Lima 1 day

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Lima 1 day

we are arriving to Lima from Cusco around 9 am and our flight to US is a little past midnight. We are not going to have a lot of luggage and whatever we have we are planning to leave in a locker.
What would you recommend to see and do in Lima for a day? My thinking was that we should end up late afternoon in Miraflores so we can have a nice dinner before heading back to the airport around 9pm. Is it safe in a dark? how much time do we need to get to the airport? Is it easy to get a taxi from Miraflores?
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You have enoug time to check out downtown (the main plazas, san francisco monastery, cerro san cristobal, eat lunch, or whatever you want), go to a museum if you;re into that, then head to miraflores in the afternoon and hang out in the parks along the cliffs or walk to the beach, sunset happy hour at larcomar).

Miraflores is fine at night, the area around the airport isn't. It easy to get a taxi, you can order one from uber. I think its 55 soles from miraflores. You don't need more than 45 minutes at that time of night (should be a bit less)...its an easy ride up the circuito de playas.
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Maybe an option would be to get a day tour. I used Taxi Lima Peru, which I found to be a very good private tour (the guy lived for many years in the US), and he'd be able to pick you up and drop you off at the airport, saving you a bit of hassle (and also keep your luggage in the car). Only word of caution is I would pick the restaurant myself as tends to favour huge buffet style restaurants over the nicest restaurants (La Mar would be a great call for lunch).

I would second the suggestion of a morning walk around the old town, nice lunch in Miraflores, perhaps a look at Barranco (MATE - Mario Testino Museum, and finally a quick visit at Huaca Pucllana. Otherwise, you can fit in the Magic Water Circuit (earliest show is 7:15PM).
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Originally Posted by SammySpade View Post
You have enoug time to check out downtown (the main plazas, san francisco monastery, cerro san cristobal, eat lunch, or whatever you want), go to a museum if you;re into that, then head to miraflores in the afternoon and hang out in the parks along the cliffs or walk to the beach, sunset happy hour at larcomar).

Miraflores is fine at night, the area around the airport isn't. It easy to get a taxi, you can order one from uber. I think its 55 soles from miraflores. You don't need more than 45 minutes at that time of night (should be a bit less)...its an easy ride up the circuito de playas.

This is essentially what we did, and had more time in Lima. Its really all we felt one needs to do there though. Check out the old city, then head to Miraflores. Stop at Huaca Pucllana on the way for a bonus point. End your night at a restaurant on the beach (Larcomar if you'd like extra easy taxi access- pick one up at the JW Marriott across the street, the EasyTaxi stand in Larcomar, or use Uber- either with cell service or the free wifi throughout Larcomar. Yes, you can call Uber without cell service during the ride).
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Lima 1 day

I just arrived back in US from Peru, had a 1 day tour from Lima Cabs. Also deserves high recommendation. We hit the ruins in Miraflores, lunch, and then did the historic tour of downtown followed by dinner at Museo Larco. All was great. Can recommend Museo Larco for both content and the restaurant there is fantastic. Found the driver/guide from Lima Cabs to be extremely knowledgable and helpful. Prices were quite reasonable for an hourly rate, but they also have pre-designed itineraries as well.
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You could try to see the city on your own, but time is not on your side. Why not get a local guide to show you the important things and cut down on the guesswork regarding directions, parking and transportation?

One of the best tours I have taken anywhere was in Lima by a young man by the name of Aaron Paiva Leyton.
Here is my review:
Here are some photos:
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101 things to do in Lima before dying

