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Chase retention bonus or fee waiver reports [Archive]

Chase retention bonus or fee waiver reports [Archive]

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Current retention offers (specify the date [mm/dd/yyyy], the card, the offer, how long you had the card and yearly spend)

When you call, you MUST ask if there are any offers on your account. Don't ask for an AF waiver, ask if they can credit your account the $95 (or whatever your AF is) to your account. They cannot remove the AF, but they can credit an amount to offset it. If you cancel your card within 30 days of receiving retention bonus, then chase may claw back that bonus

Sapphire Preferred
7/2013 - 2500 points, see here
11/2013 - no offers given from multiple calls. $50k+ in annual spend.
2/2014 - no offers given. $100k+ in annual spend!!
3/6/14 - no offers given. Just $3K in spend. Closed it.
3/19/2014 - no offers given. Had card 13 months, $20k spend.
3/30/2014 - no offers given. Had card 16 months, $70+k annual spend.
7/2014 - no offers given, she said none are available ever. low spending. going to explore options and likely cancel within 60 days of fee.
10/2014 - no offer given for wife's card except to downgrade - cancelled
01/2015 - no offers given from call & SM. Had card since 12/13. $60k+ in 2014 spend- Keeping card one more year.
7/15/2015 - 2nd anniversary. ~$36k annual spend. Offer: Spend $4k in the next 3 months for 10k bonus UR points. Accepted.
7/20/2015 no offer given $10k spend, will keep card anyway
11/4/2015 - 2nd anniversary ~33k annual spend. Offer: $100 statement credit. Accepted.
2/9/2016 - ~18K annually with substantial slowdown in last 3 months. $100 statement credit.
3/23/2016 - 3rd anniversary ~$65k annual spend. Offer: 10k UR points after $4k spend in 3 months. Accepted.


09/14/15 - No offer, but did not cancel. Will try again in a week or two.
9/01/15 - 5K points offered (and taken). Open 3 yrs, >$20K spend annually.
8/12/15 - 2.5k points offered. Minimum spending on card this year. Open for 1 year.
8/3/2015 - No offer, but did not cancel; will try again in a few days.
07/2015 -- 5K points for renewal, no strings attached. I have plenty of spend on Chase cards, but no spend on the Hyatt card. Accepted the offer; not sure if I otherwise would have kept the card.
07/2015 - 2.5k points. Minimum spending ~ $300 a month on restaurants. Took the offer. Called thrice - same 2.5k offer.
04/2015 - 5k points, open for 3 years. Spent more than $20k from 04/2014 - 04/2015.
3/1/2015 - Offered 2,500 points. Card opened for 1 year and $5k spent in 2014.
2/2/2015 - 5k points. Card opened 2 years already. About $3k spending in the past year.
12/2/2013 - Offered 5,000 points to keep the account. Card has been opened for 2 years. Spent over $40k in 2013.
4/4/2014 - Offered 5,000 points. Spent $4K last year.
7/5/2014 - Offered 2,500 points. Spent $15k/year.
11/3/2014 - Offered 5,000 points. Spent $70K last year, $23K this year
12/12/14- 5k points, spent 50k this year
12/2013 - No offer other than already currently active targeted promo (5k bonus for $3k spend)

