,..
Pre assignment of seat can do through website while check-in online
On VNA' 320, there are 12 Biz seat in 3 rows
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Old Apr 29, 12, 4:45 am
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Vietnam airlines business class is a joke

I hope Vietnam airlines is reading comments posted as I really want readers to understand that I do not mean to just post negative reviews but rather constructive criticism.

Dear Vietnam Airlines,

Firstly, I would like to say that I do not mean to criticize your airline or your staff. However, what I would like to express is how your airline can be more profitable by improving simple aspects of your entire operations. I have flown your airline numerous times and with my recent trip on business class from SGN to NRT, I am finally deciding to give up on taking Vietnam airlines as a choice. IF I had to, I would but other than that, I am sorry to leave.

These are my recommendations to you as I firmly believe your airline can be competitive with others.

1. Check in staff: Absolutely make it mandatory that NO staff be allowed to use cellphones while working. Seeing 4 people chatting and having 3 windows closed while so many people wait to be checked in is deplorable.

2. Check in staff: Train staff to understand that “Business class” lines are for “Business class” customers. On my flight from SGN to NHA, the staff allowed two passengers to jump in front of me while I was waiting in line. Worst part of it was that the people who jumped in line should not have been in the line in the first place. The other business class passengers waiting in the line with me as well were quite angry. When we told the staff, she didn’t even apologize.

3. Boarding gate staff: Train staff to communicate to passengers better should delays/boarding gate changes occur. When staff post a sign that boarding will begin at 6:45 and the plane is not ready, make an announcement to let passengers know! Do not let passengers stand there for 20 minutes. Worst part was 5 people were behind the boarding gate laughing and talking casually.

4. Boarding gate staff: When you have two lanes, business and economy. Make an announcement welcoming business class passengers to board and passengers needing assistance! Do not just say boarding and allow both to board at the same time. What is the purpose of us spending double out money for business?

5. Airline cabin attendant: Completely train all employees on customer service. Please learn what truly is customer service. Trust me when I say you will never ever sell business class seats in the future if change is not enacted. When flight attendants are sitting chatting after take off and still have not offered any beverages, that is not customer oriented service. When we have to ask to bring slippers, that is not service.

6. Co captain: During flight, the co captain came out of the cockpit to use the restroom. As he left the lavatory, he stopped and chatted with the flight attendants! The worst part was the cockpit door was held open for 5 minutes while he talked. This is not “SAFE”!!

7. The food served on board is hit or miss. Sometimes, the food is "OK" and other times it is just bad! Consistency across the board is important if you are to retain customers.
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Old May 1, 12, 12:35 pm
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Vietnam Airlines is government run

This by far is the worst airlines on the planet. It's being operated by the Vietnamese communist government.
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I am very surprised by these negative comments.

I did not have many flights with Vietnamese Airlines, but always had smiling service, pretty good food and modern fleet.

The lounge at SGN airport is quite outdated though.
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Old May 10, 12, 5:12 am
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My experience with VN was quite good. Flew Y but a small tip to me into the lounge. I had the feeling that a slightly larger tip would have gotten me a UG. On board was fine. Had 4 seats across and slept like a log. FA were friendly.
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Watch out for fare rules on domestic legs.

Even if the web site and your eticket says one thing, the incompetent's at the airport say another (and yes, I use the word incompetent's as the supervisor agreed that they were incompetent - the choice I gave was incompetent or dishonest and he chose incompetent).

I had a C/D ticket HAN-SGN-HAN on the weekend, meeting finished early so headed out to airport to check-in and request earlier flight - no luggage as a down and back in a day trip.

At check-in, no the ticket has been half used so you need to buy a new ticket to move to an earlier flight - no supervisor available to discuss this with. Checked-in for original flight.

Go to domestic lounge (not great...) ask at desk, this time told I can pay the difference between D and C to move flights.

Go to internet stations and show them that in fact a D and C ticket can change flight time without fee, no the internet is wrong.

Call supervisor, 'sorry, the internet is wrong'. Pull up my eticket with fare conditions which show that flight change without fee is allowed, 'sorry, eticket is wrong'. This is when I asked was the airline and it's management incompetent or dishonest - to which he answered yes they were incompetent.

Service aboard is acceptable, better that US F class domestic but much worse than most Asian carriers.

Lounges are very ordinary.

I am stuck using them domestically for the next 18 months
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