What do YOU use You First for?

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What do YOU use You First for?

I'm intrigued by You First. What is it for, exactly?

BA's website says

"You First is a service for those who have booked a flight in First that is operated by British Airways. You may also nominate someone else to manage your booking on your behalf by informing the You First team.

Well be happy to help you with:
- Travel queries
- Journey disruption
- Mishandled bags"

I've only contacted them once, to discuss what options I had following a bereavement. I would say they certainly weren't "happy to help" me. The woman I spoke to was rude and sarcastic and offered no assistance. I phoned the bronze line instead and got a lot of help; my flight was easily rebooked by them. So I certainly wouldn't contact You First for travel queries. I've read posts from people who ask for First menus in advance. I'm not that bothered by that because people on flyertalk post the menus as soon as they get them. So what do other people use them for? Are they just there for celebrities, or do they provide a useful service to normal First customers? Has anyone felt really grateful for their help, having used the service and, if so, what for?

My first First flight for donkeys years is coming up and I am minded to not ever contact them again. But did I catch someone on a bad day or are they always a bit nasty to deal with?
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I emailed YouFirst two days ago to ask for the menu for my flight next week. No response at all since then.
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I emailed You First to get the menu for the flight. Tbh, I didnt really care, but it was more because I could and it was a point of difference.

Im always very unsure what these sort of online concierge companies offer, but that could be down to not having the correct amount of 0s in the bank.

FWIW, Im not even sure I would have known of YouFirst if it wasnt for this forum.
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Well it used to be the way to book Spa treatments...
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Agree. I used to use it to book cabanas on a long layover. Now just menus and wine lists because I can. Which as a GGL I have never not received my preference so it is a little academic. I am obviously also down a few 0’s in the bank account.
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I used it when flying first and my bags didn't make the flight. They couldn't help me at all and just told me to fill in the forms online. Very friendly though. Two weeks later I got my bags back. Interestingly they were with Eagle (the company who BA engage to get the bag back to you once it's in the UK) for 2 days before making their trip to me, I asked why it took so long and was told that BA pay the cheapest rate for them to be delivered which was a 48 hour turnaround no matter what class you fly in.
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The only time is asked them to do anything was to arrange a car to collect me when I arrived 19 hours later. No. Not enough notice. Hopeless
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Never used them, but have to say that, based on the (albeit limited) responses so far… I will continue to rely on my chocolate teapot rather that try You First.
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Best viewed in context of dismal reality of standard contact options for BA - apart perhaps from GGLs.

First, one has some hope the call will be answered swiftly;
Second, friendly, approachable and reassuring (OP rather unlucky);
Third, proactive (offered to rebook if was in danger of missing 1 hour check in limit before an AVIOS redemption flight);
Fourth, flexible (offered multiple options to change a Club return leg (First out) where BA had moved departure forward an hour).

Menu in advance unreliable, although did receive a profuse apology after flight.. A very pleasant chocolate teapot.

It may be that all above should be available to all but, until then, one certainly feels first amongst equals...
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YouFirst is just a telephone number - your call is picked up (I don't think I've ever waited more than 60 seconds) by the GGL contact team in the UK during office hours and in India post 8pm. They are fully trained booking agents and not a concierge service.

I use them for every element of an F booking that I can't do online. They are invaluable during disruption for the speed with which you can get through, and for the luxury of making less urgent quote enquires and flight changes via email. The agents are some of the most knowledgable in my experience, and expertly construct my awkward fares from the ITA matrix, once even suggesting a cheaper alternative I had not spotted. Ordering menus and booking cabanas is definitely not using them to their potential.

I have almost always found them to be charming - I can only recall one grumpy agent in my years of using them. I find the India call team particularly excellent and flexible.

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Originally Posted by Scots_Al
Well it used to be the way to book Spa treatments...

Or at least to attempt to book one !

In a particular case of my own, I was summarily told (when calling a good three weeks ahead of the actual flight date) that “no appointments are available at all”

“ So ……. nothing at any time during the three hours I will be at the airport ?”
“ No”
“Hmm. That’s disappointing”
“The only possibility is if there is a cancellation”
“Ah ……… how would I go about taking advantage of that ?”
“ Well you’d have to keep checking with us”

And there was me thinking (rather foolishly, I know) that - as a gold-standard premium service - I would be asked for my contact info so that someone from the YouFirst team could call ME back in the event of a cancellation
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Emailed 2 days ahead of my flight to ask about the menu, got my answer the next morning via email w/ PDF attached. The only experience I had with them (and a good one)
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My one and only experience of YouFirst was in May 2020 when my reward booking in First was cancelled due to Covid. I phoned and got through very quickly to a friendly agent who advised me of my rebooking options, none of which worked for me so I went for a refund of the Avios and return of my companion voucher which was swiftly done and back in my BAEC account before the end of the call. The cash refund to my Amex only took two days.
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frankly just for the menu, but ggl line for everything else.

i can see the value for those who have no status to have a direct line to someone, which they should if flying first.
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