British Airways
6/2013 - AF due 6/15. <$1k spend in previous year. First 2 calls in April and early May: no offers. 3rd call yesterday resulted in 5k Avios offer, but only after CSR realized I intended to close.
8/5/2013 - Offered 9,000 bonus Avios after spending $1,500 in the next 3 months. Which makes for a total of 10,875 points or 7.25 points per dollar. Definitely worth it
2/2014 - Ditto 9k offer above. Kept it.
4/2014 - 1yr 10mo active, called before AF hit, <1k in last 12mo, No offers given except to xfer CL to other chase personal card and close this out.
4/26/14 - >$10K spend in previous year. 9,000 bonus Avios after spending $1,500 in the next 3 months. Accepted.
4/2014 - (my card - 50K+50K/$75 AF version - open 47 months) no offers available despite having spent $30k+ in year prior for travel together ticket. kept open.
5/2014 - (wife's card - 50K+50K/$75 AF version - open 47 months) no offers - less than $500 spent in year prior. moved CL and closed.
6/2014 50K+50K/ $95 AF open for 37months, about 4K spending. 1st retention 2 yrs ago was 5000 avios - no strings, 1 year ago 5000 avios - no strings, this year nothing, agent was nice but didnt even blink, seemed happy to close account and transferred CL to other Chase account. Very different experience than Citi Retentions. Couldn't justify keeping the card anymore even with a retention offer though.
7/7/2014- 9000 Avios for spending $1500 in 3 months; fee not waived.
8/17/2014 - no offer, open for 25 months, < $500 in spending since opening. Closed account.
9/3/14 - called to complain about $75 AF card being changed to $95 - offered 9000 avios for $1500 cumulative spend in 3 months. accepted.
10/27/14 - called to cancel after AF posted. was offered 9000 avios for $1500 spend within 3 months and accepted.
1/2/15 - called to cancel and was offered 9000 avios for $1500 cumulative spend in 3 months.
2/7/2015- same as above. 9000 avios for $1500 in 3 months
3/18/2015 - mentioned that I was disappointed in the new earnings rate starting April 30. Same retention offer as last year, 9000 Avios for $1500 in 3 months. Decided to take it, as it's a fast way for me to earn Avios.
6/8/2015 - same as others reported: 9k Avios after spending $1500 within three months. No ability to waive $95 fee nor apply statement credit.

United Select
2/2014 - 5,000 United miles in addition to the standard annual 5,000 miles
3/23/14 - No retention offers given despite calling multiple times. Downgraded instead to no annual fee United card (1 mile per $2). Had the card for 4 years, $5K spend in past year.
1/2015 - $100 statement credit, spent about $25k in 2014
8/2015 - 2x UC Day passes. Have had the card since 2010, spend went from $20k annual to around $1K this year.
3/2016 - no offer available; $4k spend this year.

United Mileage Plus Awards
07/10/15 - no retention offer other than 2 UA Club passes or using 7500 miles to pay for $60 AF. Haven't spent much on this card but it's my longest held card so paid the AF.

