NW cheapskates


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NW cheapskates

Don't be deceived by the subject title... I am not a rabid anti-NW type. I actually find NW to be highly reliable and NW's people to be very professional and helpful. What I don't like about NW is the carrier's extreme stinginess. I cannot think of another major global airline with such an old fleet or such cheap equipment or threadbare amenities. I remember when NW announced with great fanfare that they would refurbish all their widebody planes' interiors. Well, the first time I flew on one of the refurbished planes was a major disappointment. All the seats were the same, there were no new amenities, and the only tangible improvement was the increased size of the overhead bins. While other airlines add in-seat videos in coach class (Continental, Virgin, Cathay, British Airways, Singapore, JAL, and UA, DL, and AA on their 777s) NW still offers the same big-screen system with few movie choices. Speaking of which, I have encountered broken equipment on NW more times than on any other airline, leaving me with no entertainment options on a 12-hour transpacific flight. NW's business class seats are old and the tray tables often broken or crooked. As I understand it, the "new" WBC (which I have not yet had the opportunity to fly in) just has the same old seats with the recline adjusted. NW has no video entertainment on its 757s or A320s, unlike UA and other carriers. While other airlines have been buying 777s for years, NW just got around to ordering A330s last month and is still flying a bunch of decrepit DC-10s and 747-200s.

And now I hear that NW will stop paying commissions on Internet ticket sales?? Last year they even stopped listing their flights on ual.com, the only major airline to not list its flights on that site. Is there no end to NW's stinginess??? Will they ever upgrade their amenities and equipment?

NW's poor equipment is the reason I choose CO over NW whenever I have a choice. There is just no comparison between CO's 777s and NW's ancient 747s over the Pacific. It's like night and day.
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I agree. I just flew Northwest to Japan, and Continental on the return. The 777 beats Northwest's 747-400 any day. The service on the Continental flight was much better as well. Sadly, the flight was rather empty (NRT-IAH), so I don't know how long they will continue the route.
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. . . .and NW's DTW-NRT is always crowded. Sadly, this doesn't give NW any incentive to improve.

- Pat
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