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emergency FF policies

emergency FF policies

Old Jun 5, 03, 4:44 pm
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emergency FF policies

Do any airlines have special policies for last minute bereavement or emergency trips.

When I called Delta they mentioned that they would give me a bereavement deal on the award trip, but still charge me the 82.50 since it was booked close to flight time. (huh??)

United and southwest both offer last minute award reservations with no fees.

Do any other airlines offer free last minute trips, or waive the fees they do charge for emergency trips?
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Old Jun 5, 03, 7:22 pm
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When I booked a last minute reward trip on AC to attend a funeral, all fees were waived for me. I called from the car on the way to the airport, and they had the ticket waiting for me.
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Old Jun 5, 03, 7:26 pm
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When we had an emergency trip out of Houston, Continental waived fees and got us a last-minute seat.

---And, just a personal note, I will never forget them for this!
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Old Jun 5, 03, 8:27 pm
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such emergencies are when one SHOULD be able to use miles, and yet there shoudl be a bereavement deal on the FEE imposed for last minute miles expiditing! they should waive it in case of death or serious illness to a fam member!

Maybe some give it, but who knows.

some fares, however are still too much money.
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Old Jun 6, 03, 1:15 am
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If the fees under discussion are the taxes, then I see no reason why the airline should pay them. It's enough that they create a seat at the risk of having to pay someone else VDB compensation.

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deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin
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Old Jun 6, 03, 2:19 am
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I don't want to make light of anyone's situation, but whenever I think of this I am reminded of the Seinfeld episode where George keeps nagging the deceased's doctor at a funeral for a "note" to give to the airline so that he can get the discount on his flight.

I mean, what are the agents supposed to say to you? Produce a certificate? (that's what happens in the Seinfeld episode)

How can someone in that position even broach that subject?

Miles should give you the right to get an emergency seat any time, no questions asked. Even if you have to SleazyPass it or Ruler Buster it (or whatever it's called on your airline).

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Old Jun 6, 03, 7:37 am
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yeah but you cant beleive everything you heard on Seinfeld. Dont forget that other episode where Kramer convinced George to buy two tickets and get the miles, and then return them and keep the miles! Wish that were true, but it aint (well, if you buy from Home Depot using a miles-earning debit card PIN and then return items there, the policy the store has is to give you cash back so you DO keep the purchasing charged miles, but that's different)

Anyway, I agree with what you are saying --and was trying to be funny because we can only WISH half the world WAS like what we hear on Seinfeld.

I think that in case of emergencies, it's bad enough the airlines often ask to know the name of the funeral home (has US air do this) or have me fax in a death cert later on, but if they are willing to give a deal, that is at least good. There should be no fees though. NO! No fees on emergencies!
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Old Jun 6, 03, 9:25 am
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I think if you book award travel for USAIRWAYS on-line there are no fees even if it's last minute. I think it must be at least 6 hour prior to departure though.


I'm not sure if they will waive the $75 fee if you have to call.

I would probably use them in an emergency to see family if I could actually book the award res on-line.
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Old Jun 6, 03, 2:51 pm
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I have unfortunately been in the emergenecy mode more than once.

Miles are very helpful and I have not had to use rule busters to claim.

In my situation I had miles for a ticket in 5 airlines and was willing to pay a reasonable fare

Northwest: had no mile or seat availability for 3 days ticket was offered as 20 % off $1740 full fare. Needless to say that didn't work

American: was able to utilize miles and pay $75 expedited fee as less than so many days before flight

I have to tell you in the situation, I didn't care about the $75 and I did not complain or written for a refund or waiver. I was thankful for the no hassle service and the seat. Some things are priceless.

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