United Explorer
Aug. 18/2013 - 12K spend in year 1. Offered $150 statement credit. Grabbed it!
08/15/2013 - Heading into year 3 (received statement credit last year). Only offers were 5K miles or 2 club passes. Spent around $20k.
06/27/2013 - <$1k spend in 11 months, offered $100 statement credit (mentioned that the new forex waiver sounds great, but haven't seen value to offset the annual fee and would love to try it another year but have too many cards with fees)
06/07/2013 - Spend about $5k in a year. First anniversary.Offered 5k miles or $100 credit. Took the credit.
05/07 - /2013 Spent $5k in the first year. Offered 10k miles or $95 credit to offset the annual fee. Took the miles.
05/2013 - CSR said "no" so asked for the Retention Dept. That rep. offered 10K miles or $100. I took the 10K miles. Not much spend over the last 9 months.
09/14/2013 - Offer 15k miles, only spending card for the year Link
9/16/2013 - Offer 15k miles or $150 credit. Spending on the card have been $18k-20k.
9/17/2013 - Spent about $5k... offered 10k miles. took it
11/15/2013 - Spend about $5K, offered 2 club passes and nothing more. Moved CL, cancelled.
11/2013- spent just over $25k, offered $150 or 15k miles
11/2013 - spent $50k+, offered 1k miles. Declined and will call back to cancel.
12/2013 - second renewal (15k retention first time around) - offered two additional lounge passes
1/2014 - less than $5K spend. offered $100 statement credit
1/10/2014 - Spent $25k last year. $150 statement credit. This is my 3rd Chase UA/CO card, normally cancel before 1st year but kept this year for PDQ waiver.
2/19/14 - 25k spend last year. Offered 10,000 miles. Didn't push for more, accepted 10k.
2/17/14 - Used very little last year, offered two extra United Club Passes. Ended up renewing card.
2/14/14 - spent about 45k on it last year. Before AF hit, called CSR and send secure message, no any bonus or any retention offer. Called today, offer 15k miles or $150 credit. Took the miles.
3/11/14 - $25K spend last year. Offered $100 statement credit (no miles option was given)
3/15/14 -5K spend. No offer during multiple calls. Was legacy CO MC. Moved CL and closed
4/2014 - ~3k spend, offered 2 more club passes - asked for other offers but none avail, called after AF hit
4/2014 - (my card - open 9 months) 10k or $100 credit - less than $8k spent in year prior. took the miles.
5/2014 - (wife's card - open 10 months) 10k or $100 credit - less than $7k spent in year prior. took the miles.
6/2014 - 10K or $100 - ~5k spend
7/2014 - offered 2 club passes, declined. 1k spend in year prior.
7/2014 - one call, transferred to Loyalty Department, no offers, closed. Almost no spend previous year.
7/2014 - 50k spend in last 12 months, pending 10k bonus. offered $100 credit, took it b/c will be saving a lot in bags this year. was not offered miles.
9/2014 - once call, very little spend since earning bonus, transferred, offered 2 addl club passes, closed the card.
10/3/2014 - they offered to downgrade or 2 club passes. Canceled. Spent 30k+. Moved credit to existing card. AF was charged in July, but it will be fully refunded via check.
10/2014 - offered nothing initially, follow up message after AF fee and they offered 10k on wife's card - took it.
10/2014 - offered nothing except downgrade, cancelled promptly. virtually not used last year
11/2014 - 40K Spend; called after annual fee hit; was offered 10,000 miles and no minimum spend. Took the bonus and paid the annual fee.
12/13/2014 - offered and accepted $100 statement credit, 13k spend in first year
12/22/2014 - No offer. one year anniversary. 28k spend last year.
01/13/2015 - Opened 01/14. Only offered 2 united club passes. Minimum spend met and $20 per month after that for regular spend. Cancelled and moved the credit line over.
01/16/2015 - opened 01/14. 10k miles for $2k spend in a month.
1/20/2015 - offered 2 club passes. Decided to transfer CL and close
2/2014 - Opened 1/12. Called after AF appeared. Accepted an offer of 10k miles with no minimum spend. ~45k spending last year.
5/2014 - First year. Called after AF appeared. Offered 2 lounge passes; declined.
3/5/2015 - Opened 12/2013. Spend $5.5k. Called after AF hit. No offers. Asked to talk to supervisor. She also had on offers. However, she did offer me a $150 statement credit on—get this—my Presidential Plus credit card—not my Explorer Card itself. Took it. And this statement credit is on top of 15,000 bonus miles I already got on my Presidential Plus Card on 12/15/2014!
3/25/15 - Opened in April 2014. Only min spending done. No retention offers made and didnt ask either. Cancelled it.
3/28/15 opened oct 2013. AF posted Nov 2014. Spend $25k. Offered $60 + 500 miles. Closed card after offer posted.
4/27/15 - opened in 2/2014, spent $3K. Offered $60 statement credit to keep open; canceled.
5/6/15 - opened in 4/2012, not much spending but every year I was able to get fee waived except now. No offers at all. Canceled
6/4/2015 - opened 6/2010, spending has gone down last year due to new UA Club Card. ~$6k for YE2014 vs $13k for YE2013. No offer made. Debating cancel.
6/9/2015 - opened 6/2012, no spending in ~18 months. Tried three times for
a statement credit, no luck. Cancelled.
6/17/2015 - opened 6/2012 as well, minimal spending, only received retention credit the second year. No offer this time, go ahead and cancelled and move partial CL to the SP card.
7/31/15 - opened 7/2012, ~$25k (for 10k bonus). No offer at all, cancelled card in less than 3 mins.
8/8/2015 - opened 11/2011, 25K spend for last two years. $60 credit offered - kept.
8/18/2015 -- minimal spending on biz card. No offer at all. I'm a 1K, so I will get a $60 statement credit in Q2 for having the card (making the annual fee essentially $35). Since I have Ink, only real benefit of card is being eligible for upgrade on free domestic award tickets. As I 1K, I do clear once or twice a year this way. Since it's a fun perk, and is probably worth $35, I'll keep the card anyway.
9/2/2015 - opened 8/2014, just $2k spend for the minimum; no offers except to downgrade to other low/no fee United Chase cards; Closed.
9/13/15 - opened in 2010. No spend in the last year. AF posted so I called to cancel. No retention offer.