Go to the Plaza de Armas (day and night).
- Go to the Plaza San Martin.
- Visit Government Palace.
- Visit the Congress.
- Paragliding on the Malecon of Miraflores.
- Walking along the Malecon of Miraflores - Barranco - Chorrillos.
- Browse the Costa Verde.
- Go to the Bridge of Sighs.
- Take pisco sour (cathedral) in the Hotel Bolivar and the Hotel Maury (the recommended dose is two drinks maximum, with no extra risk of losing consciousness).
- Take macerate pisco yellow pepper in Cachiche Witch (with a bottle of water next to extinguish the subsequent fire).
- Take carob and pisco sours of all flavors (well far from the head) in Huaringas and / or Ayahuasca.
- Eat Lima sigh of Maga and lucuma and cherimoya versions.
- Take Inca Kola (ice and glass bottle).
- Take chicha (ice creams).
- Eating black scallops ceviche Emilio and Gladys in Chorrillos.
- Eating fish ceviche Javier Wong.
- Walking through Kennedy Park (and hear the master of the "hot revolution").
- Breakfast in Haiti.
- Go to Mistura Food Fair (September) and food empacharse (warning: do not eat breakfast that day and take a digestive).
- Juerguear in El Dragon Barranco.
- Go to Asia (in summer).
- Visit Mali (Museo de Arte de Lima).
- Enter the Cathedral of Lima.
- Go to Larcomar (shopping, to take, to eat to see the sea, theater ...)
- Go shopping at the Jockey Plaza (the boulevard).
- Go to the punishment of Hell and enjoy a holiday afroperuana.
- Walking / jogging / skating / bicicletear by the Golf of San Isidro.
- Take a cow (or several) in the Queirolo.
- Visit the House of Gastronomy.
- Sánguche eat prosciutto in El Cordano.
- Stroll along the Jiron de la Union.
- Eat / take a cremolada in Curich (in summer, the better).
- Costa Verde go and watch the sunset in one of its beaches.
- Go to the main square of Barranco.
- Walking through the olive grove.
- Request a song on the jukebox Night.
- Eat food from the jungle in The Aguajal.
- Eating nougat Doña Pepa (in October, better).
- Hop on a combi (if you like sports high risk).
- Go to Love Park.
- Go to Magic Water Circuit.
- Dinner on the terrace of the Huaca Pucllana.
- Go to Pachacamac and breakfast bread with cracklings.
- Visit the Convent of San Francisco.
- Go to Caral.
- Casting a card with your wishes written in the well of Santa Rosa de Lima.
- Visit the Park Reserve and Exposition.
- Visit Chinatown and eat Chinese restaurant.
- See a show of La Tarumba.
- Visit the Master Priest Cemetery.
- Fraile see a jump.
- See a show at the Municipal Theatre and the Teatro Segura.
- Go to Market Surquillo.
- Eating kebabs Dona Grimanesa
- Bareto hear a concert and other Taste and control.
- Eat grilled chicken.
- Walk the Larco Avenue.
- Up to a motorcycle taxi in Chorrillos.
- View outside the courthouse.
- Eat corn with cheese and potato and egg against Green Squadron police premises in the center.
- See, at night, cross the solar nose from any point on the coast.
- Eat quail eggs in the middle.
- Take an icy mountain Cuzqueña with popcorn on a sunny day.
- Go to a bar and order sushi roll I acevichado.
- See horses Mamacona step.
- Shop in Powder Blue.
- Sublime eat.
- Shopping (or visit) Daedalus and Indigo.
- Use the Peruvian dog as hot water.
- UFO eat ice cream kiosk lucuma in the American South.
- See the books and magazines sold in Quilca.
- Yuyanapaq go to shows at the Museum of the Nation.
- See how Pachamanca prepare and eat.
- Fritter eating manjarblanco of Manolos.
- Take pisco of the fountain in the Plaza de Armas (National Holidays)
- Watch a game or a concert at the refurbished National Stadium.
- View Lake La Molina.
- Eating a classic: purple porridge and rice pudding.
- Eating lomo saltado (and Toblerone cheessecake) of the tap.
- Go to Lima Film Festival (August).
- Visit the Plaza de Armas of Pueblo Libre.
- Walking through the Champ de Mars.
- Go to Brisas del Titicaca.
- Go shopping to Inca Miraflores Market.
- Eating tacu tacu in the Pilot.
- Eat dry Kid's Corner do not know.
- See the changing of the guard at the Government Palace.
- Visit the basilica and monastery of San Francisco.
- Walk down the street in Monte Shady Groove at Christmas.
- Visit the Aliaga house in the center.
- Visit Torre Tagle.
- Eating easter egg Tiendecita Blanca.
- See the procession of the Lord of Miracles.
- I see the baby jaguar Huachipa Zoo.
- Go to Leyendas Park.
- Buy a jacket of Peru in craft stores.
- Make tour of bars in Barranco and end in either attending closed from 6am.
- Eat cuy.
- Up to the electric train if it ever works.
- Take the milk panther (and obviously Tiger) My Barrunto.
- Creole eat buffet Lordship of Sulco (specify every Peruvian dish takes us away from the 101) and for dessert ice cream rose petals.

