Pricing difference for the Neighborhood

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Pricing difference for the Neighborhood

Just got an offer in the mail for Neighborhood which includes 8 WN FF Credits over 8 months. Price for the plan is 49.99 / month, and includes Local, LD, Call Wait, Call ID, and VM.

I went to MCI's web site, and the plan priced at $39.99 for my phone number. Is the extra $10 there to subsidize the FF bonus cost? Or is there a way for me to get the offer at the cheaper price and get the FF bonus also?

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There is a $39.99 instate plan for unlimited calls in my home state.

The $49.99 plan is for unlimited calls nation wide.

I have the $39.99 plan and it's 10 cents a minute for state-to-state calls.
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All I can say is the it took me darn near three (3) months to get my neighborhood working properly. First the CID did not work. Then the CID waiting was not operational. My bill was a mess. Then it took me another 3 months to get out of MCI. They just kept billing me even after I stopped with them.

What a company. Never again.
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