United Club
5/26/2013. Spend $2k in one month receive 10,000 RDMs. Yearly spend on card under $1k.
6/1/2013: Offered $150 statement credit. Yearly spend $20k.
8/5/2013: Offered 15,000 miles to keep the card.
8/19/2013: Spent $70k+ last year. Offered 15k miles or $100 credit. Tried to negotiate, wouldn't budge.
8/19/2013, United Club, end of first year, $150 statement credit, about $25K spend.
5/21/14, $18K annual spend, end of first year, offered nothing, cancelled card.
6/28/14, Less than $5k annual spend, end of 2nd year, offered 10k miles for $2k spend in a month. No statement credit available.
7/27/14, $50K+ annual spends, end of year three, offered nothing (or asked for), canceled card. (got about a $ 200 statement credit last year).
10/5/14, $25k+ annual spend, end of year three. Offered a $100 statement credit.
11/8/14, $15k+ annual spend, end of year one (fee had been waived for first year), offered 15,000 miles or $150 statement credit; took the latter.
12/20/2014, $3K in annual spend. Was a card member for two years (first year AF waived, paid it outright the second year). Called twice to cancel. No offer either time. Closed the card.
02/18/15, $55k+ annual spend, end of year one (fee waived for first year), offers 15k miles or $150 statement credit; took the latter.
3/5/2015 Year 1 free, year 2 no offers, year 3 called to cancel and was offered $150. I asked for miles. Accepted 15K miles to keep it open. Spend was around $47,000.
10/13/2015 $100 Statement Credit

Presidential Plus
10/30/2013 - Annual spend $40,000. Offered $150 statement credit or 15,000 RDMs. Took the latter.
12/15/2014 - Annual spend $47,000. Offered $150 statement credit or 15,000 RDMs. Took the latter.
12/4/2015 - Annual spend $32,000. Offered $100 statement credit. No other alternative. Took it.

Southwest Airlines Plus
1/23/2014 - Sent secure message. 3000 points
4/4/2014 - 3000 points. Spent $3K last year.
12/15/2014 - no offer, canceled. Spent $3k last year.
8/3/2015 - 6,000 points, no spend on card since initial spend. Accepted for 9,000 RR point bonus.

Southwest Airlines Premier
12/9/2013 - Called twice. No offer. Cancelled. 3k Chase GC spend. Last year 3k points
8/5/13 3,000 pts
1/20/2014 - Cited Southwest devaluation. Offered nothing. Cancelled on the spot. $2.5k spend, mostly on CGCs
3/15/14 less than 5K spend. No offer. Moved CL and cancelled
6/01/2014 - Cited WN devaluation, but CSR said she could not offer points or waive AF. Moved CL and cancelled. 2013 spend was <$1k but used BT offers.
11/3/2014 - the Business Premier card with approximately $10k spend. CSR said that "Southwest can waive the annual fee, but not Chase." ...??? No offers.
4/22/2015 - Card 1 year old, virtually no spend since the initial minimal spend. Offered 3000 RapidRewards points. Politely declined.
8/19/2015 - Open 2 years. $25k spend in first 18 months, little in the past 6 months. Rep was ready to close account until I prompted for extra points. Offered 3,000 bonus. Accepted.


Marriott Premier
06/07/2013 - Spend about $1k in a year. First anniversary. Offered 5k after 15 purchases. Declined.
7/25/2013 - Spend <$1K. 3rd Anniversary. One call. No offer. Cancelled card.
Nov 3, $500 spend in last year.. no offer.. waiting for free night to post for cancel.
1/2014 - <$5K spend. 5K pts with 15 purchases in 90 days
4/9/2014 - 2nd year on card, spend last year was $9K, 2.5k @ Marriott, was offered an additional Cat 1-4 Certificate w/$1k spend, would expire in 6 months (which didn't line up for me). Tempted, but closed to avoid the AF.
5/28/14 - Ann fee hit within the last 30 days, only spent the minimum last year for the bonus plus another night or two at cheap MI properties. No offer for retention and advised this can only be downgraded to the lesser Marriott Rewards card. Transferred credit line to CSP and closed this card.
7/1 - Annual fee hit today. Called to cancel. Total spend 1.5k.. CSR was almost ready to cancel, when I asked if there is any retention offer and she said "oh I forgot to check that".. offered 5k points for 15 purchases in 90 days.. asked for free certi, declined.. moved CL and cancelled..
12/6/2014 - Offered Cat. 1-4 certificate in addition to the Cat. 1-5 one. ~2k spend in the last year. Declined, moved credit around, and cancelled.
3/2015 - AF hit, already used the free 1-5 certificate. Only ~$2,300 in spend on the card in first year. Offered 5k Marriott Bonus Points if I made 15 Purchases in 90 days. Accepted.
3/25/2015 - Annual spend ~$3200. Offered 5000 points for 15 charges in 90 days. Took it.
5/6/2015 Offered 5000 points for15 transactions in 90 spend aprox 10k
6/4/2015 - Offered Cat. 1-4 Cert for spending $1k in 90 days. Accepted.
6/8/2015 - Also offered additional Cat. 1-4 Cert for spending $1k in 90 days. Accepted. I would have cancelled otherwise.
8/6/2015 - No offer. Closed

