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Way OT: aircraft-band radio a security concern?

Way OT: aircraft-band radio a security concern?

Old Jul 27, 04, 7:40 pm
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Way OT: aircraft-band radio a security concern?

Young-teen kid is a bit of an aviation nut and I thought having an airband radio along would amuse him and make him realize that the casual conversation in Flight Sim ain't the real world. Does anyone suppose using one in the terminal would awaken TSA or their counterparts? In-flight, I suppose it'll be treated as a tool of the devil by most FA's.
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Old Jul 28, 04, 1:19 am
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I suppose it'd be treated as any other radio, meaning you can listen to it on the ground, but would get shut down very quickly once on the plane. You can actually listen to ATC chatter online, at sites like 4vfr.com. A bit of googling should bring up additional sites... live Amsterdam streaming is on atcbox.com.

If all else fails, you can fly UA and listen to channel 9.
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Old Jul 28, 04, 2:09 am
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VHF airband comms

Please be aware that you can listen into the communications in the US but not in a variety of other countries. It is technically illegal in the UK but nobody bothers as we have lots of plane "spotters" who are more likely to spot a terrorist with a missile than the police. It is very illegal in Germany and they can have a complete sense of humour failure there.

The answer depends on the country. If you are outside the US then I might be able to look it up for you from the list in the office.

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Old Jul 29, 04, 5:12 am
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I've travelled through US airports post 9/11 with an airband walkie-talkie, VHF/UHF w-t and a smallish HF portable radio in my hand-baggage. Not once did I get stopped and asked to open my bag! The only place that I provoked some concern was the domestic screening check at LHR, then it was a quick check through and all was fine.

If you're seen using said items in the airport, that may attract the interest of the authorities, though if it's only a receiver, that shouldn't be a problem, though take note of spotwelder's legal warning. Maybe a small airband scanner with an earpiece is the best bet?

NB - use of above items not permitted on most aircraft, even to receive. UA CH9 is a great substitute.
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