Where/on what do you work

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Where/on what do you work


As a recent joined Mariott awards member out of Europe (last year) I am following this forum for some time but had recently asked myself the question if they can not improve the following (if this sounds silly pls delete the topic):

Most of you guys are still working at the hotel after normal hours, where/on what are you doing this. I normally put my pc on the bed (because the bed is pointed to the tv, the desks in the hotel are mostly not placed at a point where I also can see some tv) and build some kind of desk out of the 8 pillows on my bed place myself in the most confortable way (which is still not the best position) but is there no other way.

Can they not provide some table or something else which can easily be used which makes it more confortable to work from the bed???

How do you guys do this or am I really the only one doing this?

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For the most part, I work at the desk. Sometimes I will take my computer to the bed if the hotel has wireless and/or if it is more convenient to plug the computer into a power outlet by my bed, rather than by the desk.

I have been fortunate in that most of my stays have been at hotels where it is possible to watch the TV and work at the desk at the same time. Some hotels have a cylindrical cushion which is a good back support if you are working in bed.
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I too work from the bed as I am doing now...I have a broadband card so do not need to be pluggged in so to speak...my computer has its own spot right beside me.
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I work at the desk. Most hotels have a TV swivel so I can angle it towards the desk.

At The Colonge Marriott the TV swivel turned 360 degrees so I was able to turn it towards the bed and the sitting area

Welcome OP as this is your first post
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I second, on the bed with a Verizon Broadband card which has been working great for the last 6 months. I really think its the only way to go to beat their high charges and have Internet access almost everywhere.

Before that, on the bed with a wireless travel router that I would plug into the hotel's Internet connection.

Before that, I would travel with an extra long CAT5 cable to reach the bed or balcony if I was so lucky.

The bed certainly isn't efficient or ergonomically correct but after a long day, that's were I always end up flopping while emailing or working otherwise.
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when I work, the TV on sure isn't helping LOL
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Originally Posted by joshua362 View Post
I really think its the only way to go to beat their high charges and have Internet access almost everywhere.
I spend my nights in Fairfield Inns (and Quality Inns and Comfort Inns and Hampton Inns, etc.) and free wireless is a given.
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I'm guessing that you're probably staying at mostly non-US hotels & the room layout may be different since you're also probably staying in mostly full-service Marriotts.

I pretty much only travel in the US & Canada for work & rarely, if ever, do I ever stay at a full-service hotel - 99% of the time, I'm in a Courtyard, SpringHill, or Residence Inn, which the occassional Fairfield tossed into the mix & have only had 2 TownPlace Suites stays ever. In all of these hotels, the TV is easily viewed from the desk or the bed & I usually work on my bed with the wireless (free at these hotels in the US) internet & plug into the outlet near the bed (which can occassionaly be hard to find as sometimes I have to move the nighttable & unplug a lamp - but in newer hotels, it's usually built into the bed's headboard lighting). I rarely, if ever, sit up & usually lie down & work...
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I work in different positions based on my mood and the layout of the room. I estimate the relative frequencies are:

50% - Stretched out across bed
25% - Seated in an armchair or sofa with laptop atop lap
15% - Seated at desk
10% - Working at table in lounge

About the only place I work with the TV on is in the lounge, where it's basically unavoidable. I think the last time I turned on a TV in a hotel room was slightly over 3 years ago... and I've spent approximately 250 nights in hotels since then.
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Don't like to use the computer in bed, never comfortable. Normally at the desk with the tv at an angle or background noise. Rarely work in total quietness. So use to multi tasking that the noise keeps me going.
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My complaint is the lack of outlets either next to or at least near the bed.

It blows my mind that here, in 2007, the majority of Marriott hotels are not 'in step' with it's guests. Which of you don't use a laptop, own an ipod, or some other electronic gadget that requires juice? Not to mention having to search around behind curtains, furniture and such for a damn outlet just to iron! I travel with upwards of at least 7 gadgets (iPod Touch, iPod Nano for the gym, GPS, work Dell laptop, my personal MacBook, bluetooth headset, XM Nexus portable and/or Sirius Stiletto 100). I have a huge need for juice at my hotels...and I like all of my toys to have a good charge!

Give me more outlets!!! Oh, and I prefer sitting on the bed while working. Kills my back and neck, but makes me feel I am not at work
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I usually turn the TV a little and move the desk so I can watch TV. I think its Hampton Inns that provide lap desks. It would be nice if some of the Marriotts did as well.
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I work from the bead or the lounge chair in the room.

I like to be comfortable
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I rarely use the desk because of the TV position and/or AC unit blowing directly on the desk area.

I recently stayed at a Hampton w/the lap desk, it would be a welcome addition to the Marriott properties.

Electrical outlets can be a challenge; use USB on laptop to charge a few items such as, blackberry, ipod. There's always the outlets in the sink area too. Having outlets in the lamp near the bed is the best for me.

Solution to lack of Electrical Outlets: http://www.hammacherschlemmer.com/pu...&OVKEY=callpod

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