2003 PM Qualification?

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2003 PM Qualification?

I'm a current PM and I'm at 65K so far this year with another 20K left to fly. I don't think I can get to 100K.

Is there a chance DL will let me get by with 85K this year? Had a family medical situation that prevented some flying. If I have no shot then I should fly AA to make them happy and get some miles I can use for the carribean.

Opinions? I have seen comps for 50k flyers but have no idea about 100k.
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Have you already registered for the double miles promotion? If so, does your 20k remaining to fly incorporate those extra miles? If all you need to add to the 85 you'd otherwise have is 15, you might be able to make that much up in the double miles period.

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There's some evidence bumps to GM are done in markets where service was trimmed or disrupted by a strike. PM courtesy re-qualifications are rarer, if they're done at all.

It may be too late to register for the Double Miles promo which would have been your least-expensive and fastest option.

Welcome, by the way.
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Fannin: Thanks for the welcome.

The 2x promotion leads me to another question. I registered on 9/1 before they switched it to the recent promotion. The promo date was register by 8/31. I found this site on 9/1 and have been kicking myself that I just missed. I did print a screen shot. Is there a chance I can say they missed me? It seems like that promo got scewed up somewhat. That would give me another 10K base and then I could do a mileage run.
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Unfortunately, you are too late to register for the double miles promotion and I am extremely doubtful of DL extending you PM status in 2002 unless either 1) you fly the additional 15k miles, or 2) they have a special "waiver" like they did last year for some PM's in certain areas of the country. Last year, due to the COMAIR pilots strike, they allowed SkyMile members in certain areas to retain their status.

Why not do a mileage run to EZE or something? Not only would you see a bunch of miles that may get you a lot nearer to PM status, but you'd get bonus miles to boot.
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My girlfriend and I are in similar positions. We are PM for 2002 but didn't do much flying this year (not nearly as many good airfares as last year). I had read some older posts that said Delta would only drop you one level per year, which would mean we might get a comp to Gold for 2003.

Just in case though, I did an ATL-CVG-PHL routing on the way back from our last scheduled trip this year (instead of direct ATL-PHL) so we'd have enough miles to officially qualify for Silver.

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