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Silly question and ....

Silly question and ....

Old Mar 30, 99, 3:39 pm
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Silly question and ....

Maybe its a silly question, but I'd like to know if that has ever happened to anyone.

Have any of you all ever get an upgrade from coach ( not Y ) on any airline and was not elite ?

By the way, I've been on this board since January '99 and what I see is a group of guys doing a great job !!! I'd like you say one word to all of you : Thank you !

I'm done ...

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Old Mar 30, 99, 4:06 pm
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several times--one time on Eastern years ago--PHL-LGA early in the morning, flight had flown all night from LAX. So we wouldn't bother all the sacked-out people sprawled over the seats in coach, the three of us boarding in PHL were invited to sit anywhere in 1c that we wanted to. I thought that was thoughtful of the flight attendants. Another time on British Airways STR/LHR/ORD, I had flown in really early STR/LHR, and they could not give me a seat on the LHR/ORD flight, telling me to check closer to flight time. I went into downtown London, came back out closer to flight time. The line at checkin was huge, so snuck into the Club World queue, where the ticket agent massaged the keyboard, mumbled into the phone, and gave me a Club World boarding pass. He said that I couldn't use the lounge, but, as one never willing to let a challenge go unanswered, of course got in by flashing the boarding pass (not the $350 RT ticket) and went back to ORD in Club. Nice touch--problem was that coach was full and mostly traveling in groups--they were looking for single people to upgrade.
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Old Mar 30, 99, 4:11 pm
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Years ago when I didn't fly as much, I was upgraded on DL from ATL --> LGW. The plane was overbooked in coach. Also, on Pan American from JFK --> FCO, there were no more than about thirty people on the entire plane, so they bumped us all up to business and first classes.
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Old Mar 30, 99, 4:17 pm
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My very first AC international flight in the early 1980s from Calgary to London was upgraded from economy to business. I still remember it since it was the only place I'd ever seen Newfoundland Screech (a type of rum).

It was also the first full fare ticket I had bought. Can't remember getting upgraded from discount economy other than as some form of elite though (even lowest level elite). Now I get upgraded almost all the time.
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Old Mar 30, 99, 8:38 pm
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I have been bumped up to first class several times. It all depends just how overbooked the flight is.
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Old Mar 31, 99, 1:37 am
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I just thought I would add a bit of spice to this thread, with this observation:

LOT Polish Airways, almost always upgrade non-Elites. There seems to be a policy of not upgrading Polish nationals (perhaps they like the free grog to much?) who are obviously the majority of Elites. So if you are Western European of N American, you are at the top of the list.
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Old Mar 31, 99, 5:01 am
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My philosophy when traveling with my wife in coach is "we're on our honeymoon". I've been on my honeymoon for 7 years. you never know what you get.

Seriously though, only non-elite upgrade for us was a package (London/Middle East) on BA that was booked through BA. They put us into the hotel of our choice, but when trying to confirm a week before the trip, the hotel said they planned to move us to another property. We called BA to complain (they were mad as well) and said they would "straighten out" the hotel. Day of trip, we called the hotel to confirm, and with the expected American-bashing attitude (sorry Merry), they said they are moving us to another property, period. Another call to BA and they rolled out the red carpet for us. Upgrade to a better hotel, business class all the way (4 legs), dinner one night on them, flowers in the room, etc...

I think it was not so much that they were spoiling our honeymoon, but they were embarassed that the hotel in question would not honor their agreement.

But, I don't discount the "honeymoon" stuff.
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Old Mar 31, 99, 9:06 am
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Returning from Milan to Boston with my boss (and company president/major stockholder) many years ago, before I flew enough to have any kind of status, we changed to Swissair in Zurich. I went shopping and got to the gate late. I was met there by a stern, rigidly disciplinarian woman who informed me "You are late. We have given your seat to another passenger." When I asked "Is there any way I can get on the plane?" she replied, meaning every word of the first part, "Yes, but I am sorry. You will have to fly in first class."

