Reimbursement Qs for cancelled flights

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Reimbursement Qs for cancelled flights

I have no experience how to make sure i get the most money back travelling in europe (coming from the USA), so i thought i double check here:

a) 2 weeks back i had direct flight LH GVA<->MUC which got cancelled due to swiss grounding their A220 fleet for inspection. I got rebooked via one-stopover routes and ended up on both direction arriving just a tiny bit less than 3 hours later than my scheduled flight. So from my understanding i am out of luck getting reimbursed through the EU law, right ?

b) Tomorrow i had a flight OPO->FRA which got cancelled due to union strike at LH. Luckily i already bought myself on the chance of this happening a non-LH flight (ryanair), which is now sold out (*grin*), but i am not sure if/what options i have to get money back from LH: So, they cancelled the flight on me, i guess they would have to pay back the part of my ticket for this return leg, but das that mean i could still claim this EU cancellation fee ? Aka: How does this work ? I guess LH may have one terrible alternative leaving at 6 AM, but that about 5 hours before my original flight and i couldn't make that anyhow, so i would have to refuse anyhow, even if i wouldn't have an alternative ticket already...

Confused about rules and regulationss, help ;-))

Thanks for any insight.
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