Half return tickets

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Half return tickets

Hello there mates. I'm a translator (engaged by a major Russian airline) and I have to turn to you for some help. I've encountered the term half-return ticket/travel in a Special Prorate Agreement between two airlines, which I have been unable to translate so far into Russian despite my best efforts and some nice expertise in googling. Could you please help me out and give me a definition or just explain it to me in as few simple words as you can, because I'm at a total loss here. I mean, I got a couple of theories about what that might mean, but I could really use your help. The full context is as follows (redacted due to NDA):
"A will charge B net fixed amounts in EUR for OW/Half –Return travel applicable in both directions, for carriage of passengers holding B (IATA form 465) tickets". Any help would be much appreciated.
Is the name "half-return travel" official? What does it mean exactly? Are tickets for half-return travel sold as some separate kind of tickets? Is that just a manner of speech used to denote a situation when people buy return tickets only to use the return part and do a no-show for the other half of the ticket, because it's cheaper. Please, help me out with this one.
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The term must surely have an existing Russian equivalent. I would advise you to ask a travel agent what the accepted term is, in Russian.
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thanks a lot.
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In some/many parts of the world round trip (return) tickets are cheaper than 2 one ways. Some airlines have interline agreements with other airlines so that when a route is split between 2 airline partners, the revenue is also split at an agreed pro-rate. Example Moscow SV HEL SK STO. In this case the passenger pays a one-way fare from Moscow to Stockholm and the revenue is split between the 2 airlines - not always 50/50 - depends on the route. For example it would be unfair to Aeroflot if Virgin took 50% of the MAN/MOW fare on MAN/LON/MOW. An interline agreement is therefore negotiated between the 2 (or more airlines). However, some airlines will only accept pro-rate for a round trip ticket if they carry the passenger for 50% of the journey and get half the revenue. I seem to remember that QF fares from Australia to Europe could be interlined to other carriers at stopover points ie SYD QF HKG BA LON QF SYD. However, LH, for example would only accept half the return fare as the pro-rate so SYD QF LON LH FRA LH SYD would be ok (half a return fare goes to LH) but SYD LON BA FRA LH SYD would not be permitted as LH wouldnt get half the SYD/LON fare. This may be an over simplification but I'm not sure how much IATA fares knowledge you already have. Depending on the fare calculation the Russian airline uses, the rules of the fare may not be in Russian only in English so it's quite possible there is no 1-word Russian language equivalent. U datcha!
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