Virgin America Dining Rewards Program

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Virgin America Dining Rewards Program

Virgin America Dining Rewards Program.
  • 3 points/$1 spent.
  • Do not be fooled by the misleading 10% cash back offer. That cash is immediately convereted to 30 points/$1 cash back (you will never see the money), which is the same as 3 points/$1 spent.
  • Double points through February 28, 2013.
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Oh, gosh, that is so different that what Tim Winship blog that's linked on the FlyerTalk landing page originally said:

He originally said in there:
The earning rate will be 30 Elevate points for every $1 spent, but that will be doubled to 60 points per $1 through February 28 as a launch promotion.
I was wondering what sort of inflated currency Elvevate must be if they could afford giving 60 Elevate points per $ spent on dining. But now it seems that Tim's math was a factor of 10 off. (Which is understandable, given the confusing nature of how they explain it, as the cashback being coverted, rather than ever explaning direclty how many points you earn per dining $ spent.)

And (if that article was correct about the other point) it's also exclusive of tax and tip (but based on "averages", not on actual tax and tip!).

EDITED TO ADD: TIm corrected his page after I notified him about the correct earning rate.

So this doesn't seem that great a deal compared to RN (unless it's very specifically VX points you want).



It works by registering credit cards. And MOGL is a different company than RN. So what would happen if you registered one card with both RN and MOGL and ate at a restaurant that participaes in both. (And yes, there are restaurants in California* that participate in both!)

(*At this point, MOGL only has restaurants in California, and even then only a few areas of California.)

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After doing some digging around after registering, there's an option on the "settings" page on MOGL to either be paid in terms of cashback or Elevate points
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One Mile at a Time covered MOGL in October of last year. I haven't signed up for any of it, seeing as how I don't live in the 5 cities they are participating in, but it seems to me the 10% option looks legit, and probably a way better deal than 3 miles per dollar.
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I signed up but I'm not seeing a very good selection of restaurants. It looks like they're only in San Francisco Bay Area or other parts of Calif at this point?

A few of them participate in iDine as well but they aren't my favorites. Hopefully as MOGL expands they can have other earning partners or promos w/ cash back etc, as well as restaurants that either also have iDine or don't have it at all.

I guess it doesn't hurt to keep checking the list of restaurants or stumble upon one and eat there
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