Login issues on Radisson Rewards website

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Login issues on Radisson Rewards website

Does anyone have technical issues with the Radisson Rewards website at the moment?
For the past few days I have tried several times to connect to my account – but the website keeps saying “wrong password”. Used the ‘’Forgot password” link to try a reset, but no success. And now I can’t login – neither with the old nor with the new password!
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No issues logging in here! Have you tried resetting your browser history or trying to go in via an incognito page to see if that works?
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I can login ok, but when I try to book (award stay), the website errors out at the final step.
Will have to call them tomorrow as not sure if its crap IT or something else
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After entering your password, try pressing the little 'eye' icon to the right of the password field to make your password visible (!). Then click 'sign in'.

Don't know why, but since the site redesign, that's the only way I can log in. Not that the site works properly - it claims I have no upcoming stays, when actually I have one upcoming reward stay. Haven't tried booking on the new site yet so can't confirm whether it errors out for me as other people are reporting.

If it's an option for you, you may want to consider using the mobile app until they get their website fixed.
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If you do manage to log in, don't log out! I had a hard time logging in about a month ago (I couldn't get my browser to remember the login like it did for the old site and like it does for other hotel sites), and when I succeeded I forgot to log out. Well, voila, ever since then I'm still logged in whenever I return to the site using the same computer!
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Apparently, there is a known problem with the login process that is impacting many members. With the change to the new site only some of my reservations were visible on the web (yet were complete on my iPhone and iPad apps). I sent an email on Aug 12th inquiring and only received a response today (12 days later) that

Sometimes not all of the reservations will pull thru on the web site. But there should be a link that says can't find your reservation? click on that and put in the information it asks of you, I believe it is the name on the reservation and the confirmation number, then it should pull up for you to look at.

Of course, this doesn't address my concern. I wanted to know why my existing reservations were displaying correctly on iOS and not on web.

When I tried checking today I couldn't even log in (though I could a few days ago). I then tried resetting my password but it refused to accept the new password (several times). After speaking with the correct department (about 40 minutes later, after they called me back) immediately the rep asked if I was on Mac since apparently it's a known problem. I switched to Windows to reset the password, and even that doesn't work with the same error. He also told me that some were able to access without issues and then a day later couldn't get in at all. He suggested creating a new account (and I believe he would then transfer all my reservations to it), but I had no faith in that resolution and didn't want to spend any more time. After an hour trying to fix this issue nothing was done other than being upset.

Several of my reservations weren't displaying on the web site. Now I can't even log in.

I was told that they hope to fix this issue in a week.

Several failures with this incident are apparent:

1. This is a known problem but their front line reservation staff don't know about it.

2. This is a known problem but not mentioned on the website.

3. This is not a new issue yet they obviously aren't prioritizing the fix. No announcements (that I can find), no warnings, staff not informed. An additional week to fix? Absurd.

Radisson again does it's best to lower the bar in the hospitality industry.

Which incompetent IT group did they hire for the new site?
I need to have my sales staff target their customers.
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it is the worst website of any hotel program. I have been doing password resets. Had to call and able to log in then a day later won't recognize the id and pass, again have to call to reset. terrible
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I've had only a problem once when booking a redemption 3 weeks ago, website said no, called in to get fixed. Made 5 bookings, 4 cash 1 redemption in the last 3 days and all worked online first time without issue.

iOS app doesn't like me and says the password needs to be updated to be more secure but my password meets the standard required

One good thing is the rewards number is not editable anymore so my browser doesn't try to substitute my credit card number
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Having same issues. Is there a phone number i can call? Last night i called reservations but they said they didnt have a phone number for me to call it.
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i haven't been able to login to this site for 2 years, my wife either.
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Originally Posted by frank_10b View Post
i haven't been able to login to this site for 2 years, my wife either.
Huh? "This site" (Radisson Rewards) hasn't existed for 2 years. It used to be the Club Carlson site until mid-2019. They created a totally new site for Radisson Rewards about a year ago. So 2 years ago it was a totally different site.

So are you saying you've not been able to log in either at the old Club Carlson site or the new Radisson Rewards site for 2 years?
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Without a doubt the worst hotel website experience of any chain. For days I have been trying to book a room with points, only to be met with some notification of a server error on the last step.
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