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Double Tier Points on British Airways Holidays bookings

Double Tier Points on British Airways Holidays bookings

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Have your double Tier Points posted? If not (and 30 days have elapsed since your return date) send your membership number, date of birth, email address and postcode for each passenger in the reservation to [email protected] and they will award the Tier Points for you. See this post for more information.

* Breaking News 31-Aug-2022 *
Offer extended to 30 September 2023
1) The hotel/car element must be for a minimum of five nights for travel before 30 Sep 2023 ( was whole trip)
2) Double tier points awarded within 14 days of return sector (was 30 / 60 days) - possibly due to automation of the process

Link to full conditions:

This promotion is only open to Eligible Participants. An Eligible Participant is a person who has a British Airways Executive Club membership and who books and travels on a Qualifying Booking (see definition below). British Airways Holidays reserves the right to verify the eligibility of Eligible Participants. By taking part in this promotion, Eligible Participants confirm that they unconditionally accept the Terms and Conditions set out below.

1. A Qualifying Booking is a British Airways Holidays booking that meets all of the following criteria:

a) The booking must be for a British Airways Holidays Flights + Hotel or Flights + Car or Flights + Hotel + Car package booking originating in the UK only.

b) The booking must contain British Airways flights including codeshares and British Airways marketed and/or operated flights only. Flights not meeting these criteria within the booking wont be awarded Tier Points. Flights offered as part of a British Airways Holidays package that are provided by other airline partners that do not have a BA flight number will not be eligible.

c) The hotel/car element of the package must be for a minimum of five nights for travel before 30 September 2023.

d) The participant must register their British Airways Executive Club number against their booking prior to travel.

2. For the avoidance of doubt this offer does not apply to any British Airways flight only bookings made without a hotel or car or where the hotel or car is added to a booking in a separate transaction.

3. This promotion enables Eligible Participants to receive double Tier Points for all qualifying flights which are part of a Qualifying Booking. British Airways Executive Club Terms and Conditions and the Executive Club Conditions of Use will apply.

4. Standard Tier Points for the flight elements will be awarded in line with regular awarding timelines after completion of the flight returning to the UK which is part of a Qualifying Booking. The initial transaction will be updated when the additional Tier Points due as a result of this promotion are added to the standard Tier Points, within 14 working days of the return flight which is part of a Qualifying Booking.

5. The additional Tier Points covered by this promotion are non-transferable and there is no cash or credit alternative. British Airways does not accept any liability in the event that the double Tier Points received as a result of this promotion expire. Tier Points expire at the end of each membership year the anniversary of when you joined the Club. However, they will be added to your Lifetime Tier Points, the total Tier Points youve ever earned with the Club. Your membership year-end date and Lifetime Tier Points are on your Account Page.

6. All holiday packages are offered subject to availability.

7. British Airways Holidays booking Terms and Conditions apply. All travel on British Airways flights is subject to British Airways General Conditions of Carriage and its Notice and Conditions of Contract as stated on each ticket or itinerary as provided. Passengers travelling on flights operated by another carrier will be subject to the conditions of carriage of that carrier.

8. British Airways Holidays reserves the right to cancel or amend without notice the terms of this promotion at any time and for any reason.

9. Information is correct on 31 August 2022.

10. British Airways Holidays is in no way liable for the reproduction or indirect access via any third-party website or home page access which reproduction misstates or omits any of the information or Terms and Conditions of this promotion.

11. Promotional materials form part of these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions shall prevail if there is any conflict between these and the promotional materials.

12. This promotion will be governed by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

13. The promoter is British Airways Plc, Waterside, PO Box 365, Harmondsworth, UB7 0GB. Registered No 1777777.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the points post automatically?

There's mixed reports, as of August 2022 there seems to be a new system where automation is getting tier points added more quickly, previously manual intervention and chasing BA was needed to get the bonus TPs. When the promotion started some people found the points posted without having to do anything. Most people are using the email address above or calling BA phone lines.

2. Ive waited for a very long time and the points have not posted. What can I do?

See the start of the wiki use the email indicated. Some people have found success by phoning their dedicated exec club number and asking.

3. Do I have to wait 30 or 60 days to ask for the bonus Tier Points (TPs)?

Theres mixed opinions on the board from those who have been waiting a long time. If the bonus TPs will upgrade your status then we suggest you ask for them as soon as you can.

4. The offer says the bonus tier points post with the same dates as the original flights but mine posted on the date I got the email. Why is this and can I change it?

The offer says that the bonus points should post on the dates of the original flights but very few are; normally they are posting on the date the bonus TPs are processed. If that affects you negatively then you should ask for them to be changed (email or phone). On the other hand some people are quite happy with them posting later, theres no sign of BA changing dates retrospectively. Again, if you benefit from the posting date, the FT custom is to thank the BA IT dept. for their coding competence in silence.

5. Does the offer work just for the person booking /paying or for all passengers?

It works for all passengers on the same booking. Some people have had BA claim only the booker gets the bonus TPs. This has been happening to a number of posters recently and is not in accordance with the offer terms. If this happens to you, complain.

6. Does the 5 night qualification include nights on the plane? So if I book night flights both ways can I just stay 3 nights in a hotel and qualify?

It appears you have to have 5 hotel nights in the booking, a night flight doesnt count but if its all booked at one time then you can stay in multiple hotels (split stay)

7. Is there any limit to the number of bonus tier points I can get from the promotion?

Apparently not, there are some posters who already have had thousands of bonus tier points; depends on the depth of your wallet and availability of holidays.

8. Can I get upgraded status by using bonus Tier Points?

Yes, a number of posters have done this, not just getting to silver but to gold and beyond and at least 3 people have got GGL as a result of the offer

9. Do multi-stop tickets work?

Yes, a number of posters have had success all the flights should have BA codeshare numbers but do not need to be on BA metal. Some posters have earned more than 1000 TPs in total for multi-stop trips they have taken.