Marriott Signature
10/4/2013 Very little activity on this card. One call, no offer. No attempt to persuade me to keep it. Moved credit line to another card and canceled.
11/2/2014 Wife's Marriott Signature- met minimum spend with 2 purchases and then didn't use. Offered 5000 points for 15 uses in 90 days. She took it.
4/1/2015 Very little activity. Offered 5000 points for 15 transactions. No other offers available.
6/05/15 - One call, no offer. Only $3k spend last year. Moved CL to another card and will cancel.
8/18/15 - Open about a year, 10K spend annual. Offered 5000 points for 15 uses in 90 days. Took it.
6/10/16 No offer. No spend in past year. Kept the card for free night though.

10/14 - $395 AF posted, offered T1 - T4 RC free night cert for $5k spend in 90 days. Accepted. (~10k spend annually)
07/2015 offered T1 - T4 RC free night cert for $5k spend in 90 days. The free night cert is valid for six months.

Priority Club - now IHG
11/2013: no offers given on multiple calls. $10k+ spend annually.
4/2014 - card open 1.5 years - offered spend challenge only: 15k points for spending $5000 in 90 days - less than $400 spent in year prior. took the offer (had never intended to close).
6/2014 - card open ~1 year - 15k points for spending $5000 in 90 days - only spend for initial bonus + little extra. Offer taken.
9/2014- annual fee hit- only offer CSR said he had was the 15k points for spending $5000 in 90 days.
9/2014 - Annual fee hit, was offered 15k points for $5000 in 3 months. Less than $2k spending last year.
11/2014 - CSR kept repeating the same babble about the "great features" already on the card, and made no offer.
4/2015 - Offered 15k points for $5000 spend in 3 months. Less than $5k spend.
5/2015 - Offered 15k points for $5000 spend in 3 months. Will pay the $49 AF and keep it for another year.
5/2015 - Needed transfer to retention specialist: offered the "usual" 15K for $5000 spend in 3 months. Took it: I need the card for the other benefits and I'm running low on IHG points. No spend on the card the past year.
9/2015 - No offer available. My wife got the"15K for $5000" offer a few months ago but, even after a HUCA attempt, my card isn't eligible for anything. I'll probably keep the card anyway because the free night is worth $49.
10/2015 - Called twice - no offers, will keep the card anyways for the free anniversary night

8/12/2014: Had card for 1 yr. 1K spend only. No retention offer. Closed card and transferred the credit line.
04/2015: Had card for 1 year. Spent $40k on it. No retention offer. Still value the free night hitting in at $12k spend so will just probably keep it anyways.
4/2015: Had card for 1 yr, 16K spend. Offered 5000 points for $1K spend in 90 days - took the offer.
5/2015: 2 year anniversary, 12k spend. 5k points for $1k in 90 days. Accepted.
7/2015: 3 year anniversary, 17k spend. 5k points for $1k in 90 days. Accepted.

