Unmarked Planes

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Unmarked Planes

A few weeks ago I flew YX MKE-MSP on an E145. The plane had no name on it. It was blue and white but it was a very dark blue, not the Midwest blue. Anyone know what airline those 145s came from? At least we got one, cold cookie en route! Also, wondering why we have to board out on the tarmac when other gates with jetways were open. Maybe the jetways at MKE don't connect with the 145s? At MSP we deplaned on a jetway. Personally I kind of like to board outdoors but I could see where with inclement weather it would be very uncomfortable.
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That plane would be one of our "generic" planes that we can fly on any of the codeshares we fly for. Chautauqua flies for DL, UA, YX, CO, US, and AA. The EMB 145's are not equiped with ovens so the cookies will always be cold on those flights. I don't believe the jetways in MKE are certified to be used on the 145's.
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The E145's and E135's regularly use jetways in Milwaukee, with 6 of 14 jetways set up with the RJ adapter bridge. However as the number of large-jet flights has increased, the large majority of RJ flights are ground level boarding. At peak times there's only room for a couple of RJ's to use jetways.

At slower times, they still tend to put RJ's at the ground-boarding gates even if jetways are open. A couple reasons for this:

(a) Not all jetways are RJ-capable.

(b) It you put an RJ at a jetway and there is an irregular ops situation (weather, mechanical, ATC delay, etc) that jetway is unavailable until the RJ can leave. There are only so many jetways, and A319/E190/E170's must use a jetway.

(c) Ramp teams cover sets of gates, so in smaller banks they try to cluster planes together for more efficiency. During smaller banks...especially banks which are primarily RJ...they could put an RJ over on a jetway like 45. But if it's the only flight on the hammerhead, it's not an efficient use of rampers.

(d) The ground-boarding "20's" gates have three consolidated gates, which means multiple planes can be better served by fewer gate agents. Commonly they put two agents at a gate which might serve three parking spots, so it's not like there's normally one agent serving six departures. But most conventional jetway gate positions serve only a single aircraft. So when an RJ is at a gate like 43, either you have two agents serving just a couple of dozen passengers (not very efficient) or a solo agent who can only do one thing at a time...answer the phone, help a customer, go down the jetway to find the F/A, pull boarding passes, etc. Not the best for helping customers.

So while it would be nice to have more RJ's using jetways, there are reasons why the majority don't.
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For what it's worth, here's the gate usage for the 1:45pm bank today, Sunday 2/14. RJ flights are in bold

D43 no flight...A319 from DEN arrives 2:25pm
D46/47 BOS
D48/49 MSP

No jetways

In this particular bank it's 50/50 with jetway or no jetway for the RJ's.
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