Back in the USSR

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Back in the USSR

Arrived IAD from LHR. Transferring to Boston. Walk downstairs to the UA arrivals for CBP and Immigration processing. Plenty of time between IAD and BOS connection, until I get downstairs. Passport control goes well, numerous stations, CBP guys doing their jobs quickly and efficiently.*

There were at least 4-6 flights arriving, and after claiming bags to haul through customs, everyone stands in line like a bunch of cattle. There were only two (yes, only TWO!!) customs guys checking our declaration cards. Of course, this meant they just looked at it with a ho-hum attitude and a nonchalant toss of the card to the stack. So, after waiting in line for 29 minutes to get my declaration card checked, it only gets worse.

Now, we get in line for the TSA security re-check. I've just come through LHR, where security is supposed to be incredibly tight. But now, having stood in my queue for my customs check, now I stand in line for my security check.

And, only two (yes, only TWO!) lines for the security check. Again, all of us sheeple just herded into the bowels of IAD while the the TSA people are shouting instructions, the UA employees are on the PA asking people not to cut in line, explaining that everyone has connections, and essentially, that we're all screwed!

Had the BOS flight not been late, and even with a UA employee taking care of me as UGS pax, would have missed the connection.

As I watched this circus downstairs all I could think about was how it looked like an old Soviet Union line for bread or something.

I'm back, back, back in the USSR.....

*If you ever get the chance, watch the CBP video at passport control. It is outrageously non-PC and hilarious. In one scene you see this big, burly black man staring ominously at some poor white schmuck that looks like he just flew halfway around world, tired, unshaven, etc. The tag line across the bottom reads something like, "when asked questions, listen and answer." Welcome to Amerika!
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