Ink Bold
6/3/2013. Had card for exactly 1 year and fee just hit last night. First offer spend 5k in 3 months get 10k UR; declined, second offer credit annual fee entirely. Accepted annual fee credit. Spending was mostly only in 5x categories. Total spend was about 14k for the year.
June 2013: Offered 10k points with $0 spend and accepted. Spent ~90k during the year.
12/2/2013 - Offered $95 statement credit, asked for points instead. Open one year maybe $20,000 spend.
1/30/2014 Offered $95 statement credit to offset annual fee. Accepted.
2/19/2014. Called to Cancel. Offered what a few other Ink Plus folks weer offered. 10k points for $5k spend in 3 months.
2/16/2014. First offer: 5000 points for spending $5K in 5m. I declined. There are better things to do with $5K in spending. Called back a couple of weeks later. After reviewing spending on the account (maybe $6K for the year) CR offered statement credit of $95. Accepted.
03/26/2014: Offered $95 statement credit with no strings. ~$29k spend
4/11/2014: Called multiple times, every CSR offered to close account. >$50K spend.
4/23/2014: Offered $95 statement credit, no strings. About $20k spent last year
5/19/2014: Called after receiving statement with AF on it. CSR offered 10K points after spending $5,000 in 3 months. Accepted offer. CSR clearly stated that offer (including the 90-day clock) will start in 7 days. Have had the card for 2 years. Less than $5K spend in last year, mostly in 5X bonus categories.
7/4/2014: Statement w/ AF hit 7/1. <$10K spend, mostly bonus categories. Asked for fee waiver: NO. Cash credit against AF: NO. Asked if there were any other incentives she might offer. Came back w/ 10,000 UR pts after $5000 spend in 90 days. Took it. Asked repeatedly when 3 month ticker would start, and she said immediately.
7/4/2014: 9 months into first year; around $20K spend, mostly bonus categories. Asked for offer, CSR said AF credit; took it.
7/7/2014: 10K UR for $5k spend in 3 months, spend period won't start for 7 days. Opened 6/2013, roughly $23K of spend, mostly in bonus categories. Mainline rep, no transfer to retentions needed.
7/11/2014: No offer. Spent about $300/month on cable & cell. No ability to Product Change to Plus or Cash either. Looks like they don't want our business. Will call back in a month and ask for the 10k UR for $5k spend.
7/11/2014: Maxed out spending on 5x categories with minor spending in 2x and 1x categories. Asked specifically to waive AF for another year, denied. But CSR offer to look through retention offers. Got the $95 credit offer and took it. Weird but that works for me.
8/7/2014: Opened summer 2013. Was offered 10K UR for $5k spend in 3 months. I said no and asked for the af to be waived. Denied.
9/4/2014: Opened August 2013. Was offered 5k UR points immediately with no spend requirement. Decided to take it and keep the card open.
12/9/2014: Opened in November 2013. $95 statement credit; called a couple days after the AF posted.
12/17/2014: Opened in Nov. 2013 also. $95 statement credit. Called about 30 days after AF posted. Had lots of $$ manufactured spending on this card.
1/11/2015: Opened January 2014 and have Ink Plus now, so no need for both. ~10 months of legitimate business spend (no MS) for probably $20-$30k. Offered 10k points with $5k spend in 3 months, will think about it as I'd rather get the Amex Gold with 75k MR with $10k spend.
2/7/15: 1 year old, annual fee hit. Spending ~1K a month on 5% categories. Offered 10K points for 5K spending. No different offers available. Called again 3 weeks later, no new offers, initial rep quickly closed.
04/01/2015 Offered $95 statement credit with no strings. ~$22k in spend during previous year.
04/09/2015: Offered 10k UR for minimum spending of 5k in next three mounts. Gladly took it
5/22/15 - $95 statement credit, no strings. Accepted.
5/30/15 - Ditto
6/10/15 - Offered $95 credit immediately. Accepted.
6/15/15 - $95 statement credit. Accepted.
6/29/15 - 8k mostly 5x cat in last 12 months, 2nd anniversary - $95 statement credit - Accepted.
7/8/15 - first call, no offers, rep suggested using UR points for statement credit to offset the fee. Declined. HUCA and got a different rep, she looked for retention offers, $95 statement credit. Accepted
7/8/2015 Same as above but didn't HUCA. Will call again tomorrow. Called today (7/9) and got a different person and a $95 statement credit. Other wise I would have cancelled after last UR points would have posted.
7/8/2015 Transfered to a supervisor; he found $95 statement credit offer on account. Third-year-cardholder, about 15K in spend.
7/17/2015 - Took two calls to get the statement credit offer. Make sure you ask for retention offers (keywords, considering cancellation). It'll be a credit, since technically, they can't waive the fee.
7/22/2015 - $95 Statement Credit. 2nd call is what got it done. Asked about "retention offers."
8/4/2015 - $95 statement credit when asked for retention offers.
8/6/2015 - $95 statement credit offered immediately on the first call, no questions asked. ~$40k in bonus category spending.
9/3/2015- $95 statement credit. Only about $120/month spend.
9/8/2015 - $95 statement credit. ~$5k bonus category spending

