Seat Assignments After Loss of FO Status

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Now that Medallions have unlimited upgrades as a result of the recent changes, does anyone know whether a member about to be downgraded Medallions can continue to use the MSU's in their accounts after Feb. 29? Earlier posts indicate that former Medallions can continue to use MSU's in their account, but can only upgrade at the airport. Hope this is the case. Hey, I won't even complain if they don't give me the 35 MSU's they just gave me expiring 2004 if they'll just honor the MSU's I have.

Can anyone point me to something I can print on this? I tried a couple searches but came up dry.

Hold the flames. I realize I generated little revenue last year for DL and don't expect to be comp'ed to FO; I just want to use my MSUs on the few routes that seats would still be available after the rest of you upgrade.

It's a shame DL waited so late to announce their enhancements. The changes were too late for me, as I moved most of my ATL travel to AirTran mid-year. Had DL made these moves earlier, I would still be Silver.

I'll miss you guys, as I usually took an extra trip or two late in the year to retain status.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by EWR-6785:
I'll miss you guys, as I usually took an extra trip or two late in the year to retain status. </font>
Well, at the very least, keep posting in this forum. We can use your opinions and input as we all work through the 2004 SMís changes. Iím still convinced that DL will further loosen up the program this year and offer some true....not just spin...enhancements over the next few months.

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I can't find anything supporting what these folks are telling you; however, I have experienced all of it, with some twists.

Having lost my Silver medallion, I flew from ATL to HNL and boarding pass still reflected status. On return boarding passes, the status did not print and was not able to board, etc. etc.

In addition, booking tickets in advance, more than likely there will be schedule changes/equipment changes etc, and you can potentially lose your "preferred" seating assignments. I did have success by having copies of the previous seat assignments and was ultimately given my original requested seats.

MSUs are useable -but it was difficult for me even with status. Now that everyone has unlimited upgrades, I would think that an upgrade for someone without status would be a stab in the dark but they are useable at the airport until they expire.
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