Award Availability Shenanigans

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Award Availability Shenanigans

I know that there have been several posts about this in the past, but I just thought I'd solicit an opinion.

The JW San Antonio Hill Country has rooms for sale on the date I want to be there, but no award availability. They've engineered it so that the only rooms available for sale at a regular rate are "deluxe" rooms with a "view".

The "standard" rooms are only being sold in a worthless package where you get a margarita and a spa credit with the room. I'm sure the view is nice from the rooms they're selling at a regular rate, but they're the same rooms as the standard rooms, and it's not like you're looking at a brick wall from the standard rooms.

Clearly, they're somewhat gaming the system, but they may well be within the letter of the policy. I can't remember where Marriott's come down on this in the past. Does Marriott consider this to be appropriate? It's not the end of the world either way, but it sure feels like they're getting away with something.

Anyone have an opinion? Maybe I'm just asking too much.

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I am more than willing to hold Marriott accountable when needed, but think you are being rather harsh in this instance.

Just because a hotel does not have award availability when you want it does not mean they are participating in shenanigans, or engineering things to their advantage.

Just because you think a pkg with a margarita and a spa credit is worthless does not mean everyone will...after a long week on the road sounds pretty good to me.

In the hotel world, a room with a view IS NOT the same as a standard room, even if the rooms themselves are identical. You can disagree, but it is an accepted practice...and there certainly is a lot of b*tch*ng that goes on when one of us doesn't get a freebie upgrade to the room with a view!

Check your nights one by one (amazing how often that works) continue to check up until the last minute, use your points to "buy" certificates to pay for the room, or search for a lower rate and file an LNF claim.

Otherwise...just pick somewhere else to enjoy your points.
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it's possible it's an honest mistake and no rates should be offered or it's possible the hotel is doing this on purpose...but if the hotel has standard rooms available in a package it should also have them available at a room only rate....I'd encourage you to contact Customer Service who'll be glad to look into this (personally I believe it's an honest mistake and no rates should be offered though)
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The real test is to whether a hotel is gaming the awards system is to look 12 months out. If you don't see standard awards available at that point, then something is wrong. Otherwise, it is luck of the draw based on the property and dates.

In this case, the package for standard rooms could be there because no one wanted the package because of its poor value. They simply chose the lesser rate when it was available for a standard room without a package.
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I checked Jan and Feb and March of 2013 as well as few weeks in October/September of 2012 and couldn't find award availability Mon-Fri on any.
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First of all I agree with Soc, probably an honest mistake. I checked random dates for next week, this summer, September and for all of my random dates awards were available.

For next peak winter season all of January is available except for nights of Jan 21-23, all of Feb is available except nights of Feb 4, 5, 10-12, all of Mar except for nights of Mar 8-16, and Apr except for nights of 3-6.

Hint: in the search dialog check the My dates are flexible box below the State field and search for 1 award night to see what dates awards are available. A calendar will be displayed showing 4 weeks with days noted that are available for awards and the number of points required.

Since this is a JW I would guess that the dates shown above where awards are unavailable, a conference has contracted all of the standard rooms. Just a guess as I have encountered this at other JWs and Marriotts.

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