747 or A380 to JNB in J

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747 or A380 to JNB in J

Iím planning to fly to JNB in J next May and the schedule has a daily 744 and a daily 380. Iíve flown upper deck 744 countless times and love it, but have never flown on a BA A380. Does one have an advantage over the other in Club World for a couple? BTW, any chance either would have new Club Suite by May? Cheers
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Zero chance of the new club suites. If you have never done the A380 then I would go for this.
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If schedule doesn't matter and you can get one of the good seats upstairs on the 744 (row 62 or 64 pairs), I'd go with that. There simply aren't any J seats as good as those on the 380 IMHO.
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A380, upper deck, forward cabin. Possibly not as an “exclusive” feel as 747 UD but if you’ve never flown an A380 then it’s definitely worth a try. Possibly not the main deciding factor, the toilets are enormous!
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744 ud is the little better layout, 388 is by far the better plane. 744 gets extra points if high j with the new entertainment and loses further points otherwise.
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I would choose the A380. It is a modern and very quite airplane. Seats on both metals are the same.
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I love the A380 which is such a quiet, smooth and roomy aircraft and gets my vote every time and you certainly feel more refreshed than on a B747 or B777.

B747 Upper Deck is very nice but all the B747s I have been on recently are tatty to say the least.
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My other half and I had 62J/K on the 747 from CPT recently. She loves it and, of course, so do I even if it was an ancient IFE on CIVK.
On the A380 it has to be 53A/B or 53J/K with roomy loos and a quiet aircraft.
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If you care about in flight entertainment then A380.
Both are large and stable planes, so not a big difference in turbulence sensation.
Upstairs in 747 would be my take for sleep though. Quieter, wider aisle.
Both are overnight flights AFAIK, so maybe do one each way?
If you don't have status be prepared to pay for seats.
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I'm doing the same route next September, going for UD 747 on the outbound, as I've never even been on a 747 and one of my mini goals has always been 'to go upstairs'.
380 on the return, which is another new experience for me. I've been on the 380 in PE on the upper deck (LHR-JNB as well) and it was OK, so looking forward to the next cabin up

I have paid to reserve UD seats on 747, but hoping when my silver status comes through (1 flight needed) that I can ask them for a refund of the seat selection fees.
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Personally I'd choose UD on the 747 if I wanted to sleep. Most times I've flown UD in the 380 the staff seem to have problems with trolleys and other equipment in the galley resulting in lots of crashing noises. Also they tend to gather in large numbers in the galley and talk loudly. I've not experienced that on the 747. I've also found the service in general to be more pleasant on the 747; obviously dependent on crew but the larger numbers on the 380 seem to result in an us and them mentality. Other factors (scruffiness, IFE) aren't as important to me as service, but your needs may differ
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Originally Posted by ttama View Post
Most times I've flown UD in the 380 the staff seem to have problems with trolleys and other equipment in the galley resulting in lots of crashing noises. Also they tend to gather in large numbers in the galley and talk loudly.
Iíve stopped selecting seats in the forward section for these reasons. Happier to gamble in row 59 where there is a chance of disruption from PE which is better than the guaranteed disruption in row 53.
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If flying onwards, the A380 to JNB has a terrible track record so beware
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for sure the A380
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On the A380 I normally nab 53A but it may take an hour to get the first drink and 1h30 -2hrs for food - service is massively faster on a 744 UD and more frequent given the smaller cabin. Also, although 53A means you should be one of the first off the UD, it takes an age for the upper deck airway to be attached at JNB and half of the LD has already disembarked so if looking for a speedy disembark not the best option.
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