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What is your threshold before complaining about unposted miles?

What is your threshold before complaining about unposted miles?

Old Apr 23, 02, 8:49 pm
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What is your threshold before complaining about unposted miles?

Realizing that a couple of hundred AA miles from a Millennium Hotel stay havenít, and may not, hit my account, and realizing that I wasnít going to trouble over it, I wondered what the general custom and practice was. As for me:

Fewer than five hundred, I ignore it.

Over a thousand, Iím all over it.

Between is situational, Iím faxing documentation if I particularly need the miles, or if I have some extra free time, or if I feel that the program in question is especially MCI-ish in their attempts to weasel.
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Old Apr 23, 02, 9:45 pm
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1000 or more and I am on the phone.
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Old Apr 24, 02, 12:31 am
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Curious....since the new AA, I am not gettin miles posted. Through Avis, or Starwood, or Ididne. It seems to be a big VOID.....and I cannot seem to be accepted for an opinionplace survey. What gives????
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Old Apr 24, 02, 1:47 am
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Thanks for reminding me. Avis owes me over 20K miles.
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Old Apr 24, 02, 2:03 am
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I chase 'em all. Every last inch.
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Old Apr 24, 02, 2:35 am
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Depends on how close to requalification....
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Old Apr 24, 02, 2:54 am
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I (my Excel flile) doesn't forget 'them'.

All of those => 500 (bonus miles only) credits (hotels, rental cars, etc), if I can't claim them online, I only start claiming about 5 months afterwards (sending in all open credits to the ff-airline-programm at once).

Everything regarding status miles is claimed without delay (about one week after the flight).
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Old Apr 24, 02, 5:55 am
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The miles I most often have to go chasing are the status miles from my originally booked airline, when I am involuntarily transferred to another airline.

This usually happens to me on my SEA/PDX trips where I am from time to time switched from UA to AS or from AS to UA. The trip itself is only 129 miles and takes only 35 minutes from take off to landing, but hey, it is 500 status miles each way and it only takes a phone call to get them.

I love miles.
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Old Apr 24, 02, 6:21 am
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Punki, I'm with you! However, thanks to advice on this site I am much better about keeping track of such!
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Old Apr 24, 02, 7:14 am
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Howdy folks,

For my elite status miles on AA, 500 or more that are two weeks late in posting and I'm on the phone, so far that has always resulted in immediate posting.

For idine miles, I give it 3 months to post and so far, everything has always posted.

For Avis, I wait 2 months to see them post (miles into AA).

For everything else, I wait a month after I expect them to post and call.

So far I've been lucky, almost all my miles have posted without intervention from me.

Keep the faith,

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Old Apr 24, 02, 12:39 pm
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First let me agree with Rudi, if it's status miles, I chase them all. For the rest, it depends how many versus how difficult the process is. If it's online, anything over 50 miles ($1) is worth going after. My threshold is higher if I have to remember to dig out receipts, drag them to the office, type up a letter and run it all through the fax.
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Old Apr 24, 02, 12:53 pm
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I look to see if my miles have posted the next day on the web. If they aren't there within 48 hours, then I'm on the phone.

It takes the hotel/car rental almost one month after the date to post. But I do keep track of all of them. I earned them so they will be placed into the account.
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Old Apr 24, 02, 1:56 pm
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I chase every single airline (elite qualification) mile but let hotel and rental car miles slide everyone once in a while.
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Old Apr 24, 02, 5:06 pm
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I am missing two partner stays from GDL, I have written and haven't even received the courtesy of denying the request.

Needed the miles to rescuw orphan miles

"A Southwest line never gets longer, It only gets wider"

Let's keep MileTracker alive and well

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