Ink Plus
12/2/2013 - Offered $95 statement credit, asked for points instead. Last year received 20,000. This year just a statement credit. $20,000 spend opened for 2 years.
8/16/2013 - Had card for 11 months, called and asked if they could waive annual fee due next month, offered 95 credit right away. I took it.
8/10/2013 - About 20K spend in year 1, in 5X categories. Offered $95 credit. Took it.
10/5/2013 - Offered $95 credit. Was told that was only offer available. Took it.
1/2014 - $5000 spend in 3 months, get 10K UR points. Took it.
2/7/2014 - $5000 spend in 3 months, get 10K UR points. Took it.
2/19/2014 - 1st year, spent 27K, most in bonus categories; over half in MS at office supply. Offered $95 statement credit to offset fee. Accepted.
2/8/2014 - $5000 spend in 3 months, get 10K UR points. Closed.
3/5/2014 - 1st year, spent 23K (most at bonus categories). Called when AF posted and offered $95 statement credit. Accepted.
3/13/2014: - 1st year. $5,000 spend in 3 months, 10,000 UR points. Accepted. No AF waived. Spent approx $20,000, about 75% of it on bonus categories.
4/3/2014 - 1st year, spent $8K. Called when AF posted and offered 5K UR. Accepted.
4/11/2014 - No offers. Card open one year, $15K+ spend, annual fee just came due.
6/20/2014- Had card since 2012- about $10k/yr spend; immediate offer of $95 AF credit- accepted (use for Lounge Club access and spending).
7/143/2014 - Called prior to AF hitting, offered 10k UR with $5k spend. She suggested that the statement credit may be available after the fee hits and to call back. I would prefer credit right now since may not hit $5k spend with other promotions for other cards right now and bird feeding issues.
7/16/2014 - offered 10k UR after $5k spend w/in 3 months. no option to waive annual fee. spent about $25 (i bought a mouse at staples) since meeting the initial spend bonus.
8/11/2014 - 36K+ spend, card open one year. No offers. Closed card.
8/18/2014 - Offered 10K UR points after $5K spend in 3 months. Took it.
10/07/2014 - Offered 95 statement credit. Accepted.
11/25/2014 - Offered 10K UR points after $5k spend in 3 months. Closed Card.
12/6/2014 - Offered 10K UR points after $5k spend in 3 months. Unsure.
12/21/2014 - no offer, will cancel (just met minimum spend originally)
12/15/2014 - no offer, keep. ~$6k in spending
1/6/2015 - Offered $95 statement credit to keep open. Took it.
2/17/2015 -- Very quickly offered $95 statement credit to keep card. Accepted offer. Most spending on the card is Staples: about $3K/month.
5/6/2015 - No offers to waive annual fee. Downgraded instead.
5/16/2015 - No offers. Plan to call when fee posts in June.
5/22/2015 - $95 statement credit, no strings. Accepted. Probably should have cancelled to reset the bonus clock, but oh, well.
6/3/2015 - $95 statement credit
6/8/2015 - $95 statement credit, no strings. Accepted. Asked about point offers and there were none. ($10k annual spend)
06/18/2015 - No offers. Downgraded to Cash.
6/27/2015 - 10K UR points after $5K spend in 3 months. Accepted.
7/7/2015 - 10K UR points after $5k spend in 3 months. Declined.
7/11/2015 - first phone call - only offer to downgrade card to ink cash, 2nd call - 10k UR for $5k spend in 3 months, annual fee can still be refunded up to 6 months later if card is cancelled
7/12/2015 - Bupkis. Offered downgrade to Cash.
7/15/2015 - $95 statement credit, no strings. Accepted. Asked about point offers and there were none. ($50k annual spend)
10/13/2015 - $95 statement credit.
11/3/2015 - $95 statement credit
12/6/2015 -- Asked for $95 statement credit, rejected. Offered 5000 no strings points, accepted. Heavy use on the card, mostly in bonus categories
1/13/2016 - Was offered to downgrade to the Ink Cash. Outright asked for to waive the $95 fee, was denied.
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Originally Posted by sahiljain22 View Post
Offered $150 statement credit for the United Club card. Refused since I really don't use the card and transferred my credit line out to another card.
This is a great data point. Haven't seen many for the Chase UA club card. As a 1K we should get the $60 statement credit, so that + $150 statement credit for retention does bring the annual fee (considering all the bennies) to something a little more reasonable.

