AT&T's Program had some major kinks!

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AT&T's Program had some major kinks!

Kinks are serious problems for those who have not heard of that word.

Burkey and I notice that American Airlines is one of the partners in the Personal Rewards program... Burkey then asks: Are the AA awards for actual tickets only, or are miles available as well?

I think it's a great question and I can't answer so I call customer service at AT&T Personal Rewards.


The man on board is friendly enough but first told me to go to Starwood and I said five times "I'm specifically interested in redemption for the American Airlines option. Will I get miles or airline tickets for the points"

He said three times when I asked the same question "Well you can transfer points into Starwood's program, I can give you their number."

He did not have a clue and had to ask his supervisor about what to do.

So I'm on hold 5 minutes.

Then he came back and said for the umptheeth time "Well I don't know about American but you can transfer them through Starwood. Would you like the number for Starwood's Program?"

I then remarked "if you have American Airlines as a partner then shouldn't you have some type of award program for them."

So I get the Starwood response again.

I guess my Question "what is the redemption option for American Airlines is
unclear." Or maybe I'm not speaking the right language.

He did say that they plan to send out an awards book in September.

Basically, they don't have the program together yet. And I think it's dumb to launch something when your staff is programmed to say six responses.

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I thought that burkey said that the only airline miles with ATT would be pass through with hotel programs (in which case the suggestion about Starwood by ATT makes sense). See:

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