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Hmm... wonder why people are testing here, of all places.....

At least _my_ JR forum isn't affected. http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/wink.gif

Reno Air was a nice airline-- MD80s, decent fares-- and they offered DTW and MSP-West Coast connections..... before they were gobbled up by AA.

Anyone else get some chocolate covered almonds from Reno Air's QQuickMiles FF program?? They arrived out of the blue back in... oh, 1998. This was when I had a MI address-- shortly before NW ran them out of DTW. I think the premise was QQ was trying to push some mail order candy partner or some such-- but to this day, it's the nicest gift** I've ever gotten from an airline FF program. Sad to see them go.

**gift= something tangible that you can find at the mall. I'm not counting bonus miles, upgrades, etc.
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