I am Furious with Sprint!!

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I am Furious with Sprint!!

I just posted a similar post in a thread on the NW board and am posting here because Iw ould like some help. I switched from MCI to Sprint last year when I read about a 25,000 mile offer that was posted on the mileage workshop. I believe it was around last February or March...I'm talking 2000!! I was to get 5,000 miles each month for six months. To date, they have posted 10,000 miles!!! I sent an e-mail to their customer service and they had the nerve to reply that Sprint never had a 25,000 mile promotion!!! I was furious..of course I didn't keep the promo code. I sent back another note informing them that indeed there was such a thing as a 25,000 promo and requested that they review my claim. It's been nearly three months with no response!!! I was completely frustrated and disgusted so I haven't followed up. I bet many have done the same.
As I sit here today and read that they have similarly scammed other people I am furious!!! I will not even tell you what I had to go through to get them to post my 5,000 miles for my cell phone. Does anyone have the promo code from last year that I am referring to? Also, does anyone have any suggestions regarding whom I should contact to investigate this? Should I forget sending e-mail and send snail mail? I think I will fight this one. They should be exposed. Thanks for any assistance that you can provide.

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Take them to Small Claims Court.

Any opinions on this approach from those who have tried on similar issues?
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Complain to the FCC online. It's very easy to do, and they even have a topic about missing miles that were promised. With a complaint through the FCC, Sprint has to respond, so it's worth a shot.

I don't know the exact address, but you can probably find it by surfing or searching on FT.
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I believe the code was 39.
Good Luck.
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Go to
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I was in almost identical situation with them. But from April of this year. Multiple phone calls with them telling me I had not really signed up for the promotion I said I had, and telling me it was too late to change because I couldn't change
promotions mid stream. After the 3rd call I did the following: Looked up the address for the Utilities Commissioner in my state, wrote a letter expressing my concerns of a "bait and switch" tactic being used by Sprint and asking to take out on official compalint. Then went to Sprints web page and looked up the e-mail addresses of several executives as well as regional manager for my state, and copied all of them on my letter to the Utilities Commsioner. I then also posted a complaint on Planet Feedback. I am not sure which worked, but I got a phone call from them in 48 hours and resolution within a week. Its a sorry state of affairs when you have to resort to such tactics to simply get what a MAJOR public company has offered to you in the first place.
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Thank you so much for your responses. I just realized that there had been responses to the thread that I didn't see. I will follow up and let you know how it goes. Thanks again for the help.
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At least you can talk to them. I have been trying for months to talk to somebody at MCI Cellular that I could talk to that has more than a 3rd grade education, and can't (they keep on charging me for roaming in my own neighborhood!). Finally had to take them to the public utilities commission, got them to admit their wrongs, and now can't get the credit back. I canceled the service and went to sprint. Unfortunately didn't see this 25k promotion until too late.
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freak, it is NOT true that you can't get credit for your MCI service. your agreement with MCI is that you'd receive miles as long as you met your part of the agreement ie, length of service, etc. as long as that's the case you CAN go back and get your miles.

i had to send a complaint to my state's FCC, and within a week all miles posted. and my service had been discontinued three months prior to the deposit of miles.

don't give up yet!
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Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh.

I am SO ticked off at Sprint right now.
Part of me thinks to myself, I have no right to be ticked...because a very similar thing happened the last time that I tried to get some promised miles from sprint, and as they say, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

HOWEVER, it just doesn't seem right that companies (ATT, MCI, SPRINT) are out there promising all these miles to people to get their business, and in an age of computers they say it still takes 8 weeks to process the miles, by which time, you don't get them, and they say "we'll sign you up as of today, wait 8-10 weeks to see any miles post" and they do this 3 or 4 times....and that's if you're LUCKY.

In this case, I clicked the link on SPRINTS own website for the 40k miles last month. Since a few usage miles posted, but no bonus, I called Sprint a couple of weeks ago. They tell me I was never signed up for a promo at all...only the usage points.

I explain the promo, tell them how I signed up on line, and they say, fine, I'll sign you up, and someone will call in a couple days to confirm.

So, two weeks go by, and there's no call (I told the rep two weeks ago that I didn't believe that anyone would call, as no one from sprint ever does return calls when they promise, and she promised me that they would call.) So, today, I call back, and I'm asked, "Did you fax in a copy of the mileage offer?" I explain that it was from their website, and they should have a copy, and they can see that I signed up online. She says she can have a supervisor call me back. I tell her that I don't want a supervisor to call me back because they never do. She says "Hold Please" and puts me on hold for 15 minutes. She comes back and says that she's written up the callback form. She and I argue for a while, and she eventually HANGS UP ON ME.

So, I call back. After waiting 15 minutes, a rep comes on who has an AMAZINGLY sour valley-girl white trash 12 year old pre-teen attitude. (I know that sounds bad, but truly, this was something off Jerry Springer.) I'm told that the previous rep had sent the form to the airline specialist and the airline specialist wrote back immediately saying I had to provide a print-out of the offer and online signup. I tell her that's not acceptable, and that I wanted to speak to either the airline specialist or a supervisor, and from there, it's pretty much a repeat of the above call, but with 10 times the sassy snippity attitude.

So, now I'm on hold again as we speak, waiting for another rep to try to get a supervisor, after being told that "if you don't send in a copy of the online offer, you've not going to get your miles."
At least this one doesn't have the attitude, but neither is she too bright or trying very hard to help.

I'm about an INCH away from figuring out how to file a class-action lawsuit against sprint on this one. The main problem I see is identifying all the parties. Clearly sprint won't have a reliable list.

I just spoke with Amy Beard (last name spelling?) who said she was "the manager of the whole sprint with northwest department." She took it up another notch, telling me that since I had, 2 years ago, recieved a large bonus from sprint, I was not eligable for this bonus. I told her that if that was the case, then sprint should have thought of that prior to swithcing my service over and charging me anything. Now that they did that, there's partial performance, and they have to fulfill their part of the bargain.

I have to go take a deep breath or so.

I WILL win this battle. I WILL. Sprint doesn't know what kind of tenatious ******* they're up against.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by aflyer:
Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh.
I WILL win this battle. I WILL. Sprint doesn't know what kind of tenatious ******* they're up against.
I've been having a problem with Sprint PCS and their Alaska Airlines offer.

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I was screwed by Sprint as well. I have been venting over at the Northwest board. I argued the point by email and received the same reply as you.... You got miles in May 2000 so you don't get any now.... I said that was not on my agreement that I printed out and that they were charging me under the terms I signed up for. We went back and forth 3 times and luckily I received a $90 check in the mail to switch back to ATT who I had left for Sprint to get me back, I switched.
Then wouldn't you know it, I received an email from Sprint wanting to know how I liked their customer service!!! I cannot reprint what I wrote in a public forum!!
They owe us all 40K in miles just for the aggravation...
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The important thing to remember is that Sprint have no clue. ... About anything, as far as I can tell.

My first experience with Sprint was of them being the default carrier at a hotel I stayed at in Florida. Well, since hotel phone charges are enormous, I used Sprint directly and was able to just enter my credit card number and have them bill it for a call.

A week or so later, in another state, I tried to use Sprint again, but the automated system didn't offer the chance to put credit card number in as well as calling card numbers. I phoned customer support, and they (at all levels, supervisors, etc) were adamant that this had never been possible under any circumstances.

Of course, my charge from Sprint did appear on my credit card, despite Sprint's insistance that they had never offered such a service at all.
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