I eat enough of those shortbread cookies in the UA club to make up the difference anyway.
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United Club Card:
That is interesting, they must have increased the statement credit - I was offered originally the $100 statement credit, then I read on here they should have also offered the 15,000 mileage option so I called back in and asked to switch which they agreed to. I redeemed the 15,000 miles for a 35,000 award which would have cost $856, making the mileage worth $366. Not bad!

Ink Bold:
I received the 10,000 U.R. retention offer which I transferred to United miles and was part of that 35,000 award redemption. Therefore that was worth $245

Don't forget to tack on to a United award redemption some domestic stop over (if you have status and have not already made a stop over) for some random date - I selected a $200 flight segment saving me a little going forward and making the value of the miles used more powerful.
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Chase retention bonus or fee waiver reports [All cards]

My Marriott AF came up , I'm at $65 . Called to see what we can do - I was offered a 2nd cat 1-5 certificate . I took it .

My explorer also posted $95 , called to waive it . Offered me to convert to a card with no AF , I refused then they offered $100 statement credit.
Took that as well .

I had over $25k spent on each card .
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Offered nothing for Chase United Explorer. Was told no bonuses available. Had it a year and spent minimum required to get sign up bonus + a little more.
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Originally Posted by DBCme View Post
I eat enough of those shortbread cookies in the UA club to make up the difference anyway.
I bought 20 UA club passes for $200 on fleebay that should last me the year and I can share the passes with my wife without actually needing to travel with her.

Make sure you emphasize that you a 1K and don't use domestic lounge access that much to the retention agent. They will try and emphasize how the card pays for lounge access and that's why it's so expensive. I told her I had lounge access through a star alliance partner and about the numerous frustrations I had with the card ($75 close-in fees not automatically waived, no emv, $50 to replace club access card) and $150 was the last "courtesy adjustment" she offered.

When I called in a month before, I had admitted to using the lounges occasionally and didn't get offered anything.

Also, the first agent who picked up the line again this time told me that nothing could be offered, and when I told her I wanted to cancel, I was transferred to a senior retention agent to actually process the cancellation. She was the one who actually made the 150 offer.

So if you don't get offered anything, call back, and make sure you are speaking to a retention specialist.
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Chase United MileagePlus Club. $1k-2k spend per month for the last year. Offered $150 Credit or 15,000 RDMs. Mulling it over.
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Thanks for the detailed report!
Was this your first year (wavier free) holding the card?

Originally Posted by Jack Wang View Post
Chase United MileagePlus Club. $1k-2k spend per month for the last year. Offered $150 Credit or 15,000 RDMs. Mulling it over.
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Originally Posted by vodkashine View Post
Thanks for the detailed report!
Was this your first year (wavier free) holding the card?

Yes, first year fee-free. Now I'm not traveling as much for my job, so it may not be worth it, even if the fee alone is worth it for the club access. The statement credit makes it effectively $245...
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United explorer 95$ charge added last week. Called Chase today. First call - No offer. Second call transferred to Junior level first and then to Senior level. Offered 100$ statement credit or 10000 Miles. Chose 10K miles.
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Called today for Ink Bold, third year having the card. Spent about $30k this year. Offered $95 credit or 10k points, took the points.
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Spouse had 2500 points offered to keep Hyatt Visa--declined and transferred credit to another Chase card. Cert isn't useful to us as we never stay in Cat. 1-4 Hyatts.
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Called in on my MileagePlus Explorer MasterCard (converted from OnePass Plus) and was told because I also have an Explorer Visa they couldn't offer me any retention. Switched the card to a no-AF MileagePlus card (earns 0.5 miles/$).
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UA Explorer: Tried speaking to the retention dept twice about getting my $95 annual fee credited. No go on both tries after a decent amount of back and forth. In the end, just downgraded to the no fee UA card.
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Originally Posted by TravelConcierge View Post
Spouse had 2500 points offered to keep Hyatt Visa--declined and transferred credit to another Chase card.
Huh. I'm not sure why one wouldn't take the 2500 points & then cancel later.
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Called today for Chase Explorer card when the $95 hit. Was offered a $100 credit statement which I took. Was hoping for miles, but they said no dice. Very friendly CSRs though.
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