Expensive flights from LGW to VRN

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Expensive flights from LGW to VRN

I travel on the above route a couple of times a year, usually in June, the BA economy fare is normally around £60 per journey. Iíve booked a hotel next year in August 2020 in Garda, when I went to book the BA flights for this they totalled around £1,400 for two people return. Is this fare so expensive because Iím booking so early and I should wait a few months, or is there another reason such as August is an expensive month? I haven't booked it yet as, if itís a firm price, Iíll fly instead to say Milan and catch a train to Verona (or another route someone might suggest). Thank you.
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Give a while to the fare buckets to sort themselves out.
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That price books into J, the most expensive CE fare bucket.

If you look at the cheapest fares section of the App, you can see that BA have only loaded J for Jul and Aug 20. The usual selection of fares are available up to and including Jun 20. You can keep checking the app to see when the cheaper fares are loaded.
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Have you got enough Avios to do the trip as an award? If so, you might want to check for award availability, because one thing that I have noticed is that sometimes there is availability on these flights even though there are no cheaper cash booking class seats to be had.
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Booking too early
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Originally Posted by ajeleonard View Post
Booking too early
That's what I thought - however flight to Venice are 1/3 the price. I see that on VRN only J and Y have been loaded - whereas some VCE flights have and some have not!

I tend therefore to agree that it is a tad early and that they will load them in a couple of months time.
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