Related Articles:

- eat a sandwich of ham (from the north) in the bar Juanito in Barranco with Pilsen polo.
- go to Cerro San Cristobal!
- visit the catacombs, swimming with sea lions in the Palomino Islands (Lima or only?), wave running in the Costa Verde see a team game in the National, see Lima from the top of Cerro San Cristobal and more
- Up the hill and climb the vines to the side of the hill to see the sun Centinela set.
- if it shows at the National Theatre, I think that the most appropriate would be "RETABLO"
- listen to a concert on the night of the ravine, eating yucca market palermo
- play carnival in Victoria, emollient and breakfast bread stuffing
- They missed the "sandwiches Mostros" Barranco !!
- Walking through the old Miraflores (Berlin streets, Bellavista, Recavarren Jose Galvez), see a play at the British Theatre, Arabica coffee, down to the bathrooms in Barranco, up to see the Christ of Alan (sense of mood), stroll along the Paseo Colon, go to La Punta, Chucuito, Hernán v elarde Park in Santa Beatriz ...
- go to the tip !!!! it is cute! To tour the Mirabus not hurt to ... Eat seven colors in the market Surquillo, Walking poe the Stroll of the Naval Heroes and take pictures
- * Go to Sergeant Pepper
- * Go to Queirolo of Pueblo Libre / Quilca
- * Go to the Museum of History and Antropoligia
- * To visit the Temples
- * The square (slaughterhouse) Acho
- * Go to the park to walk Olivar
- 1. Eat bread with cracklings in KIO (near Plaza San Miguel)
- 2. Eat at La Rosa Nautica
- 3. Eat on the Green Coast
- 4. Visit the ruins of Pachacamac.
- 5. Sticking Javier Prado traffic on a Monday at 8.00 am !!
- Carnival night in Barranco in the City Park with great music ... ..disfraces ... spurts ... and matacholas
- For the best of Lima and its food in one day I recommend the tour Capital Culinaria Lima Gourmet Tours, great! Excellent service, excellent restaurant, food, shows and more!
- * Eat a good kebabs in TIO MARIO (Bridge of Sighs) with a glass of chicha popsicles! (If a pitcher better)
- * Sit on the steps of the cathedral and see the parade. The people, the view, the lights, the scenes are.
- * Dancing Sailor.
- * Take it one picture in a pool of reserve park.
- Visit the Museum of the Discalced in the Rimac!
- One for me are the juice market. My love going to the positions of the picturesque small market juicers San Bartolo and lucuma take a smoothie with milk or strawberry milk.
- And also go to cockfights
- I would add these inevitable:
- Picarones eat, kebabs and belly after accompanying the procession of the Lord of Miracles.
- Visit the Church of Mercy who is in the Union Jr. (my favorite church in Lima).
- The visit to the 7 churches in downtown Lima on Easter.
- I was fascinated by the list, would add very good idea to some more stuff: eat some Sanguchito sucker or crackling in Palermo , or the Fight, here's what I've tried is rich juice lucuma with lecheee ufff. , Eat gelato in Conquistadores especially cheese ice cream, go to the Christ of Chorrillos and pararteee in one of those mounds of land near the cliff and scream lol ... take duraznooo quinoa in one of the avenues ... top night san hill cristobal and be happy and try to be happy every instanteee ...
- Buy an accessory Silver at Pitituar
- Eating Gaston Acurio
- Wear something baby alpaca
- Swimming with sea lions on islands Palominos
- Sing a song of Chabuca
- Crossing the Bridge of Sighs and make a wish
- Hum the "Flor de la Canela"
- Walk Miraflores
- Go to Dakar
- Take lessons in how to prepare ceviche
- Add some things to what has already been said:
- Go to Piselli - Barranco
- Go to Santos - Barranco
- Drinking coffee in Bisetti - Barranco
- Eat at "Javier" - Barranco Bajada de Baños
- Order res and the Bolivarian tequeños - Pueblo Libre
