Does emirates stats match?

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Does emirates stats match?


will emirates status match my continental gold elite status with their silver perhaps? Has anyone tried it?
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Very rarely going off people's experience on here.

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I've tried it in the past.

And eventhough I had flown the miles required on their EK-metal, they still denied it.

Most pple that tried, have failed miserably.

Just keep flying EK, you'll get there in the end, and you'll mainly be happy getting there. I think EK just tries harder, and once you get there it's really great. They try even harder then.

Alternatively, I know a lot of the A F K L - crowd and other innocent Skyteam victims, have gone for rescue with BD's Diamond Club. Apparently it's really easy and fast to get a status match (of sorts - depending on your case), and apparently that is just another fine program to get involved with.
Just keep in mind that CO will be joining *alliance towards the end of 2009.

Anyway, I'm also elite with CO-OnePass and overall I am kind of happy with it (bar the many lies on their website) although EK-Skywards is so much better indeed.

The only problem with Skywards is that most of EK's partners (like CO or JL) don't really officially recognize your tier status as far as tier-perks is concerned (lounge, luggage, etc.),...

To be complete: I have been successful at obtaining some perks (like lounge access) when only Blue at EK, although this was mainly due to other factors than my CO-status, for as I hope you know by know, you don't normally accrue any tier-miles with OnePass when flying on EK.
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thanks for your replies.. i didn't they would but I've fired off an email to them regardless. Will update once I hear back.

You guys are great!
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Originally Posted by Ricoche View Post

will emirates status match my continental gold elite status with their silver perhaps? Has anyone tried it?
Tried this with Etihad, i think they are still laughing . I even gave them a copy of last years Skwards account and that didn't help. There have been a couple of threads where posters have confirmed Etihad have matched their Skywards Gold. God knows how they managed this, they must be lucky or spend half their lives flying EK.
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