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Yes, another RANT against Budget...

yes, I've ranted gawd knows so many times before, as a 364 day a year renter, it pisses me off to no end to have to fight for the "bonus" miles they entice you with on the various promotions...gawd knows Budget is not alone, but they rank pretty high with their ineffective customer support, boilerplate replies....

and unlike some other industry giants, do you ever see Budget appear at this pretty reputable frequent flyer travel thread and try and defend themselves, or respond to consumer concerns...only posts I've seen, are those who claim to work for budget, to try and explain...

but to get back to this post, and it's aimed at Budget TRUCK rental this time....and for disclosure purposes, not only am i a 364 day a year renter, but have played attorney for 35 years...eg, I may be dumb but I'm not stupid...

so i go to Budget Truck rental's website, and get a quote for a truck rental from Budget's Gibson Street address in Henderson, Nevada, to San Diego. I confirm the quote. I fly to Las Vegas yesterday morning, take a taxi to the budget site, planning on picking up the truck, loading it up, and driving back to San Diego, all in the same day.

When I arrive at the Budget site, the desk person asks me for my insurance coverage...not unusual because liability insurance coverage is mandatory in most states. I provide proof of liability coverage. He then asks me to prove collision coverage, stating it's a legal requirement. As I pursue the conversation, he then concedes it's not a legal requirement, but that their Budget location requires collision coverage. He then asks me to sign a yellow form that states in CAPS that insurance coverage is NOT a requirement to rent a vehicle from Budget.

Faced with the prospect of having to load a truck and be back in San Diego by 7 pm, I comply with his request to provide collision coverage but I'm pissed.

Was this just an aggressive posture to generate revenue over something that was in fact NOT a legal requirement nor something that was consistent with Budget's own guidelines as reflected on their printed forms?

The guy behind the Budget desk acted like a complete ....... (sorry)...he was arrogant... first claiming that Nevada law required collision coverage, then conceding that it wasn't Nevada law, but their own internal policies, all contrary to the forms they were asking me to sign.

Renters beware. Whether you are renting a car or a truck, there's a bunch of prima donna's out there who for whatever reason don't care about you...customer service in the car/truck rental industry has to suck at the highest levels...

And what's amazing, after how many years of this thread, they make no effort to defend themselves.

Totally pathetic. And yea, I am pissed that this guy to my face told me it was Nevada law that was telling him what to do, when all he was doing, was trying to use the "power" of his situation behind that counter.

Just tired of it. But yea, got my stuff moved. This post is my "payback", gawd knows complaining to Budget would be a total waste of time. they simply don't care.
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Another lovely MALCO enterprises experience. These are the same folks who run the car rental side of the business around LAS. I do want to note that customer service at the airport has improved slightly as of late, but late night pick ups still require a 30+ wait on line.
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Follow the money

I suppose this is valid at all rental co's, but I noticed a chart showing the goals for upsells including paid upgrades, gps, insurance once on a wall in local Budget office when the employee door was open. An agent once told me in ORD they make up to 50K selling those suggested upgrades/insurance. Me thinks it would be a good idea to have your local insurance agent highlight on your personal policy that you are covered when you rent vehicles and what the limits are and keep a copy of that when you rent.
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