- Festival of Independence Day in the Park of Friendship - Surco
- Eating seafood in "Sonia" - Chorrillos
- Eat kebabs and more Panchita - Miraflores
- Eat at "Mama Olla" - Miraflores
- Visit the Park Wall - Downtown Lima
- Go to La Noche de Barranco
- Go to the station Barranco
- Visit the Museum Pedro de Osma - Barranco
- Visit the Museum Hand - Miraflores
- Go to the Museum of Pachacamac - Lurin
- Visit Puruchuco - Ate
- Eating sandwich in "La Lucha" - Miraflores
- Take Chinese bubble tea Kennedy Park - Miraflores
- Go to "The Machine" - Miraflores
- Running on a Sunday morning by the little Pentagon - San Borja
- Go biking on a Sunday morning on Avenida Arequipa. - Miraflores
- Eat salchipapas TIP TOP - Lince
- Visit the memory location (when open, it will be good) - Miraflores
- Take fruit juices "The 4 Seasons"
- Go to "The White Night of Lima" (May)
- mussels in the Queirolo
- Chanfaina, and a cause, with chicha frost in the Queirolo
102. Eat kebabs where Tia Grimanesa Vargas !!!
- Watch the sunset from the hill between Molina and groove,
- Go to ceneguilla, visit the park chaclacayo,
- Go all the Malecon
- Buy a pisco and make your own mash ... yummy aguaymanto ... or at least take some macerated
- Go to point d d day night (d sea with the boats lights looks very beautiful)
- Go to the harbor to buy fish
- Go to Sergeant Pepper
- Go to the ravine night
- Go to gamarra
- Go south dragon (Summer)
- Go to the southern beaches boy
- Do pinic in Malecon Miraflores
- Go to the Lighthouse of Miraflores
- Eating ceviche in black coast Cillao 700
- Sunsets in cualkier Malecon (most beautiful in summer)
- Go to the central market
- Go to the fruit market (the principal)
- Go to Azpitia
- Pucusana go fishing
- Eat grilled chicken
- Go to a concert
- Go to the Tavern Queirolo
- Taking an assortment juice in the small market, do not forget our famous picarones, visit the Plaza de Acho, the Friendship Park, Surcano family enjoy breakfast, go to the zoo Huachipa. Thank you.
- The 44 and 88 believe they are almost the same. You could also put hike in the hills of lúcumo, or Lachay, go to the waterfall Antakallo, surfing in beautiful tip!
- Visit The China Charity in Chinatown
- Munich In the jr. from Union
- Visit The balcony where I used to sit Ricardo Palma, on Jiron de la Union,
- Pasear By the Wall Park Center
- Go To Antigua Abandoned house in front of Cordano
- Chabuca-eating kebabs in Granda.
1- Eat zambito Donofrio ice cream in front of Kennedy Park.
- 2- Visit the MATE (Fundacion Mario Testino)
- 3- Eat chicken soup in the 24 Hours of Av. Aramburu
- 4- Eat alfajores de La Casa del Alfajor.
- 5- Go to galleries Brazil
- 6- Go buy baratitos poles to La Quinta
- Excellent data, I love Lima and go every time I can. I would add travel the craft sheds Petit Thouars and pet cats Kennedy park while you eat something sitting on a stool. I leave a thing next time looking for a cheap and fun trip to Lima. Greetings!
- Do not forget to climb the Cerro San Cristobal
- Chami lunch at the corner of Hope Street.
- Sipping coffee cafe chef Larco Avenue.
- Go to an exhibition or whatever in the House of the Peruvian Literature
- Attend a solo recital by Daniel F in Barranco Night
- Do a tour of the cemetery Priest teacher
- Buy The City and the Dogs of Vargas Llosa in Lima Book Fair (July / August)
- Listen to a concert in Lima Poetry Festival (July)
- Bañarse In Ancon !!
- Go To a country club in Chosica or Cieneguilla and jumping off a slide !!
- Take Rum and coke in a park at night!
- Buy Or make the Malvinas!
- Eating In agachaditos.
- Participate A yunza.
- Squid-eating ceviche De Luca.
- Answer A survey and earn a gift. (Cualquiere it was).
- Go To the flea market of Miraflores.
- Go Shopping Gamarra.
- Bicicletear By the bike path of Arequipa.
- Eating A salchipapero cart.
