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Are you suing IB, Randy?

Are you suing IB, Randy?

Old Jul 13, 10, 2:18 pm
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Are you suing IB, Randy?

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Old Jul 19, 10, 3:20 pm
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OK, as you might guess, the advice of any and all counsel associated with this is to reply ... "No Comment."

But my relationship with the members of FlyerTalk and the existence of this forum pre-date this situation so let me offer a reply to you.

The answer is simple; I do have a dispute with Internet Brands on a few issues and have asked the court system to interpret some of the terms of a specific contract (it's just business and nothing to do with the best interests of FlyerTalk). I'll let their legal and my legal sort it all out so that I and my counterparts at IB can continue as we have in the past for the good of FlyerTalk.

But the important thing to understand is that this is a business matter. I and the people at IB who work with FlyerTalk continue to work together toward the best for FlyerTalk and, despite the lingering exchange for months that led to this filing, I continue to enjoy a positive working relationship with IB. Point-in-case: I proposed and worked toward IB hosting the most recent Moderator Workshop in IB's backyard. I lobbied and got the full support of having Bob Brisco, the CEO of IB, spend a Saturday with the volunteers and I know they all enjoyed the experience and chance to chat with Bob, something I have enjoyed and wanted to share. As well, the representatives of IB were at the TalkBoard meeting at the same time. So while there was work on this specific situation in the background, I think I can offer up many examples where I haven't and won't let it interfere with the good of FlyerTalk. Heck, just today I recommended another group to have a chat with IB about a possible project working together. I continue to have very high regard for Bob Brisco and others at IB and my actions speak louder than words.

I was contacted immediately by members and a Moderator when this was posted. I think they would all confirm that while I commented that I wish things like this could be resolved in private, I fully understand and respect the interest of members of FlyerTalk and the process of the Internet. As a result, I asked all to handle the topic as they would normally do any other topic, no interference from me and no call for censuring.

So there you have it. Now, what can I help you with on FlyerTalk?
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