How To Make 7* For 2019 Cheaply

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How To Make 7* For 2019 Cheaply

Harrah's Ak Chin near Phoenix is having a 25x tier credit multiplier on 12/27. All games are eligible. I don't know how it works for tables, but you need 60K coin in on video poker (6000 RCs) or 30K coin in on slots (3000 RCs). Max bet on slots in AZ is something like $30, so your best bets if you now how to play them, are the multiline ($1 5-play, $25 bet) 99% double double bonus and double bonus games. If you play the double bonus well, your net EV loss is something like $540 before the slot club, and the mailer should come back with something like $200/a week and about $130 in the "cash in the mailbox" promo. So..the real net cost is $210. If you play slots, the $1 denoms and up are priced expensively, like at 91% payback, you will lose $2700-$3000 on average, but you should get back probably $400-$500 a week in the mailer and at least $200 in the "cash in the mailbox". Still, some people probably think that "buying" 7* status for $2K expected loss overall is a deal. Generally, most 7* customers have a minimum expected loss of $25K, and it/s probably closer to $35K.
As someone who has been 7* for most of the time since the program's inception in 2005, I want to congratulate Caesars for cheapening the value of being 7*.. The transition of the company from what Bill Harrah represented, to what Gary Loveman represents is now complete. I was a big fan of Bill Harrah. If I make 7* in 2020, it won't be because I tried to make it lol.
The 25x multiplier is a signal to me that in 2019, the 7* program will continue to look like trash. The problem Caesars faces is that there are two types of 7* players the so-called "high frequency, low theo" players (aka regulars) and the high theo players who come in less frequently (say, once a month or so). So, the latter has won out, apparently because the cost of running those Diamond Lounges has gotten so expensive they're losing so much money giving away free tortilla chips and fountain soda..
As for the Ak Chin property, the new hotel is ok, the buffet, which used to be good is now close to inedible, but the rest of the outlets are ok.
Finally, Ak Chin doesn't trip you on check out day, unless you use RCs to pay for something on that day. Best to pay for breakfast or go elsewhere.
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I'm familiar with this promo from the Seven Stars Insider. The multiplier only applies to base TCs earned (RCs are irrelevant in this conversation) and not to tier bonuses. It also won't do anything for someone needing these on their 2018 TC count as it takes 5 business days after 12/27 for them to post. It's been confirmed that it'll be added to your 2019 TC count which resets to 0 on 1/1/2019.

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Don't forget - the regulars are the ones who share their 7* cards in a group.
Pretty easy to limit earnings to a single machine or even adjacent machines, but they aren't going to do that (nobody will).
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