JetBlue Switching to Carts

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JetBlue Switching to Carts

JetBlue FA's will now start using carts to deliver snacks/drinks instead of using trays. Don't know when this will start but it will be on all aircraft and this will leave WN as the only US carrier that doesn't use carts. This is definitely not David Neeleman's B6 anymore.
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Such a shame... one of the selling points for me
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Will start around the 19th I believe. It is to speed up service given the smaller galleys on the planes as the new interiors get put in over the course of the year.
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Personally, I have never cared (nor barely noticed) if carts are used, no matter what cabin I am in.

Whatever is faster is fine by me.
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I first heard about this over a year ago. It's interesting that it's just now becoming public and coming to fruition. I don't care either way but I agree that this is not the same B6. They are getting farther and farther away from the original mission.
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Just got this email for my flight tomorrow:

Dear MileageAddict,

Thanks for choosing JetBlue for your upcoming flight between Washington and New York.

We're thrilled to be rolling out our new service carts on this flight—all the better for you to enjoy the full menu of our free snack and beverage options, even on such a short ride.

Since this IS a quick flight and you're some of the first customers to experience our enhanced service, we ask for your patience as we make our way down the aisle. Steel toe boots are optional, of course (we tease). Be sure to have a look at our menu for our full offerings and enjoy!

We hope this adds to the JetBlue Experience, and we look forward to welcoming you on board soon.


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On IAD to JFK and they have carts now (starting from the middle and working towards the ends). I suppose it saves some time if they don’t have to keep going to the galleys.
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It is on all flights system-wide. It is not route specific.
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I had a cart on my E190 from BOS-PIT today. It was anticlimactic, other than getting my beverage right away. I'm not sure it speeds service.
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I wonder how pax traffic is to and from the lav's when the carts are out?
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I was on a DCA to BOS E190 flight with the carts, and as noted, each f/a starts with a cart in the middle. One moves to the front and the other moves towards the back.

Sitting in the first few rows in the front, it seemed like it took longer to get the drink service since they were starting mid cabin and then working their way to the front.

If they don't run from front to middle, rather than middle to front, then it would seem the premium or even more space pax may have to wait longer for the drink service.

My f/a said that they liked the carts very much.

Also there is a B6 f/a Alexia Nicole that has a Youtube channel of the same name and she mentioned she was looking forward to the transition from trays to the carts.

How if at all does the transition to carts affect express beverage markets?

Also I did notice on my 400 mile flight that most all snacks were offered, instead of in the past, they would select 2 snacks to choose from. So it seems with the carts they've expanded snack choice and availability.
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I don't see how carts helped to expand the snack choices since the snacks are preloaded onto baskets stashed in the overhead bins. I do like the improvement though.

Each cart also has a holder for the tablet, so that when they do any sort of sales such as snack boxes, pillows, blankets, alcohol, etc, they can charge the card right on the spot, and it frees up the second crew member because in the past, one FA would have to hold the tub of items for sale, while another FA had to follow with the tablet and run back to the galley to resupply the tub.

I think it would be more efficient if they had one FA serving rows 1-10 front to back, while another FA served rows 11-20 front to back, while the third FA serves rows 21-25/27 from the rear galley for the A320, and do something similar for the A321. With the E190, they can simply just have one FA serve 1-12 and the other FA serve 13-25.
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