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MilesDependent May 6, 01 6:59 am

Starwood hotels in Seoul Korea [Master Thread]
I will be in Seoul later this month, and am not to sure whether to stay at the Sheraton or the Westin. I can get a pretty good corporate rate at both, so cost is not a major concern.

Has any got any experiences at either. I've seen a thread on the Westin Chosun, but I thought it would be good to try and get a few other opinions before I make the booking.


doc May 6, 01 7:16 am

Both are fine, though not the RitzCarlton, and I'd chose based on location.

The Towers food and service at the Walker Hill are/were superb though the property is a bit out of the way!

Chosen is great for downtown business! And the sushi bar is pretty decent too!

Counsellor May 6, 01 4:20 pm

My experiences tally with doc's.

If you have meetings in central Seoul, or will be visiting embassies, etc., the Chosun is perfectly located.

The Walker Hill is well outside town, but does have busses running into town, and taxis in Seoul are (comparatively speaking) relatively inexpensive.

As to evening entertainment, the Chosun is near Myongdong, the "strip" for Seoul. The Walker Hill, though, has a casino in house, and a dinner show (with entertainment) that is similar to Vegas most times.

Gaucho100K May 6, 01 4:45 pm

I like the Chosun, the high-tech rooms with fully equipped & complimentary high-speed internet access do it for me.

MilesDependent May 7, 01 6:00 am

Thanks very much for the replies.

I think you've convinced me to stay at the Westin. I'll have a fair bit of time between appointments, so it would be good to stay somewhere central. I'm also looking forward to checking out those high-tech rooms!

I'll be sure to post a follow-up message when I get back. And if I get a chance I'll check out the Sheraton just so I can compare the two for next time.

Thanks again.

jtrader May 7, 01 8:58 pm

Make sure you know where your appointments are. If you have meetings mainly on the south side of the river, you should stay at one of the hotels over there (Ritz is best, then Intercontinental). Traffic in Seoul is horrible and you'll be sorry if you're constantly wasting time going from one side to the other.

If you're mainly in the old downtown area, the Westin Chosun is perfect (and a nice hotel).

kazman Feb 15, 02 12:16 pm

Starwood hotels in Seoul Korea [Master Thread]
Does anyone know how far the Westin Chosun or the Sheraton in Seoul are from Incheon airport - THANKS

monahos Feb 15, 02 1:32 pm

Westin Chosun is as downtown as it gets. About one hour by Korean Air limousine bus (the fastest way to town) with good traffic. It is on the ICN-Koreana-Plaza-Lotte-Westin line.

Sheraton Walker Hill is way upriver on the other side of Seoul. Probably the furthest from ICN of all the good hotels in Seoul.

TheAuditor Feb 15, 02 4:27 pm

Incheon is far from everything. In my opinion, no major differences in distance in choose properties.

SeoulMan Feb 16, 02 8:34 am

Good advice from both monahos and TheAuditor. In deciding which of those hotels to stay at, the determining factor should be what your intentions are in Seoul. The two properties are an hour's drive apart in two very different parts of town. You could waste a lot of time fighting traffic during your stay if you're in the wrong one.

doc Feb 16, 02 8:42 am

FWIW, I've stayed at the Walker Hill Towers in the past and liked it very much.

They also used to have a courtesy limo pick up for such Towers guests at the airport, gratis, but I do not know if they still do! They also run a free shuttle bus downtown as does the Westin.

Enjoy the trip!

RTWSTARALLIANCE Mar 11, 03 11:22 am

Starwood hotels in Seoul Korea [Master Thread]
Leaving nothing to chance I may be in ICN for two nights in mid May. I would of course like to stay at two Starwood hotels which would qualify for the 50k promo going on. I haven't looked at the list. Looking for two hotels near eachother. How about transport from ICN to hotels. I'd like to stay at the "bum" hotel the first night and the nice one the last night. Please advise.

TMOTEE Mar 11, 03 12:19 pm

There are 3 starwood properties in Seoul. The Westin Chosun, Sheraton Walker Hill and a Four Points. I have never stayed at the Four points but Ihave at the other 2. I especiallylike the Walker Hill. There are 6 or 7 differenet restaurants and a casino in the hotel. All are basically same distance from ICN. FAR ! Willt ake at least 1 1/2 - 2 hours from the new airport in Incheon.

monahos Mar 11, 03 1:36 pm

The Four Points is the former Ramada Olympia hotel, which is located in a mountain setting in a residential area not too far from downtown. There is not much traffic from this area to downtown, where the Westin is.

The Sheraton is rather far upriver, and getting from the Sheraton to either of the other Starwoods will be time-consuming (traffic and distance).

The most convenient way to the Sheraton and Westin are by KAL limousine bus, which I don't believe go to the Four Points.

Four Points:


Westin: ('H' at bottom right)

SeoulMan Mar 12, 03 2:41 am

The two closest hotels are the Four Points & Westin. That trip will take 20 to 30 minutes and costs about 10,000 won in a readily available "Deluxe" taxi, or about 6,000 won in a regular taxi, or 700 won on bus #135. I make the trip everyday. If you need more info, let me know.


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