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Does your spouse/S.O share your passion for travel and addiction to miles/points

Does your spouse/S.O share your passion for travel and addiction to miles/points

Old May 20, 03, 11:59 pm
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Does your spouse/S.O share your passion for travel and addiction to miles/points

I would have to say that I am a travel & miles/points addict. I don't participate in all those milespoints "CONGA" type affinity programs because I am generally so busy, but I do base my travel and lodging decisions with an attempt to maximize my benefits.

The Mrs. enjoys traveling and definitely enjoys the elite benefits that I work so hard to achieve. But, she isn't really as much of an addict as I am, more of a passive miles/points participant, although she did do a couple of mileage runs for status way back when. The fact that she enjoys travel and at least understands and tolerates my addiction to miles/points definitely contributed to having something in common and dating and getting married.

Do any of your spouses/S.O. have the same miles/points addiction as you and do you take this addiction and passion for travel into consideration when starting a relationship with someone? When you meet someone and you somehow find they have "elite" status somewhere, does this get your attention?
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Old May 21, 03, 12:32 am
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Great Topic.

Mrs Cattle thinks I'm on Crack. So does the rest of my family.

Funny thing is that even though when on vacation she gets to fly in J/F, stays only at *woods with great upgrades while driving the Volvo S60 rentals she gets mad at the thought of an extra night away here and there to ensure we have enough points to do these things.

My family who want to have us fly out to see them for summer/Christmas all feel entitled to comment about my "addiction" yet they won't pay for the flights if I don't have the points.

Mmmmmm. They get all the benefits of my travel without any of the crap that goes with it, like typing this from a hotel room tonight.

Wow, can someone say bitter

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Old May 21, 03, 12:45 am
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I think my wife is more upset about my FlyerTalk addiction than the miles, because she is getting used to the upgrades.

But if I don't get more support on the miles thing soon, I may have to use someone's previous suggestion here on FT to book her on a MIA-EZE-MIA flight in a coach middle seat.

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Old May 21, 03, 1:43 am
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by cattle:
...Mmmmmm. They get all the benefits of my travel without any of the crap that goes with it, like typing this from a hotel room tonight...</font>
As I sit and contemplate the miles/points world from another hotel room! LOL

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Old May 21, 03, 2:59 am
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Gisela doesn't care much about the earning side of points/miles - but she for sure appreciates the spending part!
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Old May 21, 03, 3:10 am
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onedog....ditto your post...it's expected that we are upgraded & she has done a mr to maintain plt.
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Old May 21, 03, 6:07 am
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Agreed that this is a GREAT topic!!,,,,but answer in a word:


Best wishes, Dave
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Old May 21, 03, 6:22 am
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Even when I explain how I have attained some of my travel benefits, family members do not understand. I am generally envied for this study of magic.

The Mrs. lets me find the points/miles promotions. She then follows instructions pretty well. No mileage runs though. She would probably do one, but be jaded about the cost/benefit.

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Old May 21, 03, 6:43 am
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While Mr 'mauld', wouldn't think about flying unless it was in First Class, he definately does not share (or understand) my interest in miles/points. He loves the perks & upgrades we receive when traveling together-but would never consider switching hotels to gain more stays, or flying to BKK or SIN on a long weekend on a quasi-MR (and does think there is something seriously wrong with me for doing so!). And while I travel solo all over the world, he's content with the couple of times a year trip (in First of course & at the best hotels) to Las Vegas He's actually spoken with a couple of FT'ers (via phone) and so feels somewhat comfortable with some of my fellow travelers-but since he is not the social type, I think his inclusion in any '...DO's' is not to be expected.
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Old May 21, 03, 7:41 am
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My husband would never do the stuff I do for miles/status - go to London for two hours, etc. - but he certainly supports me doing it if it means he gets to fly in F.
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Old May 21, 03, 8:02 am
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Not as much, but is certainly coming around. She would never go on a mileage run for no reason, her business travels took care of all the miles she needed when she was traveling.

Though we recently got pushed up to a giant suite at the Waldrof (or however they spell it) when she flashed the diamond card, and now she has a huge passion for getting the hotel points and no longer thinks I'm nuts for moving every night, etc.

For us it's more the status then the actual number of points, we both have way more then we are currently able to use.
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Old May 21, 03, 8:07 am
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Old May 21, 03, 8:11 am
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There's probably a huge group of us whose spouses and families "think we're on crack"

And almost all, like me, do earn little stars by our name when we plomp down with spouse/fam in UAL 15 upperdeck transpac.

But somehow this never equals the points deducted and ribbing ... sigh.

Spouse is currently baffeled that I am pulling my hair out trying to get to Luanda on * or OW. I Spend more time looking at possibilties for travel than actually preparing for the work.
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Old May 21, 03, 8:40 am
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Ditto Cattles comments.

Mrs. ORDNorth has said many times....

"Your not telling anyone about this"
"You better explain how the kids should handle this subject with friends and at school"
"Don't tell the rest of your family about this"
"The neighbors really are going to wonder now"


"Can't we find an upgrade.....do they have anything that takes points in this town.....take F over C, who knows when we'll get the chance again.....any Gold Points coming this Holiday season "

Great topic!
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Old May 21, 03, 8:59 am
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My wife does not share my addiction but does enjoy the upgrades and her statuses. With my guidance and prodding, she made AA Plat via the challenge, maintained silver or gold with CO for the past 7 years, and gets upgraded using points on long-haul flights. It's a win-win situation...I do the work, she enjoys the bennies. It's the least I can do since she is the one who travels frequently (hint: brownie points).

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