SIM Card in Hawaii

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SIM Card in Hawaii

Hi all,

I will be flying from New Zealand into Honolulu during the Christmas break.

We will be following a tour group for most of the trip, but we will have some free time.

I plan to get a SIM card, but I'm not sure where to get one. Will there be a shop in Honolulu Airport after we land?

We will be there for a week, so I'm thinking I'll need 2GBs of data and maybe 100 minutes or something like that.

What are my best options?

Thanks in advance.
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I've never purchased one in HI but a google search found this place: Enjoy your trip.
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As a Canadian, I used the Walmart T-Mobile 30 plan.
I bought the SIM at Walmart in Honolulu and used the free wifi in Walmart to activate it.

$30 includes 100 minutes of talk, unlimited international texting (meaning to anyone in the world) and unlimited data (first 5gb up to 4g speeds) plus you can add $2.99 unlimited calling using skype's service and make calls to anyone in the U.S. now as for the activation
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I believe Pono Wireless may also have Sims for you.
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There is a T-Mobile store at Ala Moana, I went in there in pursuit of an iPhone 5SE at the time and they seemed to be happily assisting tourists with sim cards.
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Thanks all for your help. I was considering AT&T and T-mobile. I'll be staying close to Ala Moana, so i'll head over there to ask them what my best options are. I don't mind buying one month worth of minutes/text/data, using one week's worth, and then throwing the sim card away.
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Go to Best Buy, they will have SIMs from all US providers - easiest way to compare across options.
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