- Eating grilled chicken Don tito (San Borja)
- See A show of strolling players in the middle.
- Go To wilson by programs or computers.
- Listen Free concerts on the outskirts of the monumental.
- Listen To vendors, magicians, clowns, dancers, singers, rappers and vases boarding the buses.
- Go To a circus in the days of national holidays.
- eat a salchipapa in Munich !! or failing in Cachito faithful.
- Go to Herradura flood in one day and walk the dirt road behind the building Las Gaviotas for near the best waves to be ridden city.
1. Concert Mar de Copas
2. When you go to Caral, bread and sausage breakfast Huacho (richest)
3. Eat the rest of churros Manolo, and if you ask those without filler, must be ordered hot chocolate too thick to soak.
4. Eat a chocolate-coated marshmallow treats.
1. Visit the Av. Colmena and scrub bad girls who do good things.
2. poguear with Mojave in The Agustinazo.
3. Go to Tacora Sunday market in La Victoria and buy something stolen.
4. Jump from a moving motorcycle taxi to save you from an assault on Nocheto.
5. Exit drenched in sweat after a dive perrear in northern cone.
6. Make the achorao small step 'in the Central Road or the Santa Anita Lucero pace of Chacalón Jr.
7. Protest at Av. Abancay and return a tear to the PNP.
8. Enter the cinema Paris, the Omnia or Central and see the continuing role with 12 hours of XXX.
9. Sit in the Plaza San Martin and hear a little decent proposal.
10. Riding in a van (oh yeah, what miedito, do it if you like sports high risk).
Go to Industrial park of Villa El Salvador. Also the "Vichama" or "Sand and Mats". Go to FITECA Comas. Also representing Easter in La Pascana. Picture taken in the White Christ of Chosica. Riding the Metropolitan. Go to a Chinese restaurant (there are many good, I would recommend Chifa Union Barranco). Eat a Mars home in the summer.
- Eating Prank in capon street and fried yucca DON JULIO tb
- Visit the Coastal Lomas (Paradise - VMT, Lúcumo - Pachacamac, Ancon
- Browse the Metropolitan from Carabayllo to Villa El Salvador
- Knowing the layout of the old trains (Lima - Ancon) (Lima - Lurin) (Lima - Chosica).
- Visit the Temples of Lima (Mangomarca - SJL, Puruchuco - Ate, Huaycan -ate
- go to the central market of Callao in feriadoz and ezcuchar zalza loz loz CD vendedorez chalaca daring people naturally recontra ez, trazparente, and ezpontanea.
- Eating yuquitas in Palermo -The Victoria Market. Better than all forklift yuccas now there
- Visit a craft fair, which unfortunately no longer so, and buy thousands of ornaments and empacharte with kingkong, Pachamanca and Juanes
- Eat pork sandwiches in the Chinito of Chancay, a must !!!
- Send this list to suggest DISCOVERY because they show the negative part of Lima, on the Lima vehicular traffic is an issue to reflect and change our attitude Peruvian citizenship and human virtues
- The route to the Port of Callao, the Real Felipe and travel to the Island Fronton, running before ships of the Peruvian Navy, also consider that could be among the 101 things to do in Lima, we also have History Museum Pueblo Libre, Fifth Heeren, Government Palace and Cerro San Cristobal ...... .Many things, excellent publication.
- Lima is bathed from end to end by the Pacific Ocean, surfing in the green coast !!!!!!!!!!!
- Hello, you fantastico! San Francisco is repeated know can include La Merced. Strolling through La Punta, Pachacamac the ciudadela.Subir the Cerro San Cristobal, visit the beautiful chapel d the O. Eating a tartlet of Raymondi. Go to Faro d Miraflores
- I would add: Play Cats Kennedy Park !!
- Eating breakfast in the bomboniere: The hot chocolate is wonderful. The best in the world
- chopp take a beer and eating a salchi-potato chicken or pork rinds in the bar Miunich
- Go to the Real Felipe Fortress in Callao !! This cute
