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Do I need a Canadian work permit for this situation?

Do I need a Canadian work permit for this situation?


Old Aug 15, 19, 3:48 pm
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Do I need a Canadian work permit for this situation?

I apologize in advance if this is too detailed. I figure too many details are better than too few. The question I'm trying to answer is whether I need a Canadian work permit for the following situation or if I would count as a business visitor.

First, about me: I am based in Prague, Czech Republic, but am a US citizen. I run my own business focused on teaching; the business is registered in both the US and the Czech Republic.

What I'll be doing in Canada: a company in Quebec has requested software training that I have delivered many times in the past, though never at this particular company. The training would be 6 days long, 8 hours per day. They're not arranging it directly through me, but rather through the company that makes the software.

About the company that makes the software: they're a US based company I worked for for 14 years before I left early last year. They have no offices in Canada in case it matters.

How I am paid: I will be paid by the software company in the US, not by the company in Canada taking the training. The US software company pays me a set amount per day no matter where in the world I deliver their courses. Usually, I deliver them in the US; this is the first time I'll be delivering them in Canada since starting my company.

How the US software company is paid: the software company in the US will be paid directly by the Canadian company. This is a standard training that has a set cost based on the number of days of the training. Usually, there is no contract signed between the US software company and the clients that take its trainings; I'd imagine it would be the same here.

Phew. So back to my original question: does this count as a training that the Canadian company invited me to, and thus I would count as a business visitor? Or would this be a situation where since I'm not paid directly by the Canadian company, I would need a work permit?

Also, does anyone have advice for a good lawyer I can talk to about this? The US software company is willing to reimburse lawyer fees I spend up to a limit.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Old Aug 15, 19, 11:04 pm
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Did you see this one? https://www.immigration.ca/business-...rmit-in-canada
Per that, I'd say you're eligible as 'business visitor' -- but just use their offer of 'free evaluation' there?
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Probably not but you may want to consult a lawyer/embassy to avoid surprises.
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please check this link provided by Canadian government. Tis seems to describe your specific situation.

of course, you can aways call the Canadian embassy and ask for clarification.

What is a business visitor?
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This is anecdotal only.

My last 6 years was spent doing exactly what you are going to do, but for a Canadian company that paid me to travel to the US client and do that job. I had no issues whatsoever, as long as I had a copy of the the initial contract for the client in my travel documents if it was requested by US immigration. US and Canadian laws in this regard tend to mirror each other, so I think you will be fine coming here.

But, like I said, you'll need to double check.
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OP - I believe the following question will resolve the work permit issue:

Are you a 1099 or W-2?

W-2 = Work Permit not required. You will be considered as business visitor.

With W-2, you are an employee for the U.S. company selling the service. So the training provided can be considered as an after-sale support. Hence, no direct involvement with the Canadian labor market. So you can claim yourself as a business visitor.

1099 = Work Permit required.

With 1099, you are a contractor. So the training provided is basically a contract for you to perform in Canada.

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