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Bringing Prescription Medicine into China

Bringing Prescription Medicine into China

Old Mar 28, 18, 5:33 pm
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Originally Posted by travels007 View Post
Is there a website that lists what medications are not allowed into Mainland China? There are a few prescription medications that my parents need to bring for personal use.

Also, would over-the-counter container of acetaminophen (pain & fever relief) cause any problems if the container is all in English?
I'm not aware of any list of specific medications, just general categories. There probably is a Chinese-language list somewhere. China is mostly concerned with controlled substances and illegal recreational (non-medicinal) drugs and it is essentially the same list used by the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. So if your parents need medications that are controlled substances in those countries, those are the ones that they should take extra care if they must bring with them, in original containers with doctor's note as backup in case asked. And only in amounts needed for the trip.

OTC medications like acetaminophen, lomotil, Pepto-Bismol, etc. are not an issue; bring all you want to China.
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Originally Posted by SJOGuy View Post
No. Asthma inhalers do not contain anabolic steroids. They are corticosteroids and have nothing to do with the products that bodybuilders use. And if it's a purely rescue inhaler, rather than a maintenance one, it will not contain a corticosteroid at all.
Thank you, I was going to call out the craziness. It amazes me how people write these things with such authority, when it is clear they have no idea what they’re talking about.

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Originally Posted by DaileyB View Post
Since various medical/medicine issues have been raised on this thread, I will relate a story about my attempt to find Benadryl about 4 years ago in Beijing. I was visiting my then fiance who was a doctor in the third largest hospital in Beijing. I had a minor cough that would never quit. (Turned out to be gastric reflux) Because it never quit, I went 3 days with absolutely no sleep. In the US, Benadryl had acted to make me go to sleep before. So, I figured I would try to get Benadryl well into the first day.

I was amazed that there wasn't any Benadryl in Beijing notwithstanding my fiance's attempts to find some. She did tell me that sleeping pills were strictly regulated in China, so I didn't even consider getting them. (Looking back I probably should have scheduled a doctor's visit and gotten a prescription.) In any event, she was able to get valium (gave me the scientific name for it, which I didn't recognize), and I took it. It didn't do any good, and in fact, I really disliked the sensation it gave me.

It still surpises me greatly that I couldn't get Benadryl, which is so common in the US.
Diphenhydramine, "Benadryl" actually isn't available in a lot of countries and it has nothing to do with the sedative properties..they just don't have it. Crazy thought for those of us from the U.S. Many times they have some other older antihistamine that will work just as well for sleep. Just don't take one of the newer, selective histamine blockers because they won't sedate..aka loratadine.
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