- Knowing Sigh of Lima is said and not Lima LA.
- climb a hill walk, ride a bike around the bike path of Arequipa Avenue to the beach. go to the catacombs, go see Mauser (or many of the good Peruvian bands)
- and good near lime in Callao, going to the actual strength felipe
- Lomo saltado risotto on Danika
- Play carnivals
- Breakfast in the Pasteleria San Antonio
- San Cristobal Hill Mall ?, bare ?, the Huaralino ?? a ?? Zonal Park, Johannesburg ??, ?? carnival play, CCEL Hollow? And as things ......; everyone has their preferences, but they seem much more relevant than "go shopping" at 9 different places.
- The 44 and 88 are repeated.
- Visit other things ... aunq tip is the pebble. Go to the central market, go to the museum of the Inquisition, go to Chinaman in, Miraflores eating sandwich, go to the viewpoint de.san Cristobal, visit the giant virgin at the end of Brazil, go to Huaca Pucllana, etc.
- Peru is a football fan, then you need to go to Mundialito de La Victoria.
- I pallet chanfainita of the market Groove? Thoroughgood!
- Carbone (huancavelica and Caylloma) buenismo coffee, ham of the country, bread with mackerel, ensalda of pallares inter alia beer and night part of the tavern that gives Caylloma.
- The Museum of the Inquisition
- The Bar Queirolo Street bitterness (camana) lunch and evening bar.
- Bakery orphans (half a block from the parish of orphans) good food, coffee, pasta .calle Azángaro.
- Churros San Judas Tadeo,
- A bullfight (the Lima were always good bullfighting) regardless of what one thinks of the runs, is a Limeña tradition.
- Mall bar, convents and Paseo water
- Do the walking tours of the houses, churches, bars, Uptown, which are organized every month in downtown Lima.
- I missing something more bizarre, take a chelkas in quilca at ten in the evening, go to the downtown, meet the baby and the truck, eating ceviche outside refrigerator depo of Callao, go to a brood in Armatambo, take a few beers where tia marcianba in mcdo to see, eat stuffed chips on the market of San Juan de Miraflores, freshwater banharte
- All buenazo, missing and filled a cause frost chicha Queirolo
- Santo Domingo and visit the Tomb Sn Martincito see a saucer huaral Marcahuasi..oa way ... and the pig to the post
- 102. To the procession of the Lord of Miracles.
- 103. Visit the wishing well of Santa Rosa.
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Originally Posted by Distilled View Post
I just arrived back in US from Peru, had a 1 day tour from Lima Cabs. Also deserves high recommendation. We hit the ruins in Miraflores, lunch, and then did the historic tour of downtown followed by dinner at Museo Larco. All was great. Can recommend Museo Larco for both content and the restaurant there is fantastic. Found the driver/guide from Lima Cabs to be extremely knowledgable and helpful. Prices were quite reasonable for an hourly rate, but they also have pre-designed itineraries as well.
I do agree about Museo Larco. It's a must, specially if you enjoys museums.

Yes Miraflores is safe at dark.

And I guess ruins in Miraflores is Huaca Pucllana, good choice too.
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Originally Posted by bingocallerb22 View Post

101 things to do in Lima before dying
Wow!!! I regret only scheduling one day in Lima, and half that time would be spent at astrid y gaston.
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If you are a foodie, then spend the day eating. The hype of Astrid and Gaston is worth it. Also try Panchita, a Gaston restaurant. Tons of amazing places to eat in Lima.

I was there for 5 days and spent all of my time touring restaurants. I'm probably going to do a weekend trip to Lima just to cross off my restaurants from my list.
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