I tried to scrunch down in the seat, look very small, and not meet his eye as my boss walked by on his way to his coach seat.

He knew I had a coach ticket, because he had to sign my travel authorization and expense report. He never asked how I got into first.

The flight was wonderful. Six months later (by genuinely mutual agreement) I wasn't working there any more. I have my own company now. We encourage our travelers to go for free or cheap upgrades any time they can, any way they can. We pay the nominal cost of upgrade coupons, though we won't pay full coach unnecessarily or Delta's usually-exorbitant charges to get an upgradeable non-L fare.
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Old Mar 31, 99, 9:20 am
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My previous employer allowed those of us travelling internationally to fly in business class. However, if one flew coach, the company would 'split the difference' of the coach vs. business ticket. (Taxable income, but better than a kick in the head).

My trick was to always book a full-fare coach ticket and then fly AA. I always asked for an upgrade at check-in and, except for one time, was always successful. So, not only did I get $2000-3000, I didn't have to give up any comfort.


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Old Mar 31, 99, 9:30 am
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Old Mar 31, 99, 9:37 am
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It doesn't really fit the original question, because I'm a Delta Million Miler and, therefore, Lifetime Silver Medallion, but my wife isn't. Not too long ago, we were waiting for our DL (almost left that out, but who else is there?) coach seats from ATL to DCA when the agent called me to the podium. "Would you like to upgrade?" "Sure." "We'll just use one of your segment upgrades for the two of you." The guy has probably since been fired for outstanding positive customer relations. Not too many Delta folks like that any more.
Sometimes, it just happens.
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Old Mar 31, 99, 10:00 am
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Speaking of companies paying for tickets and Delta's L-fare policy, I work with one company who was having big problems with it's employees waiting until the last minute to request travel so they wouldn't get stuck with L-fares, so now the company has said that they will not book you in L-class no matter how far in advance you book, so they're agreeing to pay the difference between L and the next class up because it's still less than having everyone wait until the last minute!
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Old Mar 31, 99, 10:13 am
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I haven't but my wife and sister-inlaw have on American from LAX to IAD last summer. My wife had discount ticket and sister-inlaw was flying free; she only paid taxes. They had free companion ticket deal. The redeys flight was full and they wanted to sit together. Without saying anything, gate agent gave them the boarding pass and they were for business class!

Personally, I was upgraded once but I had Y class ticket. BTW I fly about 18K miles a year...
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Old Apr 1, 99, 8:39 am
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Not an upgrade, but pretty close. Last summer I was on vactation, flying Icelandair from Boston to Frankfurt on a dirt-cheap (for August) ticket. I was one of the last 2-3 people to check-in, and did not get an aisle for the connection from Reykjavik to Frankfurt. Not looking forward to sitting in a non-aisle seat on a 757, I asked in Reykjavik if there were any other seats available. I was assigned to row 4. On board the plane, I discovered that rows 3-4 were business class seats by confguration, but for that flight located in the coach section (I guess they had undersold business class, and wothout the extensive FFB partnerships didn't have demand for upgrades). While I had coach service, I got the best part of business class--the seat--for almost certainly one of the lowest fares on the flight and with no elite status. The person sitting next to me was in the same situation. Got the same treatment on the return as well. Lesson: it never hurts to ask!
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Old Apr 1, 99, 9:46 am
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Just happened this Monday.

Four of us flew IAD/AMS on a cheap, cheap sale winter fare for the weekend on UA. None of us had elite status, although all 4 of us had Mileage Plus numbers. On check in for the return, they informed us that we would be traveling in business class for "operational reasons." Obviously, they had oversold coach and undersold business class, but why they picked us to upgrade is beyond me. The only thing I can think of is (as suggested in response to my question on the UA forum) that the flight was full of non-MP members on discount tickets, and we looked marginally better because we all had some previous MP activity.

BTW, though I was pleased with UA's business class service, the seats were not so hot -- the non-extendible leg rest is pretty uncomfortable. A lot better than steerage, though.

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