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New Conga Line Policy

New Conga Line Policy

Old Dec 1, 03, 7:12 pm
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New Conga Line Policy

Hi all

Some time ago you will remember that I suggested the "Conga Line" approach as a method of fairly distributing sign-on bonuses for new programs.

Time has passed and I have watched with interest at the way this has worked in practice. Here are my conclusions:

1. Most of these programs take ages to deliver any reasonable benefits

2. With a conga line, whilst each person gets a benefit the benefit tends to be small.

3. Some of these point programs are dodgy (questionable) anyway and fold after a while.

With that in mind I would like to offer a more practical and perhaps less selfish suggestion for making some use out of these sign-on bonuses. I suggest that we appoint one of the trusted members of the board (one of the old timers based in the USA) as a "Points Treasurer".

Next, say a new points program comes along. The points treasurer signs up for the program and then everyone gives him or her their sign-on bonus referrals. In a very short time the points treasurer racks up absolutely heaps of points which can be converted to miles.

Next, the points treasurer converts the points to miles and then using one of the established miles-to-charity mechanisms, donates those miles to charity. The charities use the miles for things like ferrying poor families to get urgent medical treatment interstate and giving dying children the chance to go to places like Disneyland. The Treasurer can then report back to the group on how the miles were used.

We would probably need to set up a new board to facilitate this system.

At the end of the day we might get a few less points each individually but with just a few keystrokes each we will have achieved something worthwhile. Whilst we all love collecting points and miles, I think what we can achieve for other needy people is far more important. Maybe that is one lesson we all should learn out of Sept 11.

Do others agree that this would be a good idea?

cheers Peter

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Old Dec 2, 03, 5:41 am
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Excellent suggestion!
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Old Dec 2, 03, 9:02 am
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Since most of the conga line "deals" require someone to buy a certain amount of goods/services, most of us will never "see" any benefit. Your suggestion is fine but I can't imagine anyone wanting to organize this for a small potential benefit to a charity. I'll just write a few checks to my favorite charities. Happy Holidays all.
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Old Dec 2, 03, 9:20 am
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Although the suggestion sounds great, I do have to agree with philemer - almost all of the conga lines have to have purchases associated with them and the amount of work that it will take somebody to organize this versus the payback is pretty small.
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Old Dec 18, 03, 2:12 am
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Likewise, it's easier to donate miles or $$$ to charity myself. I don't see any usefulness in bureacritizing the conga process. I prefer things as they are. It's fair enough.
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Old Dec 18, 03, 6:39 am
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I've always thought that the person who originally finds the opportunity deserves all the referrals.
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