10. What if my flight is disrupted / cancelled?

If your flights are changed at the last moment BAHolidays normally will reroute you. At least one poster has had BA change some of their flights to a non codeshare flight and still got the bonus TPs. Its thought that you might get the bonus TPs but theres no definite confirmation of this.

11. Do reduced TP earning thresholds for status levels apply to bonus TP earning?

Yes, up until the end of the year.

12. Can I earn GUF (Gold Upgrade Vouchers) using the offer?

Yes, if you get over 2500 or 3500 TPs in total as normal.

13. What about using vouchers or Upgrade with Avios with the offer?

Redemption holidays (avios plus a combination hotel) dont qualify. Using UUA or vouchers (for which you have to call BAHolidays to use)- its not clear, we would expect the revenue level of tier points to post along with matching tier points to post, should you do better than this the custom on FT is to count your blessings in silence.

14. Do bonus TPs count towards lifetime tier point totals?


15. I booked a car hire for the trip to convert a flight to a qualifying holiday. Do I have to actually pick up the car to get the bonus TPs?

The answer seems to be No, There is at least one poster who has not picked up the car and got the double tier points - although in that case Avis had massive queues and the poster had to leave the airport. It's probably OK to do this but not 100% definite. Others are claiming a sudden onset of amnesia on their arrival around their car hire booking and still apparently are getting the bonus points.

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I thought FTVs aren't transferrable; if it's a flight only FTV needs to be rebooked as a flight only and ditto BAH FTV ?

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Originally Posted by ISTFlyer View Post
Get a FTV and rebook the same flights as a BAH with that FTV.
Well I looked into it and the trip is now double the price I originally paid.
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240 plus 240 bonus TP
5 days in an IKOS resort...

150 deposit.
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Originally Posted by GBOAC View Post
I wouldn't call it harsh. Why is someone buying a package holiday more worthy of loyalty reward than those buying flight only?
I might have booked for a 7-14 day destination holiday but the requirements to prioritise family overrides/precludes this. I'm still flying with BA (and as flight only in more 'expensive' seat classes than available to holiday packages) but clearly not worth as much according to this latest promotion... Given BA need to pay hotel providers, and supply cheaper holiday seats, I would argue that they are getting more profit from me as a flight only customer than a package customer.
And again, I would happily tag on a hotel for a night or two, but not for the entirety of my stay...

Are BA trying to fill their ranks of gold and silver with leisure flyers or those who will (eventually) resume flying for work or have a need to see family around the world (arguably a more sustinable and steady customer base that those whose holiday destinations change every year...)?

If you are loyal and regular business traveller then you will hit gold without this promotion.
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Old May 25, 21, 8:30 am
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Had a quick browse but couldn't see the "double tier points" offer explicitly popping up for all hotels. Not sure if this is a bug or if there's something about minimum spend in the T&Cs? It seemed to be the cheapest of the hotels which didn't flag in the "offers" tab.
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Originally Posted by BAeuro View Post
Shame about the minimum of 5 nights.
Yes, I got all excited about my existing booking, and even got to the point of booking another long weekend, before seeing that bit of small print. Hey ho...
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Old May 25, 21, 10:28 am
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And that you need to have 2 people travelling! Useless!

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Flights in Club Europe LHR to Sofia are just 224 in the last week of September. That's 80 x 2 x2 = 320 TPs = 0.70 per TP

You'd need to factor in a car/hotel - could work for someone who can work remotely and fancies a change of scenery. Or perhaps nest a SOF-LHR-SOF and spend five nights at home with a hire car in the UK :-)
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Still don't have this email promotion...
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Got all excited about the email
Jumped onto flyer talk to see what was being said, routes suggested etc.....

Then as I read down
Minimum 5 nights.... Ouch

​​​​​​And restricted to couples only..... Double Ouch
Not good for us singletons who usually opt for a 3 or 4 day long weekend break
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Like others, I have assumed that this promotion awards double TP to both (BAEC member) passengers. Or is it just to the person making the booking?
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Originally Posted by OddJobMan View Post
Well I looked into it and the trip is now double the price I originally paid.
In which case you can get double tier points by flying the route twice!
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Originally Posted by minichr1s View Post
I think mine have been added, but I never really noticed the original TP value ( I think it was 240, now showing 500)
What's the normal amount for LHR-LAX-LAS in 1st?
Normal is 250 in each direction (210 for LHR-LAX in F, 40 for LAX-LAS in domestic F). A qualifying return holiday with this routing in both directions would earn 1000 TPs in total with the promo.
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Originally Posted by Oaxaca View Post
Normal is 250 in each direction (210 for LHR-LAX in F, 40 for LAX-LAS in domestic F). A qualifying return holiday with this routing in both directions would earn 1000 TPs in total with the promo.
I don't normally fly ex-UK being EU-based but this might make it worthwhile... are there any decent J fares either to the west coast or eastbound which might be bookable on a QR Codeshare around which one could base a holiday? Hoping things open up this summer and looking hard at the west coast US, HNL, or whatever eastern location s not restricted and can support a beach holiday.

Can one still avoid APD by flying ex-INV?
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Originally Posted by Ned1968 View Post
Flights in Club Europe LHR to Sofia are just 224 in the last week of September. That's 80 x 2 x2 = 320 TPs = 0.70 per TP

You'd need to factor in a car/hotel - could work for someone who can work remotely and fancies a change of scenery. Or perhaps nest a SOF-LHR-SOF and spend five nights at home with a hire car in the UK :-)
Its ex UK so the second nested ticket starting in SOF with UK car hire wouldnt qualify.
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