Date Change Fee Emirates Rule?


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Date Change Fee Emirates Rule?

My traveling dates are 31st Jan from UK and return date is 02 March in UK and I want to change my dates 4th March from UK and return date is 3rd April.
My travel agent says I need to pay date change fee plus fair change (if there is any fair change). My fair code is BT written in my e ticket.

In my last travel (Mar 2010) I changed my return date when I was outside UK and local emirates office didn't charge anything cuz first date change is free.

In Mar 2010 i didn't pay anything and now travel agent asking date change fee? Note I am changing my dates first time so I supposed it should be free like I did in Mar 2010. What are actual date change rule for BT fare? If there is fee then how much I need to pay?

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I don't know what a BT fare is, but you need to look at the detailed fare rules on your e-ticket. Fare conditions depend on the fare bucket you're in, not at all on your past experience. If you're confused about these you can post them here for clarification, but usually out of the UK there is a 75 GBP change fee and fare difference for that date is payable.

Sometimes fare buckets open up at a later date, so one option is to tell EK you won't be traveling on the original date and reticket when fares go down.
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If you are making a change prior to departure of the 1st sector then most (all?) fares require repricing at the fares in effect at the time of the change

As far as change fees go, it depends on what the fare rules are. It would seem that you have a special unpublished fare from the travel agent which is why it states BT on the fare rather than a price. If there is a date change fee on this ticket then you will need to pay it; that a previous ticket may have had a "1st change free" rule is immaterial

If the agent hasn't checked the ticket rules and is just giving you the standard information, it is possible that the ticket does not have a date change fee; to find out what it is ( if there is one ) you need to ask your travel agent

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BT stands for Bulk Ticketing I believe. This may well have different Ts and Cs from "standard" EK fares.
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Originally Posted by chinko View Post
change fee plus fair change (if there is any fair change). My fair code is BT written in my e ticket.
Welcome to FT chinko..
I guess u mean Fare change which may be fair or unfair depending on the person paying the same

IME, unless there are some corporate deals under which its booked, EK charges ticket change fees in most countries .. in India its INR 2k, in Austria its Eur 50 and so on..
But as others have pointed out, check out the detailed fare conditions and you should be getting all the info there..If in doubt post here and you have a very knowledgable crowd who will normally have some experience to share..
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