Conga: Plastiq

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Old Jul 7, 16, 5:12 pm
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Conga: Plastiq

I thought there would be a 'plastiq conga' here already, but, couldn't find it. So, might as well start one.

Here's my link:

Next person please use it and then post your own.
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Old Jul 7, 16, 11:29 pm
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There used to be one but it's gone apparently.

With the introduction of Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay, this could be redundant in the near future.
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Old Jul 13, 16, 9:37 pm
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Just used thehawk75's.

Here's my link:
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Old Aug 27, 16, 11:44 pm
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Just used Big4Flyer's.

Here's my link:
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Just used unrivalled's link.

Here's my link:
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Old Sep 16, 16, 6:01 pm
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Just used Vip4me's link.

Here's my link:
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Old Oct 6, 16, 12:14 pm
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Just used dennis777's link.

Here's my link:
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Old Oct 9, 16, 4:44 pm
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Just used Seat10B

Mine is:
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Old Oct 12, 16, 9:49 pm
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Just used bhyde

Mine is:
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Old Oct 13, 16, 8:08 pm
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Just used Quarantine's link.

Here's my link:
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Old Oct 14, 16, 1:45 am
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Just used firechick's link.

Here's mine:
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Old Jan 11, 17, 10:43 pm
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Just used Reikon's link.

Here's mine:
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Old Jan 21, 17, 10:51 am
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Just used oopl's link

Here's my link:

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Old Jan 23, 17, 1:39 pm
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Just used Fa Hz's link.

Here's mine:
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Old Jan 29, 17, 7:07 pm
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Just used Hartspar's link.

Here's mine:
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