Miles with TP not crediting

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Miles with TP not crediting

Hello everyone, I'm still quite new on the flying world (I've been lucky to be able to do it quite often this year) so I'm sure I'm still making many newbie mistakes.

I've recently flown a roundtrip with TP. Outbound segments (2) were Y some weeks ago, inbound segments (2) mixed Y and C (after bid upgrade cleared 48h before departure) this last week. Despite having my M&M number inserted during the check-in process, my outbound flights never got any miles credited. I made a claim using the M&M website and after +/- 24h I received a message through the same website saying that those flights were not eligible for earning miles. As far as I can see (and understand) from the M&M website, I suppose I should have earned at least the minimum amount of miles for those flights (my booking class is never stated anywhere...) since it was a revenue non-promotional ticked booked through TAP website...
I've questioned M&M about this and they've forwarded it to TAP to clarify this situation, but does anyone has a clue about this?

Second part but quite the same, my inbound C segment got no miles credited. My Y segment was credited on the next morning after the flight (this segment was rebooked by TAP due to a misconnection after a delay, unfortunately I just landed slightly shy of the 3h mark ). I have not made a claim not questioned M&M about this because this just happened a few days ago. And I pretty much just need the miles from these flights to be credited so I can make senator on my next long-haul in 3 weeks otherwise I'll just hit it later his year.

All help and hints are appreciated.
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I think the issue you are facing is most probably due to the booking classes. Although you say that these were never stated anywhere my experience is that they're visible when booking on the TAP web site and they're also given in the 'Electronic ticket - passenger itinerary receipt' that you should have received (it's one of 3 emails that TAP seems to send following any booking).

Regarding you upgraded return segment, I imagine this booked into P which earns nothing with M&M, I fell foul of this myself earlier in the year. Tried to recredit to A3 where it should have been worth something but was rejected by them too - still waiting for a reply to my follow up.
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