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get freq. flyer miles from milesource.com

get freq. flyer miles from milesource.com

Old Feb 15, 00, 1:51 pm
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get freq. flyer miles from milesource.com

Check out www.milesource.com You get flyer miles for reading email, clicking on websites, buying through this site and a percent of your referrals miles earned. Miles for Delta/American/Northwest/Continental.

If you are feeling generous, sign up using my referrer name=Twinee
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Old Feb 15, 00, 3:08 pm
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Went to the site and took a quick look. Appears with this program that you can't exchange points for airline miles. Instead, you have to build up large number of points in the program (like 25,000) to exchange for a ticket, or 12,000 for an airline discount coupon to use toward a ticket. Am I right? I hate Mypoints, but at least there you can cash in points in smaller quantities (like 5,000) directly for flyer miles, which you can then use along with miles you scrape up elsewhere. MyPoints will only let you trade points for miles on American. For other airlines, they offer same kind of deal as this program: full tickets, or $ off coupons.
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Old Feb 15, 00, 7:25 pm
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Clsgws..........I signed up & used you as a referral. The points seem to add up slow but I thought I'd give it a try.
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Old Feb 16, 00, 10:08 am
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Thanks MilesNut, yes, it might take a little while, but, a free ticket is a free ticket in my book.
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Old Feb 16, 00, 11:11 am
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Actually BJJ you can get tickets on other airlines with Mypoints through vacationmiles, in fact 20,000 mypoints=25,000ff miles. If you geo the free ticket route rather than the miles my guess is that the ticket will earn you ff and status miles! See the following post and the Mypoints site http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/Forum1/HTML/002237.html also to help you with earning mypoints see http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/Forum1/HTML/002208.html , hope this helps!

P.S. If anyone want to sign up with Mypoints and is feeling generous use my username as a referral: lorenkoeman then once signed up the above ling should net you 350-400 miles per week, have fun!

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Old Feb 16, 00, 3:26 pm
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clsgws : you got yourself another referral.

Another reason to stearing in front of the computer
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Old Feb 19, 00, 11:50 pm
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I guess none of us saw this thread or we wouldn't have created the other one. Well, I joined milesource and will let you know of the progress. Let me know if anyone has any outcome with this program. If you'd like to sign up and use me as a referral, click below!

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Old Feb 20, 00, 8:01 am
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Does anybody have any experience with this yet? Do they send you a lot of e-mail with places they want you to go. I'm getting sick of all the junk mail I'm already getting.
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Old Feb 20, 00, 11:32 am
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Or, if anyone wants to use me as a referral: http://www.milesource.com/join.php3?referrer=imtute
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Old Feb 21, 00, 1:13 am
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I've been playing with it and have already earned a few miles clicking around. Their little calculator function says that if you refer 5 people and click on 4 ads per day then you will earn over 2 free RT tix per year. I'm dubious of this, or figure that at least it's based on those 5 people each signing 5 who sign 5 etc. Haven't done the math. But here's my link, and I'd love to be your referral:
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Old Feb 21, 00, 2:04 am
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This sort of program has been discussed before. As nice as it sounds, it would take an awfully long time to get anywhere earning one mile per shopping dollar spent. For a much better solution, I highly recommend shopping through ebates, where you earn cash rebates of up to 30% on every purchase. I just received my third check from them last week like clockwork (they pay quarterly). Because they invented the concept of rebating 100% of commissions paid back to the consumer, they are the largest affiliate of numerous larger websites. This means they always receive the largest commission possible, and that always goes directly back to you. Earlier this month, for example, when Healthshop.com was offering a 50% commission, other affiliates were probably rejoicing over all the money they'd be making while ebates was offering 50% off to all. So on a $100 order, which would you prefer: $50 cash or 100 miles? Exactly.
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