Quick poll-#of segments

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Quick poll-#of segments

For us segment flyers, what is your current mqm count vs. segments? I am at 83 segments and 55,763 mqm's.... and am done flying fow 2010

This is all flights since May... Not going to sniff platinum or diamond status at this pace, will probably make diamond next year, but it will take almost all year. Does anyone think they will ever have special elite status for folks like us?
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I'm at 146 segments with 105K miles
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119 MQSs, 69,000 MQMs with about 1500 Hilton MQMs
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What type of status you looking for? They already give segment flyers status on segments and a minimum of 500 per segment when you only fly 200, so they are helping you quite a bit.
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Originally Posted by Oysterman View Post
Does anyone think they will ever have special elite status for folks like us?
No. They would prefer to not count segments at all. Looking at it another way, they do grant "special elite status". I will have 140 segments and about 120,000 MQMs so they gave me a 5,000 MQM discount.
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129 Segments . ... 130,000MQM's/ My segments are on pretty close pace with my MQM'S.. I just happened to have made the MQM's this year first...
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I am at 102 segments and 59,009 MQM. An average of 578.5 miles per flight. Even though 95% were around 250-300. Thank God for the 500 mile minimum.
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41 segments, 76.856 MQM
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158 segments, 120,204 MQMs
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71 segments, 46,500 MQMs (100% BIS)
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OK, y'all gettin preferred UG on the CRJ's and SAAB...

Now seriously, if someone becomes a DM on segments of 200-300 miles on RJ's (not even Embrer's) they do deserve special treatment:

I know an excellent orthopedist and I think DL dimaond on CRJ/Saab segments should get their orthopedist bill covered by DL... I don't know how you guys do it. I am a DM, but I am mainly mainline and TATL/TPAC. With closer to 3,000 than 300 per flight, I guess some of you fly that on RJ's in two months... oh god, just thinking about it causes me pain.
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107,676 mqm
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53 Segments
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I've always been a segment status earner up until this year when I made it because of rollover miles instead. A word to the wise about rollovers, they only roll over miles, not segments. So don't make the same mistake I did last year thinking that:
a) I'm only off by 1 segement and NW always granted it in the past so Delta will too.
b) If Delta doesn't grant next level status I'll at least roll over 29 segments and reach status before the current one expires in Feb.

Let's just say droping from Platnium to Silver was quite a shock. I haven't even re-reached platnium yet, that's not unitl next week.
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46 segments, 97,770 MQM
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