Copa 737-MAX9 J Lie Flat

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Copa 737-MAX9 J Lie Flat

Has anyone flown the 737-MAX9 on J yet? The new seating chart hasn't been populated on Seat Guru and I am having trouble deciding which seats to choose for a couple. Any input would be great!

Thank you.
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Originally Posted by gbongc View Post
Has anyone flown the 737-MAX9 on J yet? The new seating chart hasn't been populated on Seat Guru and I am having trouble deciding which seats to choose for a couple. Any input would be great!

Thank you.
I sat in 1E, 3A & 4F and has no issues talking with the person beside me on any of them - there is not much privacy between the 2 seats, maybe a slightly stagger. Here is my full review:

Originally Posted by pmarrsouth View Post
I flew on this plane 4 times on their SFO route in a the last week. 3x upgraded to business, sitting in 1E (aisle), 3A & 4F. Some observations:

Firstly, this is clearly a far superior business product vs any of their other business products
I am normally a window person, so I might be biased here, but I felt that a window is much better than an aisle
I felt slightly “uncomfortable” in the aisle seat as they are slightly angled into the aisle (your outside shoulder & face is closer to the aisle than your feet are). When a trolley, or person with a bag, was moving towards me, I felt that there was a good chance of them hitting my left shoulder - more so than on most planes, simply due to the angle. While I didn’t get hit, I could definitely see someone not liking the aisle seat on this plane
Similar to the above, you feel like you are a lot more open in the aisle seat vs the window
At the window, you have a lot more seat space, and since the window armrest is retractable, this means that your lie flat bed is now a lot wider. While the armrest in the aisle seat also retracts, you do not really have that much more space, as you would be in the aisle
Window seats have a lot more stowage space than the aisle

The footwell in the aisle seats seems to be larger/wider than at the windows (there is more of the cushion/bench at the aisle). However, since the window seat footwell wall is the wall of the plane, overall it might not be too much different
The footwell depth in 1A & 1B is tiny compared to that of 1E & 1F - due to the position of the bulk head. Unsure how this affects at full lie flat, but if the seats themselves are the same size (presumably they are), then a taller person would def want 1E/1F over 1A/1B
My shoe size is 10 UK (11 US) so I had ample room in the footwells
I am 5'9 so again had no issues when the seat was lie flat. I am guessing that people around 6'3 would begin to be touching both ends

They do not prioritize meals by status, so if you are in row 4, especially 4E/4F then good luck to you – already brought this up to management
However row 4 has a huge benefit, as no one is sitting behind you, which means that no ones feet are underneath your seat. On one of the flights, the guy in 4A’s feet/socks absolutely stank, so I could smell that for some of the journey. He also seemed to like kicking the footwell quite a bit too, so I felt that each time – he slept for majority of the flight, so might have been doing this in his sleep

There is no neck protector for the shoulder seat belt, so it can feel a bit uncomfortable against your neck - I have already suggested to their management that they get some
You will need to climb over the aisle person if they are sleeping and you want to get out, however most people should have no issues with this and it is a lot easier than on United’s 777 business class product
There is a lot of space to get out if the person is not reclined fully

The way that the table comes out of the seat is both slick and easy to take out & put away
There is a magazine/safety card holder attached to the middle armrest on all seats. In 1E I really felt this, and since some of it was metal, it felt pretty sharp. I ended up wrapping the sick bag around it, and it caused no further issues. I didn’t notice it at all in 3A/4F
Amenity kit is much improved for this plane, and includes a premium eye mask
Pillow is fantastic
Blanket is nice and there is no mattress pad


Get on this plane if you have the option
Window > Aisle
If you care about your meal choice then sit closer to the front
If you just want to sleep then row 4 is for you
Taller people want 1E/1F over 1A/1B
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CM 208/209 SFO to PTY is now my default gateway to S America.. On 8 flights I have yet to even have a seatmate. I fly to Quito frequently and this is the only lie-flat on any airline, at least for the long leg. Will be sleeping in that seat on the 28th.
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